Let’s get this Passionate Party started!

Setting your stage for success is not always the easiest to accomplish; when you reset your focus on how you can be of service to others, however, it becomes easier to integrate both motivation and inspiration into your lifeBut, here is the interesting thing: You have to spend time going inside, working out the deepest motivation to know what you stand for.  For me, passion must be at the core of what I do. 

So, I started having Passionate Parties.

I remember ten years ago having a conversation with a magical woman about purpose and passion.  To this day, she is my go-to for subconscious clarity.  I was already ten years into my self-discovery journey at the time of this call and was still not sure why the hell I was put on the earth!!  It plagued me.  To top it off, I struggled with a chronic health condition that has been ever evolving.  At times, I can live strong and live out loud, but every 4 years or so it takes me down, gets under my skin, and takes on a new evolution.  I was on my second recovery from my weakened state and knew that continuing down the career road of film production, teaching Pilates and acting was something that my body could not handle.  I was perplexed on how to move forward with passion.  I definitely was never going to be the professional horseback rider that I had once dreamed of.

Being in the fifth iteration of an evolving illness that requires pristine self-care and many buffered environments, last June I had to walk away from my dream job after three months short-term leave of absence and little recovery happening.  I had worked tirelessly for this job I am passionate about living a healthy life, and I was teaching doctors about lifestyle medicine and how to use nutraceuticals in their practice.  Yet, when I looked closer at my situation, I discovered that there were both great and challenging things about this job.

When my body starts to fail me, I start to ponder the deeper questions in life, like why we’re here on this earth.  I ask, how I am going to live a sustainable life?  What will happen to me now?  How am I going to make it?  When I began to ask myself these hard questions, I realized that if I were truly honest with myself, I was limited in my ability to be creative and act on my intuitive impulses when I had to convince the team executives on ROI every minute I took a breath.  Even though I was self-directed and supported in my position, my passion party couldn’t get started at my company job.

Facing the daunting prospect of starting over again, I was spurred forward by my core passion to survive no matter what and my continued commitment to living a creatively fulfilling life.

Once health has altered your state of being, it is solely up to you to keep YOUR STATE OF MIND on the up-and-up.  I would be nowhere without my belief that I am here to serve, my strength to persevere, my passion for a healthy creative life and my community that stands by my side at all times. 

Do you know what holds you back?  Do you know where you lack?  If we don’t find that spot in life where we thrive—I call it our Passionate Party—how the hell are you expected to find and feel joy?  This party place is inside you. Its deep in the internal burrows of your body.  I tried to think and rationalize my way to passion for years.  Now I know that my creativity is my passion.  It comes out of me in so many different ways, and I honor it almost every time, now.  If not, my body swings back into its hyper limited, pro-inflammatory, paralyzed dysfunctional state. 

Here are some options for you to investigate your own Passions.

Start your Own Passionate Party:

  •  Literal creativity: Write, paint, draw, photograph, sculpt.
  •  Physical Expression: Dance, walk, run, yoga, Pilates, flying trapeze, rock climb, ski, skate, ride horses.
  •  Work with others:  For me, I mostly work with women to integrate and transform the way they see themselves and their capabilities in the world, usually around career and family.  I use my communications skills, listen, speak and feel.  By listening to all my senses for them, together we can reframe an experience, create a solution, solve a problem and build a dream.  I also pull from my years of training.
  •  Personal Style:  I love this!  I am a human canvas, so why not have fun with it every day!  I look at every outfit as a way to build contrast, flow, feeling and fun. The process of style is an adventure.  I challenge you to take it on and feel your way through to yummy outfits.
  •  Nutrients for Life:  Food, Food, Food is like the trusty real estate term Location, Location, Location.  In our nutrient deficient culture, food can be a challenge.  Take on the pleasure adventure of cleaning and greening your food.  Find your passion for flavor in the freshest food in your community.  Yesterday, I had the pleasure I meeting with a local group of women in Kennebunk, ME.  Our hostess made us a gluten free, vegan meal, then she taught us to make our own essential oil salt scrub and lotion!  How amazing is that?!
  • Brain Power: Educating your mind, body and spirit is essential.  Knowledge and education are key to supporting your dreams in life.  Do you need to take a class to further your passion and dreams?
  • Money in the Bank:  My passion to thrive comes from the innate need for food, shelter and clothing.  Beyond that, I look at ways to serve, create and thrive in abundance. How do you live in the Law of Prosperity? Do you strive to provide a solid foundation and pay it forward?

Try out a tip or two you never know what change in your life it may bring about!

Welcome to the Passionate Rebel Lifestyle—a place to build a career and life of freedom and adventure on your terms.  How are you going to create you own Passionate Party?  I would love to hear your comments down below.  If you liked what you read cruise on over to sign up for weekly Tips, Clips and Tricks.  Happy Friday!

Lovin you,


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