Rebel Rise

Conflict and turmoil can waste time.  The key is to get perspective ASAP.  Somehow we think that if we could only scrutinize, psychoanalyze and deconstruct every stage of our life well enough, we’d be able to isolate our problems, fix them and move forward, right?

What is the biggest problem eating you right now?  What is holding you back?  How can you shift your perspective?

During client sessions we create Avatars to shift ways of being in self.  It is incredibly creative, intuitive and powerful work.  Shifting perspective and looking at a stuck situation with a new lens rocks your existence and holds you accountable to being different in your life.  You can see the challenge from a detached place, just far enough away to get the whole view.

A holistic vision, creates a new realm of existence.

Take a step back from yourself to see the REBEL RISE!!! When you see yourself as a whole, you will be wowed by your gorgeous complexity and compelled to create an environment where you, the WHOLE you and not just a part of you thrives!

But here’s the rub: We are more than the simple sum of our parts.  To truly improve ourselves, first we need to see our WHOLE selves—how the good and the bad work together as one system.

The trick is to take a step back so you can see the bigger picture.

Here’s my favorite example of the Power of Distance: Earthrise is the name given to a photograph of the Earth that was taken from lunar orbit by astronaut William Anders on December 24th, 1968 during the Apollo 8 mission. We’ve all seen this famous picture of our beautiful, luminescent blue planet rising out of black space. This first photo of Earth, however, wasn’t supposed to happen; Anders was ordered to take pictures of the moon, seeing as how he was on the first manned voyage to orbit Earth’s satellite.  But, when the astronauts caught site of the Earth rising into view, here’s what happened:

Anders: Oh my God! Look at that picture over there! There's the Earth coming up. Wow, is that pretty.

Borman: Hey, don't take that, it's not scheduled. (joking)

Anders: (laughs) You got a color film, Jim? Hand me that roll of color quick, would you...

Lovell: Oh man, that's great!

And everyone back on Earth couldn’t have agreed more! In fact, few photos have been more frequently reproduced than Earthrise. Nature photographer Galen Rowell declared it "the most influential environmental photograph ever taken,” and many credit the photo as marking the start of the environmental movement.

To this day, faced with the spectacle of our WHOLE planet, we humans are awed by its beauty and feel a deep desire to better understand, cherish and protect it. Well, guess what? The same is true for us individually.


Tried and True ACTIONS:

  • Ask a trusted friend, partner, or life coach to help you see how your strengths and weaknesses interplay.  Once you understand this dynamic, you will know how to create a life that better meets your needs.
  • Travel.  You don’t have to go to the moon, but sometimes by simply changing your surroundings and seeing your situation with ‘outsider’ eyes, you are able to see yourself relevant to the big picture, much as the astronauts did looking at the Earthrise for the first time in 1968.
  • Go Within. Meditate. Chant. Do yoga. Connect to Source to feel perfection at your center—to witness your own REBEL RISE!!!

Thank you for being a part of The Passionate Rebel Lifestyle.  You are on the road to creating an Internal Revolution.  The proof is in the pudding, take action now!  I would love to know know what is on your mind, leave a comment down below, or click here to join me for weekly Tips, Clips and Tricks.