Vanity Shame


Looking good is a self-care ritual.  I can guarantee that no one wakes up and is picture perfect daily. 

You brush your teeth.

You wash your hair.

You wash your clothes.

You have to wear clothes to leave your house and stay warm. (unless you live in some magically enchanted tropical place)

A client just called me right before she was going on TV to say she felt guilty about caring about how her hair looks.  It was snoraining (that's a mix of snow and rain) 

"It feels vain to want my hair to look good on TV," she said.

My response was threefold:

1.     The way we appear on camera is different than the way you look in real life.

2.     The is no harm in wanting to look good.  Do you feel good?

3.     Stop giving a shit about what people think.

There are major obstacles to take action in your business.  I so get it.  My voice annoys me so I hate doing video and audio.  But I love to see the results of it.  Negotiation with self.  So, I do video in small groups to gain confidence!  Plan in process.

But what really gets me is this confidence in business and life game can really suck the soul out of your image.  Remember there are years of body shaming that sit in the back round.  Society indoctrinated you into a not perfect enough body type.  Unfortunately there is no magic pill. 

Body confidence is just a bunch of fun healthy habits to create new energy inside and out.  (tweet this)

There might be some sneaky subconscious (your mother in your ear) messages running.  I know that's what got my client.  We know that our mothers meant the best for us growing up.  She wanted us to look good and be presentable, but as an adult that little girl is screaming for her own individuality.  You don’t fit your mother’s mold.  You have your own way.  You have grown in to a badass business owner who is up-leveling and transforming the world.

But we sit and listen to those subconscious voices telling you what to wear.  It’s so exhausting.  I told my client to have a kind loving conversation with the mother of her past.  Something like, “Thank you for your input, I loved how it felt when I was younger, but today I am doing it my way.  I love how I look now.”

Keep the back talk short sweet and simple!

You have a right to look good.

You have a right to feel good.

You have a right to self-care.

You are powerful.

You know what to wear.

You know how to present yourself.

You can go out and wow the crowds with your genius.

Now go be your genius self!

Much Love,


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