Power Poses: The Inner Work that Creates Quantum Leaps in Success

Have you ever felt twisted and turned daily by all the things work, family and friends ask of you? I call it being Gumbied!  It’s not a hot look!  I used to get to the end of a day a disheveled mess: clothes a wreck, hair a mess and heart dragging on the floor.   

Even though I had tons of training in how to stand tall and be fit, I was letting the OTHER things take over. But I had to make a change. There are a few things you can do to make Quantum leaps.

 You heard it right here: Quantum leaps are real.

In my 20’s I spent 7 years helping women set intentions for their bodies by teaching them the movement technique Pilates. Each training would open up with a mindfulness meditation and setting an intention for what they were about to create with their bodies.

My first energy healing was at 18 after a spinal fusion.  I started practicing Reiki after that.  I learned from a young age that harnessing your energy can magnify your presence. I actually used to get so much attention that it scared me. I now have learned how to contain my energy and use it as a platform to play from. 

Imagine your body as a vessel. No matter what shape or size you are, your body is a container for your soul. When you breathe you are feeding that body with life – or in other words, energy.  In order to support your vessel it is paramount to nourish it and keep it strong so that it can hold your soul. 

Let’s try one! This is for those who spend some time in front of the computer.  Know anyone?

Here is a power pose to help you boost your confidence:

-    Stand in second position (ballet term, feet wider than hip width), turn you toes slightly out and bend your knees slightly. Activate a small tuck in your pelvis and engage the glutes slightly. (This should not feel straining.)

-    Now look up 45 degrees above your eye line. Find a focal point.

-    Take your arms hanging by your sides and bend them at the elbow.

-    Now slightly squeeze your triceps together and slightly behind you (back of upper arm).

-    Continue to breathe in and out while engaging the body in this pose. Try to hold for 60 seconds and release. Do it 3 times and try to work up to 6 minutes a day.

This posture will produce an opening for you. It will lift your chest and allow you to lead with your heart. You will also strengthen your back, too! Pretty good!  

I have worked with someone who has been doing this for 30 years. She has some of the best posture and presence I have ever seen. It’s a way to welcome in what is to come.

Try it for a week.  Tell me if you feel any changes.  Post on FB #stylememonty.

Style On!  

With Love,