Conjuring Health

Mmmmm.  Whereas the succulent world provide me with my yummy desires, my chronic condition (if I allow it) can suck the life right out of me.   Chronic conditions take coaxing and consistent nurturing. I must be vigilant in my pursuit of wellbeing to stay balanced.  

What about FUN?  Where does FUN fit in relation to a body that wants nothing but to be difficult and challenge you on functioning properly?  How do you create alignment?  It takes focus and attention on the place inside yourself that can dream, imagine and fantasize about a new way of being.

What is HEALTH really?  Is it a choice?  Or, is it a state of being that we either fight or accept?  When we don’t accept our body, regardless of its state of health, we experience a state of Dis-Ease.  I have been saying this statement since I was 18 years old when I first began trying to figure out the challenge of living a fulfilling life while becoming paralyzed by debilitating symptoms of ever-changing conditions.  I understood the dichotomy that existed inside me but felt powerless to change it.  Here I was, a fun-loving young girl with a healthy appetite for life, living in a chronically ill body.  It was a contrast so great that I could not live in pleasure, adventure or freedom.  A prisoner to my conditions, I searched for ecstasy or, rather, a mind numbing escape by disassociating from my body all together.  Through chemical aid, I chose to leave this decadently sculpted physicality for another spot in the Universe, for an hour or two.  Obviously, this was NOT a sustainable solution.

When extreme contrast exists, it is time to look for some balance.  There may be no eradicating the actual DIS-EASE, but you can learn to find a place of acceptance, a place of limits, a place of desire, a place of pleasure, a place of love and a place of joy—and, BINGO, thereby relieving the DIS-EASE.  I spent last weekend in a room of 300 women, each of us expressing ourselves, all lead by the divine Mama Gena.  She made a statement that “self hatred is the new smoking.” This hit home, as I had a few smokes when I was in my teens and twenties.  I mean it was cool, right?  NOT.  Then came a time when it was time to quit the frivolous bad habit.  This quitting thing can be hard, but it starts with action.

Well, this self-hatred thing that sits inside almost every human, it may be masked as regret or festering subconsciously in bad moods, I say it is time to quit all that, too!  Self-hatred is an undercurrent to harmful, passive aggressive actions towards one’s self.  Can we get a hell ya, let’s quit that crap!  Subconsciously, we are programmed by our environment and our experiences.  What can we do about it though?  I am clear the voices that kick me down at times are the same ones that halt the healing and thriving process.

So how do we Conjure Health?  Where is that sweet spot inside ourselves that allows health and wellbeing back in the door?  Where is the life of thriving, freedom of expression, and adventure?  Action is the only way to change, to produce new feelings.  Over the past 20 years, I have learned many lessons in healing, radical change, mindset and acceptance.  Kid you not, we all have the power to live through any difficult situation, create a miracle (shift in perspective) and enjoy where we are right now.  We must welcome in new experiences and new ways of being to conjure up the life that we desire.

Here are some proven tactics to create radical change, create miracles and conjure up a new experience:

  • GET OFF YOUR SOAPBOX AND STOP TALKING ABOUT YOUR ILLNESS OR THE BAD STORY! I never believed this when I heard it from Louise Hay, but really it is nobody’s business but yours and your medical team.  If you have a clear intuitive hit to ask someone for help or connections, trust and follow it.  Otherwise, don’t perpetuate unhealthy conversation.  I may sound contradictory, but this process of writing is about calling out all of you sitting on the fence of DIS-EASE and wellbeing to set you free to new limits.
  • SELF CARE 101.  Get in alignment with how you like to treat yourself.  Get in touch with all your senses.  Know your limits.
    • Touch:  Luxuriate in massages.  Ask for exactly what you want.
    • Smell:  Favorite perfume, essential oils or flowers.  Take in the scents; have a bath in the oil.  Put on perfume; let others smell how delicious you are.  Send yourself flowers and let your office watch you take in the refreshing scent.  My sister-in-law gets a bouquet of fresh flowers at the beginning of every month from my brother, and I can guarantee that 99.9% of the office is so excited and so jealous of her. 
    • Relax:  Rest as your body needs it.  Take a siesta; you may regret it if you don’t!
  • CARVE OUT TIME FOR FRIENDS AND FAMILY.  Get out of your routine.  Surprise your loved ones with a special dinner, or a weekend adventure to the zoo, or a wilderness hike.  Most of us get stuck in a rut and forget the more we give, the more that energy is reflected back to us.  If you are single, running low on available friends, join a networking club.  Take a creative class where you can connect with new people.

Welcome to the Passionate Rebel Lifestyle—a place to build a life of freedom and adventure on your terms.  Conjure baby conjure!  I know you can do it!  The proof is in the pudding, take action now!  If you enjoyed this, leave a comment down below or click here to join me for weekly Tips, Clips and Tricks.  

Happy Friday!

Lovin’ you!