How to Dress for Holiday Occasions


It’s not often that I show you what an outfit looks like! Think of it as an early Holiday present. ‘Tis the season of giving, and we are trying out some new services for you!

There are 2 obstacles people face when getting dressed during the holidays. Since it is a festive time of year, many people like to get their fancy on. But here in Maine, we tend to dress things down a little. So I am providing you with a few options to guide you through some social occasions and how you might be feeling!

Obstacle #1:  Underdressing

Obstacle #2:  Overdressing

Since I don’t want you to have a Bridget Jones moment, I’ll let you in on a secret. You can’t go wrong if you wear it with confidence, follow how you feel, and know the occasion.  Nothing like showing up in a party dress to a sports party.

Let’s say it’s a casual afternoon during the festive season. You might be hanging fireside with the fam but feeling a little luxe casual coming on... there’s nothing like cozying up in a lush white cable-knit sweater. Maybe throw on just a bralette to keep that relaxed but held-together feeling. I know you want to keep those toes warm in a cozy pair of fuzzy boots. Make sure those lounging jeans have some extra stretch for that second piece of pie. In Maine we sometimes can catch a breeze on a cold winter day, even inside. I have been known to throw on a cozy hat and scarf.

My winter white outfit is still a chic look with its almost monochrome look, so you will pop for all the pics taken that day!

Screenshot 2017-11-27 18.02.05.png



For those of you who know me personally, you know this next look is me! It’s casual, chic, and kinda bohemian all at once! I couldn’t resist sharing a piece of my heart. Honestly, I have never been much of a blush girl until this year. It is surprisingly sneaking into my wardrobe here and there.

I would wear this to any day or dinner party that is JEANS ACCEPTABLE! Often during the holidays, we have to skip the jeans and find the silk or the wool pants.  Here the pink and green mix is my way to say I am into the holiday spirit but on my terms. And a splash of gold never hurts! 

Throwing on velvet mules adds to the comfort and sophistication, again making this a cross-event outfit.  Just follow your heart!

Screenshot 2017-11-27 18.23.55.png




Going from day to night and ready to throw on that party dress? Nothing makes a statement like a fit-and-flare Christmas plaid. Here’s the deal: you have to be in a READY TO BE SEEN mood. You will get comments, the oohs and ahhs: “I love your dress.” Take it in and say, “Why, thank you!”

Remember the dress is the statement so play down the rest. Simple black heels (I love Louboutins to show a pop of red on bottom) and a red clutch. You don’t need tons of jewels, just some refined studs!

And lastly, don’t be afraid to put on a bold red lip. This is your “go big or go home” holiday moment! You only get to do it once a year here!

Screenshot 2017-11-27 18.26.33.png




Around day 4 of the family festivities, I am sure the fatigue sets in. I am a firm believer in getting present with your body and expressing it. There is NOTHING LIKE a grey monochrome outfit to say, “I need to chill.”  Many clients used to fight me on grey until they learned about adorning their mood. 

Let’s be honest: not every day with the family is smooth sailing. So if the fire is too hot and conversation is too heavy, instead of fighting it, express it aesthetically. You will be all the better for it. Look for restoration; stay aligned and relaxed. 

Remember that all moods are okay when we accept them and get right with them. So have your grey holiday moment without spilling the beans to everyone. Just adorn it and move right through it!

Screenshot 2017-11-27 18.15.17.png




You can dress up or dress down as long as you are confident, follow how you feel, and know the occasion. If you're not sure how you feel, ask your body what it needs to be effective and powerful for the day or event. You can’t go wrong when you listen and trust your body.  Making yourself right builds a whole new level of confidence!

Happy Holidays! Enjoy your time with friends and family.



Sealed With a Holiday Kiss


Sealed with a kiss.png




How To Shop Online

online shopping guide.jpg

Hey Beauties,

As we jump into this holiday season, you might notice your social life picking up and the local shopping malls getting a lot more crowded.

If you're anything like me and aren’t a fan of spending endless hours battling your way through the crowds in search of that perfect holiday sweater or a thoughtful gift, online shopping will save the day.

I have prepared a few of my favorite time-saving tips to share with you today. There's a super helpful how-to video below. These hacks will save you time and energy and keep you aligned with your purpose of why you are shopping online in the first place. Let’s start with defining our reasons for shopping online.

The Three Main Reasons We’re Shopping Online:

1. We are satisfying our need of needing something.

We know exactly what we want and why, so we go looking for it.

2. We're just browsing.

We don’t feel like buying, but we still want to see what is out there and find browsing to be a relaxing way to spend some time.

3. We are filling a void.

We need the high of making a transaction. This is one way that online shopping can be a healthy outlet for us. We can shop around and pick out a few thing we like and then abandon our cart. This makes it easy not to overspend when we are not feeling our best. If we still want the item a few days later, we can go for it.

Watch the video below for an even more in depth how-to.

Online Shopping 101

So, let’s say you need the perfect holiday sweater for your next Christmas party. If you go into the shopping experience knowing exactly what you want, you can stay focused.

Step 1 - Create a Pinterest board, so you have somewhere to pin all the items you want to consider. This will help you make a choice later on.

Step 2 - The first thing you want to do is narrow down your parameters. Before you begin shopping, narrow down your search by the type of clothing, the size, the color, and the style. This will help you save time by eliminating dozens of pages of clothing that won't interest you.

Step 3 - Make a list of 3-4 online stores you want to check out. My favorites are:

Step 4 - Go to the first website and narrow down your search. Don’t forget to select your price point. This can save a lot of time.  And ALWAYS filter the price from LOW to HIGH.

Step 5 - Look through the available sweaters and pin any of the top contenders.

Step 6 - When you are done browsing, check out your pins and make your choice. It can be this simple.

This also works great when you are looking for gifts. I keep a running Pinterest board for gifts, which saves me so much time throughout the year.

I hope you enjoyed these tips and that they save you the hassle of long lines!


CrushingOn (1).png

Black Friday Extravaganza

Ice Cream Party.jpg



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  • Boohoo — Take 50% off everything, valid 11/20-11/22.

The Gift of Gratitude

FB-NoCTA2 (2).jpg

As I sit at my computer in my home office, I reflect on the past year with so much gratitude for the adventures. For the past 20 years, I have been working to birth a vision.  It was intangible for so long. And every obstacle and impossible situation made it feel like it would never come to fruition. But it did.

Who knew that my years of listening to the soft language in my mind's eye and deep wisdom would actually bring me to a place of creating my dream business? While it feels like I have been at this forever, it’s also so brand-new, because we are in our infancy of this work. 

Yup, 3 is young. 

We at handle business with kid gloves. We listen to the sensitivity of the customer. We listen to the needs of our community. We grow based on the desires we hear. The beauty of this is that our growth that meets our customer's needs is completely aligned with this personal brand - ME!

As the guiding force here at, I cannot do this work without the background support of my team. So yes, I am grateful for the key players that keep my vision afloat on the daily. I am immensely appreciative for the thousands of women that show up as listeners, clients, students, and visionaries. 

I have said this before, and I will continue to say it … we don’t do this alone. 

Think of all the people you have talked to along the journey of your business and life. These little guides and messengers are all part of the grand scheme of your success. 

As we sit down today for Thanksgiving in the US, we have a tradition of gathering and sharing our gratitude with friends and family. It is one of the greatest and most heartwarming exercises you can do. I regularly use a gratitude practice to shift energy and show up with more love.

It’s true sometimes that the disheartening news or tough emotional situations we face can make us a little hard and bitter. It’s easy to fall down into the well of despair and think the world is going to end when daily you wake and see more people being killed in mass murder, or that our president has tweeted some insensitive response to a public outcry for help.

Even if we cannot control the outside world, we can change our response to the world. It starts with Gratitude. 

And do you know where that all starts? In your body! 

Yup, you knew I had to get back to style. 

In true body wisdom style, write out a list of all the things you are grateful for. If you can share it with some of your friends and family, please do. There is nothing more fulfilling than the giving and receiving of the clarity of gratitude.

I'd love to hear what you're most grateful for this Thanksgiving. Let me know in the comments below.

I will be sitting today with friends and family thinking of you and sending my deepest heartfelt gratitude for you showing up in my world!

Much love,

How To Find Confidence In Your Identity To Attract Your Dream Clients


Let’s talk about the importance of finding confidence in your identity.

This can be a hard one, but it’s so important when it comes to connecting with your soulmate clients.

The truth is:

  • Your identity determines how you are perceived and received in the world.
  • Your identity is how you tell the story of who you are.
  • Your thoughts around your identity may be what is blocking you from your soulmate clients.

The good news is that there is a way to shift into confidence. To begin, we have to dig deep into the nitty-gritty of your story and work through it. This is where the magic happens. This is where you ditch those limiting beliefs.

Next, we find your true signature style through body mapping. Your true signature style is one you can own. It feels comfortable and empowering. You won’t even want to hide anymore because you will learn how to fall in love with yourself all over again.

I am going to share a story of one of my favorite clients, Gayla Drake. Watch the video or read below for Gayla's story.


When Gayla came to me, she offered music, tarot, coaching, light language readings, and sound healing. She is a true lightworker. Gayla had so many different gifts to share with the world, but instead of attracting her ideal clients, she was pushing them away by being all over the place. Her energy was everywhere, and she couldn’t focus on one thing.

We got together, and we figured out what was blocking her from moving forward. The people in her life who loved her the most called her “the ugly duckling” and “a fat pig” when she was growing up. This was creating a stop-start kind of energy with her business. She wanted to make an impact but also shy away, and that just doesn’t work.

Working together with me, Gayla discovered her true style archetype was an elegant rebel.

This is her true identity, not the ugly duckling.

This revelation allowed Gayla to claim her space in the world. She could own who she is and show up authentically as herself and receive respect and love in return.

We also funneled her energy into one arena. She is now focusing on sound healing so that she can combine all her skills and talents into an understandable package that her soulmate clients can gravitate toward.

She is confident and able to show her soulmate clients that this is what she was brought to the planet for, and she is having so much success.

Gayla is now guiding her business with her strength, passion, and one clear vision.

This is just one piece of the puzzle to creating a massive magnetic personal brand. I would love to get to know you more. If you would like to learn more about the body brand, claim your space below, and we can have a discovery call.  I can’t wait to connect with you!

Lots of love,


art of style header.jpg

We are hitting the road in 2018 and I would love to come visit you! Please sign up if you would like to have a local style class. I can't wait to meet you!

How To Relax Into Your 6-Figure Business With Style

Updated-06 (FB).jpg

There’s a big myth out there that the only way to succeed in business is to hustle and sacrifice to get there. But that isn’t the only way. And it definitely isn’t the best way.

I’m so excited about this topic and about the story I’m about to share with you because it’s an example for all of us -- about how there’s a better way to succeed while still honoring ourselves.

Ready? Here’s how to relax into your six-figure business.

Watch the video or read below for Kate's story.


As I mentioned, this is such an important subject, because we are taught to push and drive and go further and do more in life. Pushing, well, it just ends up making us exhausted, normally.

When Kate Northrup came to me with her Origin™ membership site concept, I was thrilled.

I thought it was such an incredible idea.

What a big, bold vision.

Kate's mission is to change the way women operate. We're breaking the mold on entrepreneurship and motherhood, and how women operate in the world.

She's using her creative forces and her wisdom to communicate with the world. Best of all, she gets to use all her laughter and her beautiful energy to put it out there into the world and create a new space.

Now, how does this look and feel, though?

Kate needed to find the support, the openness, and the playfulness that she wanted to communicate. We had to learn how to adorn her for that.

We looked at her body's needs, how to ask for those needs to be met, and how to create an upleveled expression of her true self.

To do this, we went through my signature system. We were able to uncover what her body needed. That was to feel safe and secure as she went up on the rise, so important. We adorned her with those needs in mind, so she could access those feelings with more ease.

We wanted to adorn her heart for the openness that she needs to expand into the world and share new ideas, breaking the mold with how women operate in society.

For most of us, we don't know how to go into a store and say, "Oh, this is what I am looking for." Usually, we're like, "I'm just browsing," and sort of feel our way through it.

Time is of the essence. Time is the only non-renewable resource we have. So when it comes down to time and money, knowing your body's architecture and how to adorn it is crucial, because who wants to waste time? No one has time for that!

And lastly, we adorned the body for Kate’s upleveled expression of self. Bringing a new concept into the world raises the bar for how you exist. It also raises the bar for everyone around you.

Finding alignment with how you experience that upleveling in your body - and how you wear it in the outside world - takes guidance and support. It takes a lot of energy to evolve your awareness of who you are and how you show up in the world.


I had such an incredible time working with Kate. If you'd like a little bit more information or a free discovery call to talk about how we can begin your own style revolution journey, sign up below.

I can't wait to chat with you!




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We are hitting the road in 2018 and I would love to come visit you! Please sign up if you would like to have a local style class. I can't wait to meet you!

How To Double Your Income Using Style


Let's talk about how to double your income using style.

I've had the honor and privilege to work with my soul sister, Amber Lilyestrom. She was a shining example of how to let your light be the path to your success.

Watch the video or read below to hear Amber's story.


We can talk about clothes and how to get dressed - what shirt to wear, what jacket to wear over that shirt, what dress to wear, yadda, yadda, yadda - and that's all really, really important stuff, but it’s not the most important stuff.

Rather, there are some foundational elements that we need to understand before we even put an article of clothing on.

This is about the wisdom of the body.


- For Amber to shine her light, she had to use the wisdom of her body.

- She had to have radical courage to overcome any and all demons in her past and in her current life.

- She had to have rebellious self-love.

She had to do it her way. Most importantly, she found a way to love her body through the whole process.

Now style, yes, is about looking good, but it's also about feeling good.

It’s about owning exactly where you are right now. It doesn't mean trying to put on an outfit and look like you're someone else. It means adorning your body for how you are feeling currently.

Now, there are some tips and tricks so that you can make yourself look a little bit skinnier or make yourself look a little more bright and flamboyant, but we wanna honor you and where you are now.

Amber was able to unapologetically accept who she was and understand all of the obstacles that she had gone through to get exactly where she needed to be in her business and also to step into the future self that she desired. When we were able to resolve all of this, to have this breakthrough inside her body and inside her business, well, she was able to more than double her income.

Her story is pretty remarkable, but her story could be your story, too.

Amber found the freedom to monetize herself.

To monetize her inspiration and her creativity. Now, she was already on the path. She had systems set up, but she needed a little bit of tweaking to get her to the place of next-level growth. She learned that the light was the path, and so we learned to dress her light and show her unique style so that she could call in the tribe that she desired to work with.

Learning to unconditionally love yourself isn’t easy, but finding unconditional love and support is part of the game. The tribe that raises you up and brings you to the next level of success is your legacy.

Amber has been able to do this over and over again. She has found a system and a structure that helps her work through any obstacles that come up, so she can rise to the next level of success. Her style is a big part of that equation.

Today, she’s able to dress herself without emailing me and texting me for questions on how she should adorn her body. She's able to make choices that are aligned with who she is and how she feels and to up-level her game on a daily basis.

This is so powerful. This is how you can more than double your income when you have the foundation ready and laid.

We’re going to tweak the inner light inside you.

We're going to work with all of those little tiny demons.

We're going to radically and courageously dive into the body.

We're going to find that deep inner wisdom and rebelliously learn how to love our bodies.

I'm so thrilled that you're here to listen to Amber's story today. If you'd like a little bit more information or a free discovery call to talk about how we can begin your own style revolution journey, sign up below.

I can't wait to chat with you.




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We are hitting the road in 2018 and I would love to come visit you! Please sign up if you would like to have a local style class. I can't wait to meet you!

The Body Brand

Blog Graphic (2).jpg

There’s something that no one tells you about growing a successful brand and business.

The businesses that get noticed and stand the test of time have this one thing in common...they all have a solid brand at their core.

After 2010, you may have noticed a few public brands making a shift to PERSONAL BRANDS like, which turned into, or which became  

Both of these woman recognized and saw the value of who they were and their ability to produce a more diverse body of work when they claimed personal ownership and stepped into the spotlight.

Both women chose to OWN THEIR NAME.  

This step towards personal ownership has given them the ability to expand their body of work as they grow and evolve and change in the seasons of their own lives.

Hey, styles change. Sometimes orange is the new black, and sometimes pink is the new gold!

You gotta learn to roll with it.

But this shift in identity takes time and money.  

I’ll never forget working for a great company and helping them break into new territories. What I didn’t know was that 10 years prior they had bought a successful product and decided to integrate the line into the name of the company, therefore changing their brand identity.  

While the product was exactly the same, the labels and owners had changed. The company’s lack of experience led to a lack of investment needed to win back the loyalty and trust of their customers.

They lost the marketplace and have spent the past 15 years trying to gain it back.  

Building a business is the real-deal facts of life. It’s hard work that pays off in spades only after you’ve laid a solid foundation.  

A business that looks like a fast rise has most often been laying a firm foundation for years prior to the visible success you’re seeing. Marie Forleo didn’t become Marie Forleo overnight. The behind-the-scenes work is often overlooked because, well, the idea of a fast rise feels good.

Creating success that’s personally and professionally fulfilling is no small feat.

Needless to say, the identity of who you are and how the world perceives you is incredibly important. It requires consciously creating a connection between who you are in your private life and who you are in public.

Last week, I was chatting with a girlfriend about the process of building her business and how she honors herself. She told me about how her business is super stable and very manageable. She has 3 different income streams working to support her in an abundant NYC life.  Even though there’s all this pressure to keep on growing, she’s perfectly happy with her “big enough” business. She isn’t seeking to expand further but to be just where she is and build a stronger foundation.

We also talked about her personal life and how she has recently broken off a long term relationship. It ended amicably until it wasn't amicable, and there was a lot of hurt and heartache.  

Over the past few months, she has spent time caring for herself and honoring exactly what she needs. This means she’s been saying no to business opportunities that would lead to high visibility because her body is telling her to rest and restore. Magically, she isn't fighting it but is embracing and trusting that the opportunities will come again when she’s ready for them.

You know what helped her stick to the clarity of this purpose and process? Getting dressed!  

Yup, she noticed that she didn’t have it in her right now to fake it and wanted to be in alignment with the self that needs comfort and sneakers, even if she’s hanging out at a speaking gig (in the seats).

I love to help women look good and feel good. But more importantly, I love to teach women to honor themselves exactly where they are, meet their own needs, and rise to meet their next great success with ease and grace.

It doesn’t mean floating through life like a flower. It actually means getting real with where you’re at, what is happening, and what you need to support it.

Did you know that you can do all that and more with clothes?

It’s true. Dressing yourself based on how you want to feel is one of the easiest ways to rise to your success, find your true voice, and embody your confidence by just being yourself.

I often find clients stuck in conflict, confusion, or indecision, burning their brains with why they don't know what the next step in business or life is. It becomes debilitating.

I typically find them alone at home behind the computer, looking at social media and comparing themselves with the rest of the successful women out there rocking their brands. They’re wondering why the hell they aren’t getting more clients and desperately waiting for their next big idea to come to them.

They're looking for their true voice. But they have no idea how to find it.

Sound like you?

  • If you’re ready to step into your true power
  • If you’re ready to align your voice, your body, and your business
  • If you’re ready to confidently step out onstage to magnetize your dream clients

I have the solution for you. It involves a deep dive into your body, your soul, and your business.  

THE BODY BRAND is truly about aligning your brand with your body and embodying your true style.

THE BODY BRAND is a customized system to discover your true style and create an image that magnetizes your dream clients.  

You’ll uplevel your income, find your edge, and learn the vulnerable communication points while still building a dreamy business or lifestyle that your clients aspire to.

Lastly you’ll learn how to adorn UNSTOPPABLE CONFIDENCE so that you can show up for yourself and your audience in the most authentic and powerful way.

If I told you that in 3 months you could completely transform how you feel about your body, create more income, and confidently step into a business that honors and serves you and the world, would you believe me?? It’s doable. And as I’ve seen from my clients, it’s inevitable with my signature BODY BRAND process.

If you’re interested, I would love for you to book a discovery call so we can talk through THE BODY BRAND to see if it’s the right fit for your brand and business.  

There are only 6 spots available right now for this work. And since these will be the last opportunities possible to work with me 1:1 this year, they’ll go fast.