From Back Stage to Mic Drop

Picture yourself walking off stage. You have had your epic moment sharing your vision and BOOM, you drop the mic!  Carrie Out!

Do you know what body cognition is?

It’s your secret weapon to blowing up your brand.

Can you believe that all the tools for success are right there inside of you?!?

I know that when I figured this out it was a true lightbulb moment.  

Have you ever put clothes on and thought, I can't stand this. I just feel so fat, skinny, awkward, uncomfortable, you name it. We have all said it. Especially post Thanksgiving.

What if there was a way to change that thought process by the way you dressed?  

By the way you honored you body? 

By the way you selected your clothes?

Do you get what I am saying?

You don't have to prescribe to the seasonal trends. You don't have to pay into the fashion system and keep up with the latest style of the hour.

The rate of fashion production has increased tenfold. To the point where high-end fashion designers have walked away from successful careers because they don't want to meet the demands of this ethereal commercial force. Not only is this production style terrible for our environment, it is terrible for our bank accounts and our self esteem.

Its telling you don’t enough. You don’t have the right THING.  You need more money. Not a good story my friend.

We are always chasing the latest trend.

What if I told you it didn't have to be that way?!  

Seriously, you could own your style.  

You could pace your shopping.

You could invest over time.

You could be creative and expressive.

You could experiment.

You could feel the curves of your body and love them.

You could learn how to accent your features.

You could create a mystery and allure about yourself.

You could be fun and playful.

You could be bold and bodacious.

You name it, it is yours.

For me, I like a little edge and I like clean lines. So I meet myself in the middle now.  But I have been at this game for years. I have looked like a Goth Punk with Doc Martins, black skirts and black leather jackets. There might have been a streak or two of purple in my blond hair. I have been a full-on hippie with long hair (everywhere), flowy bohemian skirts and dresses, living a life on the road. I have been an athlete always in my workout gear.

I built these identities. I lived in them and embodied them. I embodied the lifestyle.

I used to think I was just trying on the rest of the world, and I might have had a fraud alert inside. But now I know this was me expressing where I was at each moment. When that moment came to a close, I made a transition into a new expression.

When I work with my clients we talk about brands, we talk about styles, we talk about color. But we talk about all this in the context of their bodies’ needs, the quality of clothes, value, and self-expression.

Today a client posted about how much our work had transformed her experience of herself.  

“This woman. @stylebymonty allowed me to totally revision what I thought of myself and my body. 

I thought I was only investing in a brand style but really Carrie transformed how I feel about myself - like what?! Pretty awesome. 

Now when I go to the store I don't buy cheap shit that makes me look like I'm wearing a tent. I really know my own body's strengths and can play them up. 

As someone who's never been that into personal style, it was a stretch of my comfort zone but holy shiz was it worth it. 

Carrie allowed me to tap into my own worthiness and let it shine. “

What I have seen from her is that she stepped forward in her business. She is shaking up her corner of the world. She is having her Mic Drop Moment!

Join me for a free training on 7 Steps to Build an Epic Essence in Your Brand. You will learn how your body truly wants to be dressed and let your Brand Shine!

Style On!

With Love,