Fierce. Wild. Free.

You Are Beautiful Inside and Out.  Sometimes it's hard to feel right?

So often I talk to clients and they say things like: 

“I feel fat.”  

“I don't like that tummy roll.”

“This cellulite is killing me.”

“Do you see this bulge right here above my pants?”

“I look bloated.”

It is my job to hold up the most compassionate mirror and shift this stinking thinking.

Don’t get me wrong: I am not always an angel to myself, but we teach what we must learn. I'm in it every day with you.

One client texted me the other morning with some stinking thinking. I loving helped her shift it. But her first response was:

“This stuff is hardwired in. I can’t change it.”

“Oh, do I so get it,” I jumped in in agreement. It is hard work and it’s your work to change it. But once you are opened up, it shifts.

We all have had experiences that have told us we aren't worth it. Your boss objectifying you, as just one example. Have you taken an inventory of those?

We have created habits, like the 10pm cookie jar, that say it doesn't really matter and I don't care.

I had a cheesecake fixation as a 14-year-old. I ate to fill the void of leaving my daily routine of 3 hours of gymnastics, which I’d had for four years. I know you have you seen a picture of me, a little tall for the sport!  Another outcast moment!

I took up the space with Sara Lee.  We became good friends. But she didn't always pay me back with compliments or a lean tummy!

I digress.

Back to my client who is “hardwired.”  Yes, we can make quantum leaps by shifting your appearance, and we must stay true to the inner work and commit to transforming the inner message.

“Fierce. Wild. Free.” Those words were on a thank you note I got from my client, full of other amazing heartfelt gems. She has arrived at her dream and is on the road to success on her terms, and her note acknowledged a moment where she felt fully embodied

How do you want to feel?  Let me know in the comments below.

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