What To Wear For Work At Home

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If you work from home and don’t know what to wear, I understand (and I hear this question all the time from my fellow entrepreneurs).

When you are working from home, it’s so easy to wear sweatpants all day. The problem is, sweatpants won’t bring you that powerhouse energy you need to produce your best work.

Clothing is powerful. Choosing the right clothing for your day ensures your day is smooth and efficient, not chaotic and wasteful.

Watch the video or read below for my guide on how to get dressed when you work from home!


Here is my 3 step process for getting dressed and feeling my way into the day:

Step 1 - Your Day Plan

The night before I grab my clipboard (use your journal or whiteboard or whatever you use to organize your life) and I write out what my work day is going to look like.

I write down when and where my meetings are, when I will take my dog for a walk or any fun things I have planned for the day.

This gives me an idea of the trajectory of my day and how I will need to feel.  It’s in this moment that I determine how I want my day to go and what I want to wear.

For instance, today I had a meeting so I wanted my high waisted stretchy jeans so I could sit comfortably and a flowy top to feel at ease. I put on some stylish open-toed sandals that are both elegant and edgy to top of the look because I also needed to feel energized and professional.

Step 2 - The Closet Pull

When you go to your closet run through that list in your head of what your day requires. Ask yourself how you want to feel and what you need to keep your energy flowing. Find the alignment.

Today was all about finding the alignment between needing to feel strong and productive but also relaxed and supported so I could move effortlessly throughout my day.

Also, pay attention to the one small tweak that could make a difference in how you feel. These are things like a quick shoe change when you switch up tasks. Make this item easy to find so you are good to go.

Step 3 - Trust Yourself

Trust yourself once you make your selections. Our whole lives we are taught not to trust ourselves and to second guess ourselves. One thing I have learned is to take a moment to really connect with my source, and to trust what I am actually seeing, thinking, feeling, and doing. Also, don’t objectify yourself with thoughts such as, “I look fat in this”.

According to fashion I could have worn something tighter that made me look thinner but in reality this shirt looks great because I feel flowy and at ease. I don’t care about the weight part. A tighter shirt wouldn't have felt good to me and dressing is all about how we can make ourselves feel great.

My challenge to you

Dress up today (even if you’re just going to be at home all day) and feel how what you wear impacts how your day goes!  I can't wait to hear from you.  Leave a comment down below.