Changing the Game

I had a feeling this might happen.   You know, just a little acknowledgement of a well-curated Inner Guidance System.  My inner Rebel is changing up the game plan.  I am interrupting the unveiling of the Rebel Core with a great adventure.  Sometimes it is necessary to just go with the flow.

Life has a funny way of changing the game, and acknowledging inner work.   What I have learned from 20 years of my transformational journey is to “trust the process, it’s bigger than you.”

It was a game-changing full circle moment

A different internal experience creates a different outer experience.  I have heard these words for years.  I have resented them at times, as I did not feel I was getting what I wanted out of life, therefore I had only myself to blame. I wanted, you know, material success, tons of friends, parties, homes…the whole nine yards.  Yet, now I realize I thought that was what I wanted and was trying to manifest and it was such a struggle.  

“I am just not there yet.”  “Ugh, this again.”


I shifted the lens of experience and TAA DAA! Wow, the amount of abundance and manifestation if miraculous.  Not really what I thought I wanted, but I now know that it’s what I truly desired.  This was, in fact, a wild change in the game.   I experienced deeper friendships, more confidence, greater assurance and trust, and the physical stuff is coming along too!  

I came to Santa Fe, New Mexico yesterday. It is a place I’ve called home twice in my life.  It’s a place I thought I may never return to, as I had committed to life on the east coast; in NYC and Maine.  I could tell you the unique significance of this, and my deep insights. I could tell you how much I love synchronicity and keeping my ear aligned with the Divine. I could tell you to just know that each moment is a full-circle moment when you have a greater sense of awareness and purpose…. but really, I would rather hear from you.

So, here is the skinny: I’m trigger-shy and a commitment-phobe right now.  So, I’m throwing all the rules from the handbook of this biz out the window, right now.  I’m gonna do what I have been told not to do, because it is supposedly more ‘work’.   And, hey, I can because I am a Passionate Rebel and I have not been walking my talk all that much lately!  You know, I was kicking back a little and riding off a huge wave and great adventure of conjuring success. The Rebel was there, she was just relaxing. 


What I know its what feels right to me, right now.  As I write, I am sitting in a sculpture sanctuary.  It’s a place called Shidoni, and it has been in my mind for years. I had a deep desire to connect with the art and the work of so many brilliant creators.  These are people who have put their ideas and thoughts into physical form.  Wow, it is brilliant and awe-inspiring!


Prior to this little writing session, I had brunch with an old and dear friend.  We had not seen each other in 10 years, but our roots run deep.  We got to catch up on the missed years in between, on the journey and travels we have been on, and our purpose and missions now.  We know that those can shift at any moment, too.  Plus, we acknowledged the dreams of things yet to come and what just is now.  Then BOOM, I realized I desire to offer 20 free Alignment Sessions.  

I’m throwing my packages out the window for the time being, because I just don’t want to commit for that long anymore.  My deepest desire is to show up and be a vehicle for you, to be a guide, to be a maverick force and to help you get clear.  What happens from there is not up to me.  I trust in the process, and I love my work.  So, you can get it for the next 2 weeks! 

(September 17th to 26th) I am clearing the decks and opening up my schedule.

If you feel like…

If you’re on the fence, and you’re not sure what to do, then you can use one of my tools.  Ask for clarity.  Ask for direction on how you should show up in a certain area of your life.   Ask openly, and wait for guidance. You will receive signs and signals that will put you in flow.

I have never done anything like this before, all my clients have been by word-of-mouth, or met through connections and in programs.  Right now is about game-changing moments so I am choosing to go with the flow. I’m making the decision to open my doors to a new way of playing my Game of Life, and how I can help you.

Welcome to the Passionate Rebel Lifestyle!  Join me in this journey living wildly well and wisely.  You can start your internal revolution down below!  I would also love to hear about your life.  You can leave a comment below or click here to join me for weekly tips, clips and tricks.

Living wildly well and loving you,