4 Steps to Create a New Passion

You are sitting at your desk. It’s 8am on Friday; your coffee is still hot.  The workweek has you torn up and exhausted.  You would do anything to be transported to a spa, a yacht, Europe—just  some escape. No one ever said this commitment to a career would be easy, but when did the drive and passion have to drain out and leave you totally slumped?

You knew you made the right decision, but now what?

You stepped into your career with assurance, commitment and an understanding that there would be compromise.  But, 5, 10, 15 years into it and you had no idea what a toll it would actually take on you.  Some are blessed from one transition to the next and are filled with enthusiasm for each new role.  Some people take on more responsibilities, more delegation—it looks good from the outside—but  on the inside, after years of commitment to your position, your skin just itches and burns to get out. 

Once the dream of escape has come alive in your mind, it knocks on the door incessantly. 

You may not be wiling to say it out loud yet, but secretly you whisper, where do I go from here?  The quiet creative soul that has lain patiently dormant for 10-20 years is waking up!  Oh, where are the days of being in art class in high school? It was so easy.  You painted, drew, threw pots, made furniture, maybe even banged around the dark room developing racy photographs.  Whatever the art form, it was a means of expression and a way of life that was outside the box.  You had a tangible place to make abstract thoughts take beautiful shape in your life.  Instead, today you are wrapped up good and tight.  Your bank account might be flush and your friends great, but your soul is knocking on the door.

Trust your heart and express it. 

You have a choice to gently pursue your passion and explore your creative center again.  As the creative spirit wakes, we hear new desires come alive.  Music sounds differently, songs take on new meaning. Inspiration presents itself daily.

In fact, here’s a yummy morsel for you right now: William Fitzsimmons & Priscilla Ahn ~ I don't feel it anymore •

My clients’ adventures into their creative realms began like this:

1.   Make a list of all the artistic explorations you have had

2.   Choose 1 to pursue again

3.   Look for a class and then sign up

4.   Decide if you enjoy it and want to continue or try another one on the list

This part of your life is about self-care;  it’s about growing and soaking up the love for Universal payback and the gift of creativity.  Follow your passion.  Follow your desire.  Follow your pleasure.  Live your truth.  Make passion drive your career!  The payback is a million times greater than you will ever expect.

Welcome to the Passionate Rebel Lifestyle, a place to build a life of freedom and adventure on your terms. The proof is in the pudding, take action now!  If you enjoyed this, leave a comment down below, or click here to join me for weekly Tips, Clips and Tricks. 

Lovin’ you,