Embodied Positivity

Say it loud and say it clear!

Last week I was working with a new client.  

Wow, did we have fun!

We laughed. We had major a-ha's about the positioning of her body and business. 

We untethered a bundle of energy locked up inside her body, an inspiration expression in navy blue. She will wrap her figure in knits and cottons to honor the adjustment her body is experiencing now.

We released and dispersed the energy. Safety and security became grounded in red tones.

We harnessed her energy in grey to build up what felt weak and empower embodiment happening.

We protected the shifts that were vulnerable. Vulnerability fell out in lavender.

We created her true identity, her new confidence embellished in green and gold.



Our true identity is the one that has been hiding underneath the judgments we place on ourselves.


Her words were no joke: "My embodiment of the truth is about to come out." 


I call this the embodied positivity pull. It's different than an affirmation. It's when a deep desire of an unconscious vision of yourself comes to the forefront.  Your silent moment of inner magnification. The power of walking into what truly feels right on you is the jackpot.  Parts of you emerge and reveal themselves relevant to your work.  

Right here we found her Boho Chic essence. A secret craving she had been hiding from everyone. Until now.  

She deeply desires to cover up with a felt wide brim hat and peek out with mysterious eyes.  This feels wild and risky to her.  She craves the flow of a loose long dress contrasted with gold layered bracelets on her wrists.  Her heart longs for vintage mala beads and a gold raw arrow hanging from her neck.  I challenged her to grow her hair long and be open to the adventure.

Her stride will flow down the street. Her confidence will magnetize. Her essence will wave to each bystander as she sways down the street adorned in her newly embodied style.

This can happen to you, too! In this process: 

Your inner light turns on.

You let go of judgment.

You get curious.

You start hunting for your desires to manifest.

Your alignment is embodied inside out and outside in.

You have a deep comfort within.

You are ready for your mic drop moment!

So say it with me: "I know who I am. I am ready for her to arrive. I am stepping into her now."

What was that like?  

This is a journey of finding your true style from the inside out.  Let's get ready to own your Essence and express it. 

If you want to break it down and work through it, let's chat and Identify Your Style Story!

Join me to learning more about how to GLOW in business and life.  I am hosting a free training on 7 Steps to Build an Epic Essence in Your Personal Brand. You will learn how to curate your style from the inside out.

Style On!

With Love,


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