Heart Centered Fashion

We are taught to think in school. It’s the primary goal. Learn how to follow a schedule. Fulfill others needs and stick to the plan.

I was never good at that. As a kinesthetic learner, I needed to embody my education. I excelled at sports and art. In high school, art took the front seat. It was my sacred ground inside the deep discord between heart and mind and the rules of society.

Creativity is an outlet that allows you freedom of expression. It allows you to have individuality and passion for a topic. The expression takes many forms depending on your desires. I painted. I did woodworking. I threw pots. I danced. I photographed everything. The list goes on. I constantly explored new skills of expression.

But when I was 18 I broke my back and had surgery to repair it. Something changed I was stuck. I feared creative expression. I was tapped out. I could not connect to the voice. I felt betrayed.

I spent years working on healing techniques. Learning about energy, practicing Reiki. Doing Alexander Technique, Feldenkris, Traeger, Massage, Flower Essence and Pilates. Heck I even moved to a spiritual community in Scotland. I am sure a few of you know about Findhorn.

I made it a mission to heal deep wounds. I vowed never to trust the medical community again. I was angry at the results of the surgery. I was not pain free. My life had become about pain management at 18 years old. My focus was splintered by societies constructed time line for an education. I was plagued with where am I going to go to college and how am I going to get out of bed today and move my body to avoid the pain in my spine.

My sanctuary was the way I dressed. It was a sacred dialog between my body and me every day. For the year before surgery I had been in a back brace. I had learned to layer outfits for comfort and to hide the massive contraption underneath my clothes.

The brace may have left but the dialogue between my body and spirit stayed.

I have a love for all things clothes! It took me almost 20 years to accept my love for fashion. The biggest mindset obstacle was thinking FASHION IS SUPERFICIAL. Let me be the first to tell you, its not.

Fashion alone can feel heartless, but style is you.

You are beautiful.

You have an innate style.

Your soul is waiting for you to respond to the expression.

You are a shining light.

Your soul desires to be dressed in your true style.

You do deserve to pay attention to you clothes.


Style is a form of self-care. (tweet this)


It’s a deep attention to how your soul wants to be expressed.


Does it desire white or black?

Does it crave long and flowy?

Does it want to held up strong?

Does it want to be encapsulated in simplicity?

Does it have boisterous desired for bright colors?

Does it desire vintage wear to show its age?

Does it want to be expressed?


I don’t know about you, but we were never taught to have this conversation. I sure as hell wasn’t and it took me years to learn that I had developed this dialogue.

When I started out styling my clients thought is was magic. The way I sourced clothes and made them feel incredible. There were times when their budget was tight and we went shopping in their wardrobe. They had already made significant investments into the quality of their clothes. It was just about having a fresh eye. We pulled together what needed to be communicated.

The biggest question was, “how do you do that?”

My answer was, “I don’t know. I just feel me way and trust what comes to me.”

This was my biggest lesson in faith and listening.

I had always assumed everyone could do what I did. Innocent mistake.

So I spent time figuring out how I do what I do so that I could help more women feel amazing in their body and brand. Distilling the information that comes innately to you is not always the easiest process. But hell man I did it!

I found the way that helps you find fashion in a heart centered way.

I found a way to bring you out of hiding and into the light of your life.

I found a way to break down your fears.

I found a way to bring the truth about your body forward.

I found a way to bring out your individuality.

I found a way to wear your heart on your sleeve.

This is not about what brands to wear. This is not about what trends to follow.

This is about bringing your soul in to the light and learning how to dress it. It is about teaching you to embody you soul and learn how to focus on its desired expression.

I promise the details always work out. I promise you will feel different and afraid to make changes.

As Alana Fairchild said in my cards this morning, “Trust your heart and rebel against the fear.”

If you think you don’t need to care how you look. You do.

If you think nobody judges you about how you dress. They do.

If you think that what you wear doesn’t matter. It does.

Your body needs it.

Your brand needs it.

Your business needs it.

Get ready to untether your beauty and wear your heart on your sleeve.

So much love coming your way!



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