The Empowered Life

Morning light rises through my bedroom window.  My body sparks with excitement.  Words trickle in.  I know it’s time to run down to the dock on the water and write.  It’s time to get out there and connect with the Divine Succulent Beauty of all that is.

Walking down the ramp to the sea, soft ripples roll across the placid ocean water.  A gentle quietness oozes in the air.  In the distance, a family of ducks take their morning swim.  A fresh set of waves move in from seemingly nowhere, as if a ghostly boat had cruised by, nothing in sight.  The quiet sounds of nature are all that can be heard.  

As the water calms again, and the soft ripples flow toward me with a gentle breeze, I feel the warm sun on my face and I know this is peace.  My heart settles into the unknown world of nature, leaving the city streets behind. and welcoming the morning songs of the birds around me.  Ready for the day’s adventure to come, I jump into the frigid Maine water to cool off the sun’s heat on my body.

Moments like these have been few and far between in the past 10 years of my life.  Part of it may be my drive and ambition, part of it may be that I held an undercurrent of anxiety for so long that it made enjoying the moment really difficult.   Today, I am blessed to embrace a world of diverse experiences, and to be given the gift to share it with you.

Becoming a Life Curator has been a process of discovery.  Coaching and educating others about the magic in their life is truly the best job ever.  When I walked away from my secure job last year in NYC, I knew I was at a crossroads.  I had no idea how I would get from point A to point B.  What I did have were faith, perseverance and a deep trust in the process.  My work of 20 years in the Laws of Spirituality has created a solid foundation for me to keep this belief alive. 

I have a weakness though, and it gets me every time, my body.  I know that my body is a compass.  It’s a tool that I often use for choosing directions and making decisions in life.  When there is a communication breakdown, I ask for guidance and clear direction.  It really is that simple; all you have to do is ask.  You only really need to have pure intention to get the answers you desire.  

With that said, amnesia is a merciless killer of this capacity, and I can oh-so-forget to apply the tools and knowledge for myself.  An outward spiral can happen, and it is usually quite a brilliant storm.  The process of putting the pieces back into place has become a second nature activity to me, an art of living in the Divine.  This is how the internal guidance system was created and identified.

Looking at what IS, is important, but looking at what is behind what IS, can be so much more powerful.  My work in this life is to create an open space of love, justice, faith, compassion and kindness.  My work is to be a beacon for passionate, radical, wild and rebellious behavior.   I have been called to help others to grow into their own light.  The metaphysical studies of A Course in Miracles, Florence Scovel Shinn and other modern day women like Tosha Silver allow me to step into the roles of Healer, Life Curator and Coach with ease and authenticity.  The Passionate Rebel Lifestyle has been an unnamed, but well-curated practice since 2009 when I became a Health Coach.  

I made a well informed, but misguided attempt to change the face of medicine by working with doctors to teach principles of nutrition and lifestyle therapies. I was dedicated to finding ways to reverse chronic illness, and it was an attempt to simultaneously create a voice for healing.  It was so interesting to find myself sitting in the clinical setting and talking with patients about inner knowledge, community, relationships, stress, faith, food and fun.  Sometimes they wanted a pill to fix their problems, but invariably, they would return asking for more guidance.  

My years spent working with doctors in this capacity healed my mystified authoritarian complex around the medical industry.  It empowered me to self-advocate, reclaim my power and make choices that were more in alignment with my body, mind and spirit.  This journey has opened doors, created life-long relationships with powerful healers, broken down walls and shed light on unimaginable opportunities and new adventures.

Taking the journey to a whole new level, and introducing The Passionate Rebel Lifestyle to my clients, and now the public, has been a fear of mine.  Those fears stem from F.E.A.R.  - False Evidence Appearing Real.  Thoughts like, ‘what if they don’t accept me?’ or ‘who will like it?’ or ‘why does anyone care?’ ‘how can I really be of service?’ were frequent visitors, until now.  In reality, it is about embracing the commitment to my life’s work and creating a safe space for women (and a few men) to heal, grow and transform themselves.  

I learned early on that passion and rebellion were at the core of my values.  Embracing my pace and creating an internal revolution is just the next step.

How do you go after your dream life on your own terms?

Next week, you will learn about my dance with Divine Order and Experiential Selection.  I will share with you my journey to reclaim my health and wellbeing through the realm of your Energy.  In the following weeks, I will share with you the steps to shake down your soul and walk into a new realm of existence.  

Join me in this journey of living wildly well, and wisely.  Start your own Internal Revolution down below.  Welcome to the Passionate Rebel Lifestyle!  Leave a comment down below or click here to join me for weekly tips, clips and tricks. I would love to hear about your life

Living wildly well and loving you,