Loyal Heart

On the Winter Solstice I woke up and popped open my Instagram. A moment of joy and curiosity ran across me – my friend Licia was doing a live video! I jumped right in with toes stretched out and head relaxed on my pillow.

Moments like this, where you feel connected to your friends, their mission and inspiration and you want to soak up the vibe, have been becoming a more regular thing for me lately. I just love the work most of my friends are doing.

Lying there chatting via Instagram, we talked about releasing this moment in time. Right now, we are in a transition to a newfound energy as a 9-year cycle is coming to a close. 2017 is a fresh start like any New Year, but this one is ground zero for clearing the past 9 years and walking into new energy.

What do you want to release for 2016?

I chose three points. From the topics that have come up the past few years, I am pretty clear where I tend to sabotage myself. I release:

1. My fear of success. I let go of the deep belief that work is dramatic and equated to stress.

2. “I am not worthy of having what I want.” I let go of the lack of security I create from my fear of success.

3. “My body is inherently weak.” “I let go of overdoing so that my body can recover.’

What do you welcome in for 2017?

2017 is a purposeful year. It is a powerful year to set intentions. The card Licia pulled for the group collectively was Loyal Heart. You can’t plan things like this. Too perfect! I chose to counter my 2016 release to support a balanced transition into new energy.

1. I welcome that my work is a creative expression that is free from the burden of stressful thinking and acting.

2. I commit to love and devotion to myself, my community, and my work.

3. I practice body movements that support the strength of my body, mind, and spirit.

How did that feel? Did you find some a-ha’s in there?

If you feel you would like to go deeper, this exercise helped me get so clear on patterns that have been cycling for the past 9 years. Colette Baron-Reid created this work, and it is fascinating.

Take a moment. Write out what happened each year for the past 9 years. See if there is a pattern. It took me 15 minutes, and I had such clarity on how my heart wanted to be treated moving forward.

We live in a MIND-filled, not mindful, world. Our brains are ticking away, making each moment worth its while, creating memories, creating opportunity, using our force to squeeze it all in. You might find moments where it is 4pm, you have not gotten enough tasks done, and your eyes are fried, mind and body wired. I have had a few of those days.

I spent most of my 20’s doing work that was centered in the body and creativity. Teaching Pilates and working in film. I acted, I modeled, I danced, I traveled, I taught, I produced. There came a moment where I felt like I had to get on board with the rest of the system. Get a real job, give up my creative vision, divorce myself from my inspiration and drive for a different experience in life.

The decision to join the corporate ranks in my 30’s was all about security. Not an ounce of creative expression, except my innate talent for innovation. I took some art classes on weekends, but I missed the mass creative effort it took to make a movie, manage a photoshoot, or choreograph a routine. When I looked back over the past 9 years, the common theme throughout was loneliness. I had created a life that was separated and isolated. Until I was conscious of that, the loneliness was bringing me down.

I instinctually created a community that had similar values and visions for the world. I sought out women who I could connect with on a deeper level. I enjoy deep. Its my happy place.

There is nothing like living in rhythm with a tribe. (Tweet this)

My vision for 2017 is all about my Loyal Heart. I had an energetic blow-out recently in my heart. It felt like it had burst from a multitude of inflictions. Slowly I have been wrapping myself back up and warming up. I wear support around my chest. I wrap my chest with silken fabric when on my own. I stretch my shoulders, neck and mid-back. I lift my heart to the sky to renew and connect to my life force energy. I build my confidence back up with each action that protects, heals and lightens.

So with my Loyal Heart, I aspire to success. I assume devotion to self. I trust in my intentions. I create from the heart as a gift.

I would love to hear your reflections on 2016. I would love to hear visions for 2017. And please feel free to share patterns that you just woke up to. The truth is sometimes hard to see, but when it begins to align with your vision, peace arrives.

I know that this has nothing to do with fashion, and if you wanted to learn more about how to dress, don't worry – you will. My core philosophy concerns your energy, and the ethereal image you project is ten times more important than any dress or skirt you could put on. What I love to do is marry the two: find energy adjustments and help you enhance or protect yourself with clothes.

Knowing how you want to see your next year unfold is key to knowing how you will want to wear an article of clothing.

Try this with me and leave a comment down below!

Much Love and Happy New Year!


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