Pixie Boot Nation

Pixie Boot Nation

My style story began in 1980, on Kensington High St in London. I wanted my first pair of Pixie Boots. Keith Richards had just began rocking around town in them and they were “all the rage.”

I think that is when my love affair with grey began.

For a month I begged and begged my parents to take me up the High St so I could get the latest fashion. The day it happened we were in a glass box shoes store on the corner of High St and Abingdon Rd. Its now American Dry Cleaners. The sale was happening and these Pixie Boots were going fast.

I knew which pair I wanted, grey suede roll down. (I even found a pick of them online.)

I dreamed about sliding these onto my feet and the Pixie Boots being my new best friend! MY toes slipped right in and then I felt the disappointing squish, THEY WERE NOT MY SIZE. Oh, no, the shoes I had been dying about didn't fit. Not to worry don't tell anyone. But it was obvious. My mum asked me if they fit, I confessed they were too small and it was ok I really wanted them.

There were no more shoes in my size. I was telling my self everyone was wearing them and i had to have them. i had to fit in. This was also the first time I started telling myself I was too big. That story has years to come and years to unravel.

Do you have a moment that you just remember you started thinking differently about yourself? You didn't really like it, but you didn't now how to stop?

Come join me to unravel your style story and find your true fit in biz and lilfe.


Photo credit: https://iorr.org/talk/profile.php?1,12082