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J Crew

J Crew


I am taking a taste of my own medicine. Have you found yourself prescribing or coaching others and then suddenly in a moment’s time you wake up and say…”are you kidding me, why am I not doing that myself?”

I went to see La La Land on Sunday. One of the most refreshing Hollywood experiences I have had in a long time. Not your average sex, drugs and rock and roll story. Actually so far from that, that I left the theater after a pretty heavy 5 days, thinking it was perfectly uplifting.  There was no overt in your face sexuality. No addictions. No abhorrent behavior. No violence.  There was innocence, desire and a dream.  

After the events of 2016, personally and politically I am so ready for something clean and pristine.

I am loving the soundtrack now. It’s uplifting. Just an effort to relive, prolong and allow the lingering goodness and realness to flow through.

La La Land reminded me of why I got in to film, and why I do creative work. The desire to tell stories and create beauty for the human experience.  

As I journeyed through the 2 hours with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, years of doubt and stress lifted. I started to feel that the personal work of creating safety and security here on earth needed to be embodied in a whole new way.

I used to wear armor to power through. Shield myself and let no one in. It’s my warrior way. I wore any kind of skinny pant to lift me up and keep me together. I transitioned into high-waisted to support my first chakra, an area where I have had 11 surgeries.  

What I realized, as I was sitting there watching Emma Stone’s hopes and dreams roller-coaster, is that it is time to evolve my personal style.

The vision I had was movement, hip circles (a great exercise from my dear friend Bernadette Pleasant). But how do I embody this deeper? How do I bring this movement to life? It is exactly how I have been teaching my clients with similar life learning’s: It's time to embody the long and flowy.  

This choice takes me out of the realm of trends. Honestly, good luck with keeping up with the new 52-week trend movement happening in fashion. Fashion production had decided to go seasonless now.  Fast fashion has taken over now.  Consumerism is at an all-time high with fast fashion. I see why, but I do not agree.

Dr. Christiane Northrup sent me this article this morning from Dr. Mercola: dive in, get clear on what is happening to our environment, be clear with what is driving fashion, and the end result of waste, with many souls still feeling over-consumed and empty.  I will be talking more about this soon.

So back to my conscious curation. I still desire to support my hips, abdomen and spine. I desire to feel more flow through my legs. I will tell you more about that one day too. I desire expansion and contraction from my fabrics. I desire warmth, comfort and elegance.

I am taking my own fashion advice. I will invest in one or two winter wool maxi skirts.  Something like this one.



Let’s be clear: this is not some outside desire pushing to change the inside. It is a creative expression looking to enhance a desired feeling in a true experiment to transform the energy of a major medical situation.

My body spoke. My mind was inspired with a vision. My heart is ready for action.   I am ready to wear my soul on my sleeve or pant leg!

My core desired feelings are flow, patience, and mellowness. I have plenty of ambition, but it needs to be integrated with other needs now.

If the tools I created have helped tons of women already, I am sure that applying this next level of awareness on myself will create a new energy. I will keep you posted.

This is my best fashion advice of yet.  Check in with your self.  How do you think it will feel?

Welcome to a Style Study!  I have done this for a while and been recognized for my personal style. But as my work has grown, I have been able to influence and  heal others.  I curate how women look and feel all over the world.  There is no doubt that it is something completely new, innovative and inspiring. 

If you have friends, loved ones or business partners who are interested in making changes in how they look and feel, please send them my way. It is an honor to work with women seeking a new way of doing and being in the world.  Let's help you express your true style.

#fashionfreedom  #selflove  #change #keepitreal #soulstyle

Lots of love, 


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