Highway to Enlightenment

We all have the right to become enlightened, but sometimes we fall very short of it.  Russell Brand even agrees, but I will save that for later.  Being on this miraculous planet for just a nanosecond, it’s obvious there is so much more that goes on beyond our five senses.  Yet, I love my 5 senses; I get to explore the pleasures of the world with them! They have their value, but so does what lies beyond.  If we get disconnected from our source, we run the risk of miss-stepping, being reckless with our emotions, and potentially hurting the ones we love, including ourselves.

You have trouble with being disconnected.

It is easy to get disconnected from your source.  We have all had lonely, desperate, or painful moments in life.  There probably has been a good cry, a refreshing feeling afterwards; but, then, there’s the question of what to do with the residual emotions and the aching need for guidance.  How do we give it over to something greater than ourselves?  

A power greater than you can be God, Allah, Buddha, Gandhi, Jesus, Angels, Goddesses, Universal Light, and the list goes on.  I have studied many of these forms and stories and hear the voice of love in all of them.  Connecting to a source that sits both inside me and out in the world empowers, comforts, and provides me with a well of courage and strength.  We all have tough acts to accomplish, be it confronting someone hurtful, protecting our family, standing up for our career, or caring for the sick; regardless of the challenge, it is our responsibility as a HUMAN to be present with the energy that can support us in our mission.

The spirit world is out there as a support and guidance system.  

When we tap into it regularly, dramatic problems tend to lose their weight and value.  There are many ways to tap into the spiritual realm to reach your source.  Many people in my community use meditation, as do I.  Meditation is a daily practice that I incorporate as a guidance system.  I practiced on and off for years, but in the past 3 years it has created unrealized space, pushed me forward, shown me the next right decision, and allowed me to grow into the person I have always dreamed I could be.  It is a discipline that connects me to my source.  I was raised in an Episcopalian school and also at home.  My greatest emotional memories in school were the moments we all sat together, united in Chapel, three times a week, and listened to the speaker.  There were great moments of peace and quiet, or deep contemplation.  I feel fortunate to still have this influence and discipline in my life consistently as an access point to what lies beyond.

The question really lies how do you get connected?  

It is different for everyone, but it is a very clear spiritual moment for you.  Before creating a practice, I just thought spiritual connectivity came in fits and spurts when, in reality, it was my practice that was inconsistent, not my source.  I also have a community that I can connect with and discuss my findings.  

Do you belong to a community?  Do you go to church?  Do you feel realized there?  Do you find a spot inside yourself where you can hear the deep messages from beyond?  If you had a discipline, how could your life be different?

A client of mine just took on the commitment to do her daily meditation practice.  10 minutes a day, that’s all. The reason she is doing it is because she knows deep down that by not doing her practice, she is missing a part of her that is core to her expression, stability, and strength in life.  By committing and being accountable to it, she is sending positive messages to herself that she can “Play this game of life and play it the way it feels good!”

Prove to yourself you are committed.  Here are some tried and true ways to get results:

  1. 1.    Watch this video of Russell Brand on a mission.  His candor and insights are profound.  It is clear this party boy has turned alter boy.
  2. 2.    Sit for ten minutes.  Set your timer, find some space alone and in silence, close your eyes.  Take in a deep breath through your nose and let it out.  Use your belly to breathe deeply.  Let the thoughts pass by, focus on your breath.
  3. 3.    If you are brave (and you are!), take on a daily practice.  Commit to 21 days.  I created my discipline with Deepak Chopra and Gabby Bernstein.

Congrats!   You are on the road to having an Internal Revolution.   Welcome to the Passionate Rebel Lifestyle, a place to build a life of freedom and adventure on your terms. The proof is in the pudding, take action now! If you enjoyed hearing from me, please leave a comment down below, or click here to join me for weekly Tips, Clips and Tricks.  

Happy Friday!

Lovin’ you,