This is Not a Dress Rehearsal

Hey There!

Coming in hot today!  Even though its cold and rainy here!

I wanted to share a moment I had today.  It woke me up, got me more clear than I've been in a long while.  I am also super proud to share it with you!

You are here on earth with a purpose.  I have believed that my whole life.  BUT, What is it?  Well, that's been more of a challenge.

I know what its like to forget why you are here on earth. There are days where you want to say what's the point?!?!  

Cut to: Me pulling my hair out, a weird tech moment (maybe some tears).  The phone ringing but your battery dies when you pick it up.   Then you loose the document you have been working on and break into a cold sweat.

But REALLY, you do know.  Deep down there is a reason to get up every day and step into your business and life.  It may not always feel like Unicorns and Rainbows, but that is why you have a tribe.  People that know and love you with similar believes and values.  

Ultimately, you want more people to know and love you.  You may not get everyone on board but you sure can try.  Don't let the naysayers get you down!  Keep on truckin'. 

This morning one of my coaches asked me to write out my message and mission.  At first I was like I got this!

I love to help women look good and feel good in business and life.  It is an honor to serve them and teach them to embrace their body and business.  

I mean your body is the vehicle for your business, right?

What I realized is I have been enmeshing my message and mission. And it's been getting confusing to me and others.

I knew that I was mission driven, but I wasn't able set a distinction between my mission and my message.  Seriously, it's different.  

I have heard this before but I never saw it as two separate concepts.  One is what you stand for, your mission.  The other is how you do it and what you are saying, your message.  The mission helps you see through the foggy challenging days.

Holy moly, what a difference.

I now know that I am on a mission to empower thriving women in business.  I want them to love their bodies, feel confident in their skin and create massive success.  I do this through fashion, branding, styling, healing work and coaching.  

When I reread this paragraph every cell in my body says “HELL YES!” 

Shit, I have been working tirelessly for 20 years on the inside and out.  And yes, I have had slip ups or made choices that sent me down a dead end road, only to double back and find a pot of gold.  Sometimes I would spend all that gold and have to start all over. But my entire life has been building up to the here and now.  I love to distill the essence of who someone is and their brand to create a visual representation.

I am calling this, right now, the ULTIMATE FUSION MOMENT.

Let’s be clear that I did not get here alone.  I have been doing it for a few years, but now I am doing it differently.  My goal is to be able to reach more women.  It took a village of loving friends and healers to find a point where I can take a stand.  There will be evolutions and adventures to come.

Stay tuned for more.

I would love for you to join me for a free training on 7 Steps to Build an Epic Essence in Your Personal Brand.  You will learn how to curate your style from the inside out.

Style On!

With love,