The Body Brand

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There’s something that no one tells you about growing a successful brand and business.

The businesses that get noticed and stand the test of time have this one thing in common...they all have a solid brand at their core.

After 2010, you may have noticed a few public brands making a shift to PERSONAL BRANDS like, which turned into, or which became  

Both of these woman recognized and saw the value of who they were and their ability to produce a more diverse body of work when they claimed personal ownership and stepped into the spotlight.

Both women chose to OWN THEIR NAME.  

This step towards personal ownership has given them the ability to expand their body of work as they grow and evolve and change in the seasons of their own lives.

Hey, styles change. Sometimes orange is the new black, and sometimes pink is the new gold!

You gotta learn to roll with it.

But this shift in identity takes time and money.  

I’ll never forget working for a great company and helping them break into new territories. What I didn’t know was that 10 years prior they had bought a successful product and decided to integrate the line into the name of the company, therefore changing their brand identity.  

While the product was exactly the same, the labels and owners had changed. The company’s lack of experience led to a lack of investment needed to win back the loyalty and trust of their customers.

They lost the marketplace and have spent the past 15 years trying to gain it back.  

Building a business is the real-deal facts of life. It’s hard work that pays off in spades only after you’ve laid a solid foundation.  

A business that looks like a fast rise has most often been laying a firm foundation for years prior to the visible success you’re seeing. Marie Forleo didn’t become Marie Forleo overnight. The behind-the-scenes work is often overlooked because, well, the idea of a fast rise feels good.

Creating success that’s personally and professionally fulfilling is no small feat.

Needless to say, the identity of who you are and how the world perceives you is incredibly important. It requires consciously creating a connection between who you are in your private life and who you are in public.

Last week, I was chatting with a girlfriend about the process of building her business and how she honors herself. She told me about how her business is super stable and very manageable. She has 3 different income streams working to support her in an abundant NYC life.  Even though there’s all this pressure to keep on growing, she’s perfectly happy with her “big enough” business. She isn’t seeking to expand further but to be just where she is and build a stronger foundation.

We also talked about her personal life and how she has recently broken off a long term relationship. It ended amicably until it wasn't amicable, and there was a lot of hurt and heartache.  

Over the past few months, she has spent time caring for herself and honoring exactly what she needs. This means she’s been saying no to business opportunities that would lead to high visibility because her body is telling her to rest and restore. Magically, she isn't fighting it but is embracing and trusting that the opportunities will come again when she’s ready for them.

You know what helped her stick to the clarity of this purpose and process? Getting dressed!  

Yup, she noticed that she didn’t have it in her right now to fake it and wanted to be in alignment with the self that needs comfort and sneakers, even if she’s hanging out at a speaking gig (in the seats).

I love to help women look good and feel good. But more importantly, I love to teach women to honor themselves exactly where they are, meet their own needs, and rise to meet their next great success with ease and grace.

It doesn’t mean floating through life like a flower. It actually means getting real with where you’re at, what is happening, and what you need to support it.

Did you know that you can do all that and more with clothes?

It’s true. Dressing yourself based on how you want to feel is one of the easiest ways to rise to your success, find your true voice, and embody your confidence by just being yourself.

I often find clients stuck in conflict, confusion, or indecision, burning their brains with why they don't know what the next step in business or life is. It becomes debilitating.

I typically find them alone at home behind the computer, looking at social media and comparing themselves with the rest of the successful women out there rocking their brands. They’re wondering why the hell they aren’t getting more clients and desperately waiting for their next big idea to come to them.

They're looking for their true voice. But they have no idea how to find it.

Sound like you?

  • If you’re ready to step into your true power
  • If you’re ready to align your voice, your body, and your business
  • If you’re ready to confidently step out onstage to magnetize your dream clients

I have the solution for you. It involves a deep dive into your body, your soul, and your business.  

THE BODY BRAND is truly about aligning your brand with your body and embodying your true style.

THE BODY BRAND is a customized system to discover your true style and create an image that magnetizes your dream clients.  

You’ll uplevel your income, find your edge, and learn the vulnerable communication points while still building a dreamy business or lifestyle that your clients aspire to.

Lastly you’ll learn how to adorn UNSTOPPABLE CONFIDENCE so that you can show up for yourself and your audience in the most authentic and powerful way.

If I told you that in 3 months you could completely transform how you feel about your body, create more income, and confidently step into a business that honors and serves you and the world, would you believe me?? It’s doable. And as I’ve seen from my clients, it’s inevitable with my signature BODY BRAND process.

If you’re interested, I would love for you to book a discovery call so we can talk through THE BODY BRAND to see if it’s the right fit for your brand and business.  

There are only 6 spots available right now for this work. And since these will be the last opportunities possible to work with me 1:1 this year, they’ll go fast.