Rebel Yell Yo!

Have you ever noticed you feel like a black sheep or even an alien?  Like you’re pushing up against the rhythm of society to create your own beat.  Does it all feel a little uncomfortable, kind of rouge, yet confirming enough to feel somewhat accepted in society?  You are a deeply creative spirit, but maybe there was a detour that led you down a path of dissatisfaction.

You may be secure in your job, have great friends and be active in your community.  You may be a top performer in your company.  Rewards, accolades, bling—and, still, a pit comes home with you daily. It’s Emptiness.  You spend time doing yoga, journaling, lighting candles, meditating—you are doing it all right—yet life, the life you have worked so hard to get, does not quite ignite you.

Beware! You are in the DANGER ZONE, the place in time where you are diligently putting energy out there to transform, but nothing is really changing.

I know that feeling.  I thought change was the one constant in life, so how come things aren’t changing?  

We need to start by acknowledging and accepting the change on the inside.  I have gone through many career iterations to hit that fulfilling moment, Divine Ecstasy.  I have gone from film production, film union manager, actress, model, Pilates instructor, gyrotonics instructor, marketer and PR director for interior design, luxury resort real estate sales executive, lifestyle medicine consultant and territory manager.  Every shift came from a breaking moment with my body telling me to stop, regroup, and move on.

I have put in over a million dollars in educations, trainings, classes, therapy, coaching, treatments and adventures, but despite my bad ass skill set, my out-of-the-box thinking never seemed to fit in the organizations I worked. I fluctuated between feeling paralyzed by internal politicking and exhausted from going to bat for my clients.  Finally, I knew my time was up, and the last job was going to be my last time working for anything but my divine universal force.  I went Rebel Yell Yo! on the system and tuned into my own system. I started listening to my inner wisdom, got connected to my truth, and took radical action.  Rather than feeling defeated by my chronic illness, I realized that my body pulled out all the stops and created the exit strategy I needed to get moving in the right direction.  My body gave me the space for me to gain the confidence, find the right safety, security and balance to build a life of freedom and adventure on my terms.  It has been 20 years in the making until this moment when I get to step out on my own with the whole universe at my back saying, “Rock out Rebel Revolution!”  

Here are some secret sound bytes I used to create my rebel manifesto: “Trust yourself.” “Just start now.” “Listen to what I have to say.” “You are a Rock star.” “Give it away.” “Let go.” “Dance your panties off!”  The communication comes from a fusion of life experience and 20 years of practicing and executing on internal messages.

Do you feel like you have something to say?  You need to be heard.  You are here to serve.  Pull the covers off your head now, because life is about to get really, really fun in the best way possible!  If you don’t step out now, you will crumble into pieces, shrivel up and roll over (well, not really), but you will fall short of yourself and your amazing PASSIONATE REBELLIOUS SELF!

Where are you on the self-expression Richter scale?  Are you crumbling? Stumbling in at night?  Leaving your dreams in a lonely place in the closet, neglected with dust balls?  Do you feel worn down, unfulfilled and practically desperate? Sing out your best Rebel Yell Yo!, it’s time!  Dig in to find the passion bug driving you to create the dream.  

Some tips to get started:

  • Start writing down your best attributes, skills and natural talents.
  • Strut your stuff down the street saying, “I am Divinely Rebellious” in your mind.  A little secret that no one has to know.  Get your swagger on!
  • Dreamscape with yourself.  Do a 15-minute meditation to soothing music (I use Pandora Yoga Workout station) and imagine where your life will be in 3 years. Take yourself on a trip to the future. What do you desire?  What do you feel like?  What foods do you consume?  What is the energy like around you?  How is your health and wellbeing?  What do you do daily?  Now write it all down.

Welcome to the Passionate Rebel Lifestyle, a place to build a life of freedom and adventure on your terms.  Get ready to shout out your best, REBEL YELL YO!  The proof is in the pudding, take action now! If you enjoyed this, leave a comment down below or click here to join me for weekly Tips, Clips and Tricks. 

Happy Friday!

Lovin you,