Bedouin Village Living

Bedouin Village Living….

What was the last travel outfit you fell in love with?

Here I’ll go first….

In 1996, I went of the grid for the first part of the year. I lived in a spiritual community in Scotland. Then my adventurous spirit took me to Greece, Isreal and Egypt. I found myself waking up on my 20th birthday swimming with a wild dolphin in the privacy of our little bedouin village.

My boyfriend and I have befriend a Bedouin who had lived in Germany for a while. We spent the nights dancing away right next to the Red Sea, the days were filled with swimming in the Red Sea and telling stories to each other. We mimed them to get over the language barrier!

I remember sitting in the shade, taking reprieve from the sun I sat there in a cotton black dance bra and a sarong. Thats all i needed. It was simple living, light dress, and not too much stuff. I still have the blue sarong with fish batiked on it. I hold on to the memory as inspired freedom.

My travel changed as I transitioned in to a more corporate world. I sought out buttoned up cities, against my desires to be a “Passionate Nomad.” As I left my corporate life I started to find that Nomad in me again. But I had to do it differently. I had to stretch my imagination and learn what my true style is and how to create a live around it.

The moment was so clear when I learned I could work with you and help you get:

Clarity around your business and brand message visually.
Confidence in your looks and body Image.
A roadmap to grow and evolve your style.
You will see new ways of finding yourself and your personal style.
You will feel inspired and invigorated to get into your new look.
You will attract the dream clients you have so desired to connect with.

I never thought it would be helping you Identify Your Style Story.

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NOW, YOU....Whats your favorite travel outfit?