Lounge Wear Weekend

Happy Winter Solstice!

It's not often that I stick to my privies for a day or two, but last week was high energy output and hours of backend problem solving. It's fun to be in a place in your business where there is a need, a desire, and a demand to stay on target and fully engaged. I was all dressed up and ready to play with the entrepreneurial rollercoaster.

But I was not fully prepared. And I honestly had no idea the emotional output it would cost to share my ideas openly with a mass of people.

There were well over 200 people that signed up to learn about how to build an epic brand essence. Amazing since I have been invisible about my work for the past few years – working with lots of clients but not reaching out to grow.

After the sunset on Friday, at 7 pm, I stepped out of my skinny jeans and Lululemon winter wool sweater, dove into a hot bath, and later slid on a pair of navy blue velour sweats by Velvet. Nothing tight-fitting for the next few days. I could feel the deep desire to let it all hang out in the privacy of my own home.

The night before had been sleepless from howling winds blowing across the field and hitting the outer walls of my house. My pup was restless and I was wired, not only by nature but the past week’s events.

After dinner and a movie all to myself, I crawled into bed in a silky soft grey Kenzo night shirt. Grey is my absolute favourite color. It has so much depth and expresses the richness of my inner world. I feel comfortable in grey. It connects me back to the first moment I fell in love with fashion: me at 6 years old in brand new grey Pixie boots.

I woke the next morning and took a walk in the field with my pup Nikita in my wellies with down lining (a winter must-have in Maine) and a long down Montclair with the hood wrapped around the pea of a sleepy head I was toting around. After some bunny hops in the fresh snow, someone's feet were freezing but they weren’t mine.

We ventured in for some breakfast. I unconsciously skipped coffee and opted for a morning bath. Take note: second bath in a little more than 12 hours.

Hey, when your body talks, do you feel called to respond?

It was clear as day to me that more rest was needed. My post-bath routine left my body wanting more rest, so this time I chose a robe. My body wanted nothing to do with any article of clothing that would constrict it in any way. Not even my super silky soft cotton Kenzo night shirt. So I crawled back into bed to breathe and read.

I wanted to be busy, I had plans for busy. The to-do list was long, but my body wanted nothing else but rest. My head said, “Christmas is coming, you have sh*t do!” So strange We can't allow ourselves time. Then my friend Kate texted me, “Can you give yourself permission to do nothing?” The school girl in me wanted to be told that’s the right next step.

Decompression of the Super achiever. Not easy.

We want.

We strive.

We turn on a dime.

We create over and over.

We burn the candle.

We say it’s ok.

Honestly, it comes from a purposeful and intentional place. But the balancing act required to keep all goods intact is a delicate one.

When my boyfriend arrived to chat, I had a sign around my neck:

“Handle with Care.”

I expanded beyond my body’s minimalist requirements. I brought the presence of a winner to the table. And did we win? Oh, yes – we did! Tons of women and a few men showed up to learn about their business, brands and bodies. The questions and curiosities that came to the table ignited my mind, body and spirit. I love being able to teach how to use fashion and style to build an image and presence that call out who you are deep in your soul.

So tell me how do you want to feel in your biz and life in 2017?

Do you want to sparkle?

Do you want to release?

Do you want to ignite?

Do you want to start a revolution?

I know I want to build a tribe of fierce visionary entrepreneurs who desire to express themselves, not only in work but in what they wear. And sometimes that means we need to take “lounge wear weekends.”

By honoring my body’s needs, I could be honest with myself and my partner about what the next 24-48 hours would look like.

We took all events off the calendar.

Yes, we canceled holiday plans to just be and connect.

We disconnected from technology and cooked nourishing food.

We had meaningful conversation.

We laughed and cried.

I did get out of my robe, but I stayed in my loose velour pants by Velvet and the softest cashmere sweater (that is 15 years old and a hand-me-down from my dad). It’s not an outside-the-house sweater because I must admit I sleep in cashmere to cuddle up and get cozy. Maine is cold, and you gotta keep your heart warm!

By Sunday morning, I was ready to go see some beautiful movement and holiday music. By the evening I was embraced by my loving tribe at our winter solstice Christmas potluck. I feel truly lucky to have such incredible women to share my experiences, strength and hope with. They hold it right back for me.

To transition out of my loungewear, I was still conscious of my body’s needs energetically. So I wore high-waisted panties to hold me up, navy blue fitted (with stretch) tuxedo pants, and a navy blue cashmere sweater. The “tuxedo” line of the pants keep me standing tall, supporting my legs, and the softness of the cashmere kept my heart warm. The monochrome look allowed my body to feel aligned and harmonized. The navy blue allowed me vision to build awareness to see clearly what needs to be adjusted and what needs to be released.

There is always a way to dress to satisfy your body’s needs and keep things simple. Wanna learn more? Book here with me for a free style sizzle.

Style On!

with Love,


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