Find Your Inner Warrior

Hey there!

There is a difference between faking it and calling it in.

We all have desires to feel more beautiful, energized and powerful.

Deep down you know you are beautiful.  But so often society, our past experiences and our surroundings tell us we aren’t.

But really its all about what’s on the inside.

I used to think the word beautiful was superficial but now I know that it is an essence that desires to express itself.

So, who is the real you?  And what does that look like?

It can be a hard one to answer at times.

Do you feel like, man, my skin is crawling?  And do you think "I don't know what to do?!?!"


Are you bored same old stuff you are putting on every day and feeling no inspiration?

It’s a real problem that we kinda run subconsciously daily.

My challenge for you is to dig in and FIND YOUR INNER WARRIOR.  

Let her out.

Sit and meditate with her.

Dance, scream and laugh with her.

Play with your friends with her.

But, find her.  I know she’s in there.  Call her in.

While you do all those things ask her:

What would she feel like wearing?

How does she want to show up?

What colors feel the most desirable?

What shapes does she envy?

What is she really looking to say?

What kind of allure does she want to create?

Call her in.

Today I felt like I needed to dress up, like business casual dress up.  I have been nursing a cold and sweats were the M.O. the past few days.  And maybe there was a post thanksgiving belly bubble.  Wearing clothes that honor where you are is important.  Sometimes we need to step out into a new direction.  Baby steps!

I called in my Pro look.  I did my morning routine.  I walked the dog.  I did my morning accountability and I showered it up!  That’s when I new today was the transition day. Outta the sweats and into something more “presentable,” even though the cold is still running on.  I must say I can look pretty good in a pair of sweats and wedge sneakers and nice sweater!

But really it was time for an energetic shift. The outside had to accommodate that.

How are you going to make it happen?

Join me to learn more about how to GLOW in business and life.  I am hosting a free training on 7 Steps to Build an Epic Essence in Your Personal Brand. You will learn how to curate your style from the inside out.

Style On!

With Love,


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