Weekend Extras

I worked on a movie this weekend.  It's a fun feature film named Holly Star.  My friend is the director.  My role was nothing fancy, just an extra to help fill the scene.  

But it reminded me of the years I spent working on sets, meeting celebrities and working my butt off. 

What I loved about film was the adventures every day. 

What I hated about film was there were so many adventures I struggled to keep up. 

What I loved about film were the amazing people you would meet. 

What I hated about film were the stressed-out, grumpy, overworked people that made my life so challenging. 

What I loved about film were the hours of focus on a global project and all the tasks to accomplish. 

What I hated about film were the sleepless nights and grueling days.

You get the gist. It was a love/hate relationship with my work. 

What the morning did remind me of is how much I love what I do now. It highlighted the world I have created without multi-million-dollar budgets and grumpy team mates or frenetically upset bosses.  I get to work with ideal clients on a Mission to create massive success and change in the world. They are looking for a deeper sense of transformation that is embodied. It's a noticeable external shift supporting a deep inner awareness. 

It doesn't get much better than this. Creating a business fusing all your gifts and talents so that you can help others do what they do, look good and have success doing it. 

Stay and play with me!  There are some pretty exciting endeavors coming up, but first and foremost join me for a free training on 7 Steps to Build an Epic Essence in your Personal Brand where you will learn: 

- How to Go PRO With Your Personal Brand Style

- Curating Beauty From the Inside Out

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Style On!