Kicking the Fear-Monger’s Butt

It takes a village to heal some situations.  Throughout the past 20 years, I have experienced some unbelievably painful wounds that have altered the course of my life.  If it were as easy as saying I have condition X, I would have been out there much sooner advocating, supporting and transforming the process of healing.  As my life would have it, however, all of these experiences have been a learning process to get down to a place of vulnerability and calm.                           

My goal is to share my experience, strength and hope with you in an effort to glean insight on listening to that deep wise person inside us.

From an early age, I was set up to be reactive.  I pointed the finger outward and then let my insides take the battering.  As an adult, I call it neurons-on-fire disorder, or, quite simply, pain.  Basically, I find something to hold onto and then create drama, distraction and/or disconnection.  Then I start grasping at things outside myself: jobs, partners, friends, food, alcohol, and coffee—or, even shopping, networking or just being crazy busy.

It can be scary to be brutally honest with yourself and then share your current thoughts on life with the world.  I have resisted doing this for years, partially because I doubted the worth of my work and its ability to positively influence others.  But, deep down, I know that is the fear-monger speaking, telling me that I cannot accomplish my dreams.  It is not the deep, wise person inside me. 

For now, lets set dreams aside, however, and just take a look at the fear. 

Fear takes on many voices.  It can be staring you in the face and having you run scared silly, yet you think you are diligently accomplishing life tasks.  I say, a busy body lifestyle no more! I had to learn to put the fear-monger to bed, because my mind and body require peace and calm.  Today when the fear monger shows up, I politely say, “Thank you for sharing, I am moving on from that though.”  Easier said than done.

To really look fear in the face, you actually have to know that it is there.  I have spent the past 20 years looking at fear from a physical, mental and emotional place.  Here are a few ways to know if fear is staring in your face:

1.  Are you constantly distracting yourself from just sitting still?

2.  Do you feel pressured 24/7, but there is no real or apparent threat?

3.  Do you have worrisome thoughts before bed and occasionally even sleepless nights?

4.  Do you feel like you are under attack, like you’ve jumped into a tank of tigers daily, but its really just the business of your mind?

5.  Do you constantly have odd syndromes like IBS, FMS, CFS or other bodily reactions that make life challenging, un-fun and boring?

6.  Do things constantly go wrong in your life?  A new surprise bill, a sudden break-up, the flu, job loss, endless obstacles that appear to stop you from feeling pleasure.

7.  Does there seem to be moments of flow, and then huge halts that make you question everything?  You get stuck in analysis-paralysis, doubting your every move.

If any of those resonated with you, you may have the fear-monger lurking at your bedside, creating restless nights, unfulfilling days and empty social situations.

Here are a few ways to start looking in the face of fear:

1.  Create ten minutes with yourself in the am or pm.  You have to know what is best for your schedule.  Take that time to sit/meditate, write or do some gentle stretching.  Release the thoughts going on.

2.  Do some extra self-care.  If you find it challenging and are rebelling, then you definitely know you are headed in the right direction.  Resistance is clearly created by fear of the unknown.   Try:     

a.   A walk in the park

b.  A long hot bath, then rub yourself with coconut oil, get lathered up

c.   Have a green juice

d.  Stay in and read a fantasy book

e.   Do yoga, NIA, or a gentle movement technique

3.  Take a look at my GUT CHECK entry and practice it.

4.  Start working with some affirmations.  Look up Louise Hay’s work to get the essence of it.

Try it out. Create a challenge.  No one ever said RADICAL CHANGE would be easy.  I can promise the other side is so glorious.  You get to live on a whole new vibration!  Life becomes miraculous.  The unfolding mysteries are greater than anything you could have possibly imagined.

 Welcome to the Passionate Rebel Lifestyle, a place to build a life of freedom and adventure on your terms. The proof is in the pudding, take action now! If you liked what I had to say, leave a comment down below, or click here to join me for weekly Tips, Clips and Tricks. 

Happy Friday!  Enjoy your weekend and find an adventure!

Lovin’ you,