Keys To Starting Strong

I wanted to show you How to Relaunch Yourself (from a soft and slow place).

Putting your best foot forward isn't hard when it's a principle you live by. Yet day-to-day life can take over and you might get lost in the shuffle. Next thing you know, the marketing and messaging of your business is diffused, diluted and dead. 

Reviving the flow takes a conscious relaunch. It's an effort to pull all your resources together and find what you have to offer and serve.  Three years ago, I started on a new mission to help create space for driven entrepreneurs to make change in the world.  I had a vision to do work that would accommodate my body's needs and help others express their truth.

Little did I know I would be thrown a life-threatening curveball, and although I had many a tool in my tool belt, in the aftermath of recovery I was by no means prepared to lead anyone through any phase of their life. Not everyone gets knocked down this hard. You might just feel like you are stalled and don't know how to move forward.

So I did what seemed natural. I took a step back and went through the phases of grief and re-creation so that I could move forward and live a fulfilled life of creative and financial freedom.  

I learned silence is the soul's way of asking for space. 

So I took it in. 

I soaked it up. 

I let it go. 

Rinse and Repeat.

Until one day I felt ready.


Looking back at January 2015, I really had no idea what my future would look like. My friend Kate Northrup calls this the Fertile Void. Over the past 2 years I took one step every day to figure out how to create the next phase of life. But I truly had no vision of the future. I still don't have the clearest picture of everything, or at least not one as strong as the one I used to have.


In early January 2015, I woke up in SoCal.  Yes, the world of 72 and Sunny!  I sat with one of my best friends from high school. We cried and laughed for a weekend about our recent journeys. She said, "Screw all the healing work; just be creative and you will heal." I jumped in with a "hell yes " and a gentle reminder that self-care must come first.


At the end of 2014 I had invited 9 women who all live in Maine (and one token New Hampshirite – aka Mrs. New Hampshire) to mastermind monthly with me.  We have been meeting monthly for 2 years. I felt compelled to have a group of women in physical form who all ran online businesses that held similar missions and visions as mine. The selection came from a few meetings, a few phone calls and following their businesses. I just went with my gut.  I have since learned I have a quite the connectivity talent.


Little did I know these women would become the soul sisters that would draw out my greatest talents and gifts and pull me back from the depths of despair. They let me serve them on my terms, and they let me honor my body as I flared and failed. And then the asks started happening.  One sister , Licia Morelli, told me to "just say yes to what is coming in to you."


These women saw my innate STYLE that was always present.  They recognized my curative eye. My design flair. My wizard-like hands on set. My vision for their vision. My talent to pull rabbits out of hats and make them smile! My ability to make conscious connections for business and life. I found my Unicorn Style.


Guess what, all of these things I took for granted because they were easy, they came naturally, I had been trained since I was a child to see the world this way. I didn’t value my gifts because I thought everyone else had them, too.


I can be a naive one. My innocence can be bliss. But there are always times for brilliant breakthroughs.


I went from picking out clothes, to styling photo shoots, to creative directing photo shoots, to creating travel trunks for book tours, to getting editorial gigs on magazines, to getting hired by international best-selling authors - in a matter of months.  I was pulling on years of experience in the film industry and sales and marketing.


I said “Yes” to:

Styling a client for Oprah

National Book Tours



Personal Branding Photo Shoots



It's true that when you find your calling the universe will conspire in your favor.


When I got work, I was still able to figure out how to serve my own body and serve my own needs. And when I didn’t, things stopped and I took time and I nourished myself and got my wits about myself.   


I found space.


It's never a direct line to success. Trial and error is the process and then you get momentum and flow starts happening.


Over the past 2 years I've learned how to fuse 20 years of energy work, 7 years of nutrition practice, 7 years as a Pilates instructor, 7 years in film, 10 years in sales and marketing, and a lifetime passion for fashion. I figured out the Kinetics of Aesthetics, and I use it to magnify the message of your  body and brand.


As my work took me back to on-set life, I still found the need and desire to work from home in my curated space.  So I have taken almost 40 years of creative experience, plus 20 years of professional hustle to build programs for women to embody their positive image of self. 


So if you are stuck in a rut, if you don’t know how to present yourself, take a step back. Perspective is 90% of the battle. Once you feel you can honor who you are and what you want, don't invest in sales and marketing systems, invest in yourself.


Trust yourself - you will know when you message is ready to be heard.





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