Have you ever noticed you’ve had an instinct—a gut reaction—in many situations?  But, then, you negotiate with yourself to justify ignoring that inner voice, even though you know you are going down a rabbit hole.

When we do not listen to our gut instincts, we are out of alignment with ourselves. 

So, let’s take relationships: You start to present yourself not as who you truly are. You accommodate, aim to please, forget to check in with you.  In essence, you leave yourself behind, and your partner only sees a shadow of your true self—ultimately , creating an unsuccessful relationship.  Believe me I have been on that merry-go-round before.

If we continuously accommodate and do not check in with our gut response, we end up living a lie.  Then, day in, day out, we have to get around this untruth just to be present with our partner. How exhausting! And, of course, all the while in the back of our fabulous mind, that inner voice is still screaming, ”This is not the right person for you!”

The goal, now that you know you may not be living by your gut, is to figure out how to listen to yourself and get back on track, without creating a drama-filled life.  There may be some massive changes, but know as these changes happen, you are doing the right thing for you.  You are coming into alignment with your true authentic self.  Plus, you have a new miraculous adventure to pursue with your new partner, YOU!

Now, all you have to do to get in alignment is…

  • Find some quiet space for yourself daily, 15 min. tops.  This does not have to be long and drawn out.  The goal is to listen, record, and move on.
  • Sit and do a gut-check: a simple, quick, Q&A with yourself.  Write the Q down and the A.

Q: Am I eating well? 

A: No, you need more green juice and veggies

Q: The guy I met last night, should I pursue him? 

A: Yes, but be conscious, stay on your path, do not give in to his whims

Q: My girlfriends are going on vacation.  Do I go?  It’s expensive. 

A: Now is not the time.  Be patient and your time will come.

  • Now, here is the difficult part: Learning to stick to it.  Keep your Q&A in a private place, but where you will read over your instinctual responses.  Remind yourself of your commitments to yourself.  Post them in secret places to pop up and surprise you.  The amazing thing is if you feel you have evolved from the situation (sometimes it happens that fast!), all you have to do is sit and do another Q&A.

Go out enjoy your day.  Find 15 min. alone to sit with wonderful you and do a Q&A.  Trust your gut.  If you liked what I had to say, click here to join me for weekly Tips, Clips and Tricks. 

Happy Friday!

Lovin you,