Divine Feminine Alignment

A little over a month ago a dream of mine was fulfilled. I had the tremendous pleasure of speaking at the Mama Gena’s School for Womanly Arts Graduation, a program which is near and dear to my heart and personal transformation.  I was honored to be selected to speak in front of 500 actively empowered women.  I began by asking the room to breathe with me, the glory of which was totally surreal.  The sound of a sea of women doing breath of fire in unison melted me in the most deeply loving way.  The connection and energy was palpable.

My journey to that place of empowerment and standing in my truth as a speaker and change-maker has been eventful.  As many of you know, I struggle with a health condition that limits my ability to keep pace with everyday life.  The rollercoaster of bodily system breakdowns creates a world of instability and insecurity.  Over the past 20 years I have learned how to embrace this journey as not just a story, but as a purpose to share my experience, strength and hope with others who continually hit obstacles and are looking for new ways of being in the world.  

My work as a Health Coach over the past five years has laid a foundation for me to hold space for others to also walk bravely on their healing journey.  My ability to help others requires attention to doing my own work, through much dedication and deep transformation.  When I enrolled in Mama Gena’s School for Womanly Arts, all I wanted was freedom from my physical pain.  First, I had to learn to embrace my pace.  I really had no idea about the journey I was about to embark on, one which would lead me to living my truth in ways I never imagined. 

The work of Regena Thomashauer is some of the most transformative work I have ever come across in my 20 years of personal development.  She is truly creating a revolution, and it is completely gorgeous.  She holds space so that women may learn to coexist in a dedicated sisterhood, a strong support system which we all need to effectively transform our lives.  Her tools of embodying expression and learning to breakdown and breakthrough are life-altering.  I experienced moments of pure ecstasy; I reached a new level of relaxation and empowerment. During the course of this change I also resisted and clashed. I learned to embrace my fears, my desires, and my body.

At the School for Womanly Arts I stepped into a room of over 300 women, collectively sharing our deepest fears, and our most challenging experiences.  We were all boldly walking towards our dreams, and mine was materializing as speaking to them. It took lots of faith and trust, but I was prepared by my trainings with Mama Gena.  Regena Thomashauer has mastered the art of holding space for hundreds of women at one time.  She embraces, challenges and enlightens everyone’s spirit.   She works beautifully and diligently to align your power for your greatest good.

Throughout the program I had great successes, like being able to move and dance again.  In my enthusiasm, I quickly took on an old persona and tried to take on more in my life, get more mobile, execute more, digest more, and express more.  Building strength after a physical breakdown is a very slow-going process.  Rapid fire movement without caution can trigger a setback.  By May, I was ready to be on a roll again.  I got creative, I expressed and I started pursuing some new dreams.   I did all the work Regena taught us.  I watched and was inspired as the women in the room spoke and simultaneously showed the deepest part of their souls. I was doing the same.   

What an honor to be asked to speak at the graduation of this transformative program. While I was working up to it, I found that writing my speech and practicing it was a joy.  My enthusiasm got rolling, and I took on more to execute than my little body could handle.  In my excitement I evacuated my body, increased commitments, and stopped working the tools. 

For 2 weeks I was on a rapid roll.  When it came time for our graduation weekend, I knew that I was off track. Regardless, I just wanted to show up, strong arm it, ‘get her done’, and have my moment of glory. I created a system to follow my gut of ‘Listen, Receive, Respond’ but there was quite a bit of static on this station - I was not listening.  They say an old habit dies hard. 

Now, Mama Gena is all about the Pleasure Revolution.  The morning of my speech I was at an all time energy low.  I was not in my “pleasure.”  I willed myself to get out of bed, after almost an hour doing gentle movement techniques to wake up my body.  After talking to another Sister Goddess (that’s our lingo for the amazing gorgeous divine feminine beings that all women are) I was uplifted, I prepared myself and ran through my speech one more time.  I gave my speech to New York City, facing North, and I cried and cried realizing I was on the brink of a dream moment and that I was being called to step up.

After arriving that morning and connecting with other Sister Goddesses, I was thrilled and nervous.  During a moment we call “Dance Break” I was in the isle dancing away when, all of the sudden, I felt like I was sucker punched in the hip.  I looked around and nothing was near me. I then stepped on my foot, and I went down.  The pain was unbearable. 

Over the next 4 hours, a team of amazing women pieced me back together.  We used the Mama Gena tools to get me back on my feet, literally and figuratively.  With the love, support, and guidance of a brilliant team, I was able to stand on stage and deliver my speech.  It took every ounce of focus, drive, and faith to be able to stand fiercely in front of 500 women.

What I learned from the School for Womanly Arts is that life happens in relationship to others, and it also happens in collective movement.  The women in the room throughout the program honored me with their presence, their bravery, their courage, and their defiant ways that melted before my eyes.  The strength, courage, and beauty that I witnessed transformed the way I experience life.  This experience was a defining moment in how I choose to live.  Accepting and embracing the limitations that exist, my taking on a new ‘slower’ pace has opened the doors to transform my life yet again.

After taking a month to digest, rest, and reset, I boldly step into a new pleasurable life in Maine and “Quitting New York City.”  I step into ending a ten year love affair with a city that gives so much, but can take even more.  I embrace my passion for life, healing, and transformation.  The rebel in me is cheering for me to jump in for a whole new ride.  The journey of life is short and sweet, but with oh so many twists and turns.  

Never stop shaking that booty!  

Living wildly well and wisely as a Passionate Rebel.  Join me in creating an Internal Revolution.  I would love to hear about your growth experience, leave a comment down below or click here to join me for weekly Tips, Clips and Tricks.