2014 in Review

Are you ready for 2015?  You can create whatever it is that you desire to come to you.  What have you planned to birth in 2015? (I can tell you now, I am not having a traditional baby, but there is a whole new creation in the works!)
So, first off, let’s take a look at 2014…
A few nights ago, I went with my friends Kate and Mike to a Winter Solstice Ceremony (A.K.A. a mellow, heartwarming, PARTY).  It was delightful.  Conversations abounded with laughter, celebration, and hope.  There was tons of delicious food - options of kale salad, beef stew, and cauliflower rice that could kill (it was divine).  Finally, we topped it all off with tasty gluten free blueberry pie and brownies.

Now for the mystical ceremony.
We stood outside around a fire in the darkness of the night, burning and releasing the year’s setbacks and disappointments.   Then, we welcomed in our desires for 2015.  I left feeling fulfilled and more connected to myself by playing with new and old friends.  Most of all, the laughter throughout the evening brought a warmth to my heart. 
It was timely, I had spent the earlier part of the day sifting through the roller coaster of 2014 and questioning the journey and its results.
Here are some questions for you to review about your own 2014 experience, I highly suggest copy/pasting them into a Word doc so you can fill it out like a journal, print it, burn it if you like, do what you will with what you have learned and experienced.
2014 in Review for You
What worked well? List your Successes
What would you do different? List your Setbacks
What big things were on or got on your calendar?
What can you do differently?

My takeaways! 

For me it was a year of courageous action and personal setbacks.  The key to moving forward one step at a time was holding the vision, and keeping it alive.  Some would call this PERSERVERANCE.  It never hurts to try, try, try until you succeed and the path feels right.  I actually look at it as a strong foundation in FAITH and MINDSET.
My days in the corporate world had a certain essence of strong-arming myself to get through the day.  I would have to pull myself up by my bootstraps all the time.  Have you ever just wanted to do it your way, but you have to answer to the powers that be?  What if you could do it differently?  With more grace, vulnerability and a sense of embodied divinity.  This year was about walking into the grace of what is, accepting what is and creating from those experiences.
My personal List:

  1. Emergency hysterectomy
  2. Two relationships that were not aligned with or supportive of my lifestyle, dreams or desires
  3. Thinking you will like something is different than doing it and loving it.  “Yes, I learned the hard way.” 


  1. First Large speaking gig:
  2. First published book: Co-Authored Book with 18 women called  Women Rising 2: Embrace Your Story Find Your Power
  3. Created, dropped and re-created coaching and consulting programs
  4. Living on my own terms and making decisions for my body, mind and spirit
  5. Staying engaged with my own personal development process and how I can apply that knowledge to help others
  6. Striving to become more nourished
  7. Launch of www.carriemontgomery.com
  8. Let go of the things not working, and creating space for what I desire (examples: the man who doesn’t get me, the clothes that don’t fit, the friendships that are not supportive, the programs that don’t feel right
  9. Warm acceptance of my writing, and of The Passionate Rebel lifestyle
  10. Creating new community and relationships globally through becoming an online entrepreneur

What worked well? (MINDSET)

  • Perseverance
  • Thirst for Knowledge
  • Desire to expand into new horizons with a deep sense of knowing
  • Curiosity to have new and different experiences
  • Deciding to end whatever is not working and move forward (relationships,  business, or health)

Life, the double-edged sword.  Mindset is 99% of the game. 
Scientifically, there are predictors like a 2 year life expectancy due to an ALS diagnosis, or so we think, and then we watch people with this diagnosis living for 40 plus years.   Check out Stephen Hawkings life in The Theory of Everything.  He says “there should be no boundaries, while there is life there is hope.”  
Some people beat the worst of terminal diseases and it appears that miracles have happened for them. It is clear these people’s perspective on life exudes an engaging, positive, grateful, and purposeful outlook.  They continue no matter the setbacks.
As I review 2014 and prepare to create space for 2015 to arrive, I cannot help but notice that this year has been about UNAPOLOGETICALLY LETTING GO.  All preconceived notions of what I believed and thought would happen turned out differently, and for the best.  The challenges, the successes, and the setbacks have altered the way I see the world and how I desire to exist in it.   Measurable results were present, and personal hardships came up as obstacles to overcome.  ‘Measurable’ being a growing tribe of Passionate Rebels, that I can inspire and motivate to take life on in new ways.  The obstacles like, learning to accept that the Hysterectomy was the best and only final decision left to make for me.  Ultimately, believing that any loss is creating new space for us to birth creations to serve in alignment with our own limitations has been necessary. This has been my big lesson.
My belief system expanded to new heights as I weekly checked into Simon Sinekswork and got behind “my why.”  There is no time like the present to reset course and create anew.  Learning to embrace my own limitations is liberating.  This is something I have never done, as my ‘anything is possible’ and ‘at any cost’ attitude has usually equaled major burnout.  I believe in a world that exceeds boundaries and respects limitations.  I believe in a world where our curiosity can bring forth and create experiences, educate, and change the course of others lives.  My vehicle is the Internet, my knowledge is divine strategic and creative teaching, and the gifts born from this are boundless.

Today I had the opportunity to reconnect with a partner from 20 years ago to talk about raising the platform for his new book The Heart of Reiki.  It is an honor to apply my business acumen to help spread Richard's work.  The story was refreshing as we talked about the start of our journey traveling through Isreal and Sinai Desert together.  Adventures abound!
Moving forward, there may be periods of silence as I go deep into creation and align my bodies needs with my business desires.  I can feel another book brewing inside.  My years of working with clients and acquiring knowledge are transforming into consumable experiences to help guide me to make an impact on others lives.  I am not going to lie; I desire to stay in tune with my body in service of creating for the highest good, so that perhaps I will also create a new level of health inside this body.  The Passionate Rebel Lifestyle has been taking shape over the past seven years - it’s now time to Do Life Maven Style!
How are you reflecting on  2014?  What did you learn so that you can make 2015 a kick ass year?

Thank you for taking time to grow with me over the past year.  I look forward to more adventures in 2015!  We can have a wild and rebellious 2015 together.

Enjoy you Holidays with loved ones or in service!

With love,

The Passionate Rebel