Passionate Rebel

How did I get here?  Why would I create something that can be so controversial?  What is passion really about?  Why a rebel?  It’s my Big Why.  It’s the reason I wake up.  It’s the reason I walk out the door.  It's why I green juice, stretch and do mini trampoline at home, its why I sit in a coffee shop to write.  It’s for you.

Have you been feeling like you just need to get on purpose?  Do you feel like you need to find that spot in life where your passion drives you?  Do you want to buck the system and make it work on your terms?  Do you have gifts and talents that are not being actualized or practiced in daily life?  Do you feel guilty because your daily routine does not allow you to serve in a way that is inspiring, creative and adventuresome with true intention? 

Man, I can be intense.  Yup, that is my Passion speaking.
The definition of Passion-
adjective: passionate
showing or caused by strong feelings or a strong belief.
You have a zest for life sometimes known as Intense or Fervent, maybe even Wild.  You attract people around you through Animated, Spirited communication.  Sometimes, when off balance, you can come across Heated,Emotional or Frenzied.  With that said, you have a way of conveying pure Excitement and authentic Enthusiasm in a Fiery way.  You are oh so eager to get going with the next step in life, maybe even a little impatient.
The definition of Rebel
noun: rebel
a person who rises in opposition or armed resistance against an established government or ruler.
You are a genuine, authentic, Creative Spirit.  In traditional jobs this can get in the way sometimes.  You have Revolutionary ideas that could change the world or how we play out the game of life.  It has been proven time and again that you are an Out of the Box Thinker.  Knowing you have a Nonconforming personality can be challenging.  Embracing Your Inner Style may just be the best risk you have ever taken.  Or, you may be nay saying and rebelling against me, but have no idea why.
My clients come to me wanting to find their passion.  They want answers about life. They want to know their place in the world, and have a community to share and support their greatness.  They don’t know they are true rebel's, yet. They have not dreamed up and aligned how they want to BE in their life, yet.  They are not a 100% sure what they truly want to experience.  They know there is an Inner Genius lurking around inside, wanting to get out, but they don’t have the courage to put it out there, yet!
We implement these tricks to spur an Internal Revolution:

  • When bored or fogged at the office, put your headphones on, turn on your favorite song of the moment, bob your head to the beat, feel it, then when the song breaks take the ride and do a 30 second shake your booty break.  Stand up and get your groove on.  Then, sit down and write your next marketing piece, take your next call, carry on with a little Glitter on the inside.
  • Brainstorm time:  Come up with 25 business ideas.
  • Start or Continue creating your bucket list.  Africa, Morocco, Thai Land, building homes in the developing world - its, your Turf.  Create the playground you love.

Welcome to the Passionate Rebel Lifestyle - a place to build a life of freedom and adventure on your terms.  Give me your best booty shake!  The proof is in the pudding, take action now!  If you enjoyed this, leave a comment down below, or click here to join me for weekly Tips, Clips and Tricks. 
Happy Friday!

Lovin you!