How to Use Style Micro-Manifestations to Get What You Want

Carrie Montgomery How to Use Style Micro-Manifestations to Get What You Want Blog

Do you wake up with a million things to do, mind racing while running out the door? You might be a slow to roll gal taking your time to get out of bed with a meditation and writing practice as your morning routine?

I love to check in with my body. It sets the tone for the day for me, so I know how to treat myself. I don’t want to find myself with the foot on the gas pedal when my tank is empty.

Adjusting my style lens… the spectacles that I look at my body with has been revolutionary for me and my clients.

I like to start my day with something I call, Micro-Manifestations. It’s a way of listening to your inner voice. These manifestations end up making you look and feel good when you show up to the yoga mat or a Discovery Call. When you’re in the right mindset, the world is yours. You can magnetize whatever you want.

This is a perfect time to start putting these manifestations into place. You are primed and ready for change like the leaves changing colors.

How to Use Style Micro-Manifestations to Get What You Want

It begins with knowing how you want to feel. Then you can use style to create those feelings NOW. The best part? All of this information is already inside you. Just close your eyes and listen. Ask your body what it needs?

When you’re present, big changes can happen on the smallest levels.

Cue that email pining your inbox asking you to speak at your dream event.

Here the phone ring inviting you to take the lead at work.

Bump into a friend at the market who’s been on your mind for weeks.

These manifestations start with the most basic choices and stretches outward far beyond your outfit choices.

When you meet the needs of your body on a micro-manifestation level, it sets in motion a cascade of positive events. Adorn and serve your body, because this allows you to open the door to something greater. You can activate that greatness, because you have a super strong foundation in place.

Even if you don’t know what you want right now, by just focusing on these micro-manifestations, you’ll get there. Sounds crazy, but it’s true. You'll be shown the way and because you’re listening to your body and giving her what she needs, this allows you to RECEIVE.

Know that old saying, “Fake it till you make it?” It sort of applies here, too. Except this isn’t just your outfit – it’s your energy and emotions.

Here’s How This Process Works:

When you magnify your soul, the world can see you without the chaos created from your mind. Without insecurities clouding your world, it’s a clear, direct filter to your energy.

Basically, cast yourself in the role of your vision. See yourself selling your idea to the world and feel them getting excited about it. You can sell that vision because you believe in yourself. It’s an inner and outer manifestation. It sounds crazy, right? Way too simple. But trust me, it works.

Let’s Work Through an Example:


Type of situation: Job Interview, Getting on Stage, Sales Conversation

Step 1: Where are you feeling fear, anxiety, or unease in your body around this upcoming situation? Often people experience fear in the stomach.

Step 2: Pick an article of clothing that will give you support and reinforcement in this area of your body. For example: high-waisted pants or a wide belt.

Step 3: Ask yourself where do you feel love in your body? When you’re a heart-centered person and you start projecting your passion and love, that energy is going to be communicated out into the world.

Step 4: Pick an article of clothing or piece of jewelry to enhance the feeling of passion. You can enhance that area either by using a piece of jewelry or by wearing a deep V-neck, which would help you signal to the world that you’re energetically embracing self-love. It’s a small micro-manifestation. It almost makes you overly conscious of the need to project love. Look for something to enhance and highlight the heart area.

Step 5: Add a comfort layer that you can decide to shed when it’s time or keep on depending on how you feel in the moment. You can wear a really high-quality cashmere wrap sweater or wrap your body in a way that it feels safe and protected. It’s okay to toe the line here a bit. I mean, we can’t always walk around in performance mode. It’s not sustainable. Instead go with the flow of your cycle and seasons. Knowing when to serve your body, so that you can get to that next level is super important. Everyone's going to feel vulnerable and nervous. It's okay to have an extra layer, and then right before you get on stage, you take that layer off. We want to see you!

Step 6: Show up and shine. Release and receive. You’ve dressed the part, supported your energy, and now it’s time to let the energy do the rest.

Every day we have a choice. We choose how we adorn our bodies. We choose what we’re going to project. Micro-manifestations seem like really small actions, but when you start using them on a daily basis, you’ll be amazed at the results. It’s as if what you begin to project to the world is completely refreshed. You feel stronger, fiercer, clearer.

This, my love, is The Somatic Dressing Method™.  It’s about consciously stepping into your body to meet its needs, so you can shine. It’s the foundation for my signature program, Create Your Soul Style.  Grab your Top Ten Tips to Revolutionize Your Style to start getting what you want.



Earn Your Worth

Carrie Montgomery Earn Your Worth Blog

It’s true, my love, you MUST feel confident to “ask for the money.”  To be able to charge your true value, you must know that you can deliver your service, that your work makes an impact, and it’s valuable to your potential client.

But… have you sat behind your computer typing with this song in your head, “OMG, I can’t ask them for $997, or $3997, or the big $10,000 payday!”

Asking for the money can be awkward. Is there a part of you that doubts your own worth and value? I’ve had those moments. Hey, when I first started, I would not let people pay me a dime.

I’ve had clients say, “I’m afraid to charge more, what if they say no?” Well, you’ll never know until you try.

I have a sneaky way to uplevel your game and connect to your core confidence.  

It’s your true story… not the one you tell to the world, but the one that sits deep inside your bones.  The best way I’ve helped my clients overcome their little (actually massive) saboteur is by creating a Style Archetype.

Style what?  How does that relate to what I charge?

You know premium brands can charge more money? Yes.

You know confident women make more money? Yes.

Do you know the one thing they’re really clear about?

Who they are (the past) and where they’re going (the future).  

Yup, that aligned, authentic, real deal woman standing on stage putting her heart and soul out there to help teach you how to be the leader in your life and business gets her worth and value.  She gets the whole picture.

Want help creating your WHOLE PICTURE?  Let me guide you. My secret to charging your worth is in The Somatic Dressing Method™. It’s my signature process that helps you embody confidence, so that you can receive more raving fans, referrals, and riches.

It’s not about putting on Manolo Blahniks and feeling like a million bucks. It’s doing deep inner work, so you can walk into any room and speak with confidence.  I’ll be leading a group of ready-to-rock women on a 6-week intensive to learn how to step into their bodies more powerfully and confidently every single day.

“The Elegant Maven made me feel so Fucking powerful & way more beautiful. The elegant maven helped me filter what I choose.”  - Lindi Conover-Thompson, EP Collaborations

I’m booking calls to talk with those who are ready to step forward into their power, so they can charge (and EARN) their real worth. Book a discovery call with me. You can also reply to this email to ask questions, too!

Much love,


The Catalyst

Carrie Montgomery The Catalyst Blog

What is your why?

Ugh… I know… think about it.  Your why is what makes you get out of bed every day?

There is an INNER why and an OUTER why.

One motivates you for yourself, your family, your pups, your kids, your home, you name it (it’s yours).  Mine is to keep my body healthy and provide a stable, comfortable home for Nikita (my furry love bug).

Your outer why is more expansive .  It’s far reaching. It’s impactful. It transcends time and space. It motivates you when you are knocked down. And, when your soul departs, it will live on.

My outer WHY started when I was young and I had no idea. Becoming a warrior at a young age set me up to be mission driven.  That meant that everything I did in career and life really had to have an underlying purpose.

  • My move to Findhorn Scotland at 19 was to work on healing from my failed spinal fusion, my first surgery.

  • Learning to teach Pilates to deepen my wisdom of the body and build strength in a gentle way.

  • My decision to go to film school was to learn how to tell story for the greater good to learn from.

  • My decision to work in sales to allow my body stability; fiscally and rhythmically. (Film is notorious for unstable schedules and not knowing if the next paycheck will cash).

  • Becoming a lifestyle medicine consultant was to make impact on the medical field in a more holistic way.  I fused sales, coaching, and integrative medicine.

Do you see a pattern in your own history?

My CATALYST woke up when I was about 13.  I sat in the principal's office at my school, my mother was sitting next to me. The principal sat and asked me with her short hair and polite doe eyes, “why are you doing this?”

I looked at her, then out her big windows behind her desk.  There was no view, it looked to the inner courtyard of the school. We weren’t allowed out there.  It was there to look pretty. My response, while feeling guilty for speaking up was, “I don’t want it to happen to anyone else.”

My history teacher had gotten upset at me in class because I couldn’t understand him, or follow his story telling, or I just couldn’t hear.  Instead of dealing with it in an educational way, he literally threw books at me.

Guess what we started looking at, what was wrong with ME? Why I was struggling in school, why I couldn’t hear? But never did we truly acknowledge this man’s actions.

At the end of the year, he resigned.  I gave a little fist pump when I heard the news.

At that moment I became an advocate for others.  I often would stick up for others way before I would acknowledge my own needs. (I’ve gotten better at self-advocacy after years dealing with the medical system.)

So yes, my WHY started way before I ever began thinking about starting a business. “I don’t want mistreatment to happen to anyone.” AKA… I don’t want anyone to feel that way.  I don’t want women to suffer.

Have you had the moment when the cards felt stacked against you?

Monday was the 4-year anniversary of my emergent hysterectomy.  I tell you this because it was THE CATALYST to my soul’s work.

I had a lightning moment that my future was about healing, creativity, expression, visibility.  I had already been working for years to uncover it, but then it was born.

I did it with community, my sisterhood, and my tribe.

When I coined my signature dressing technique as The Somatic Dressing Method™, it was more about helping women feel good over just looking good. Women were asking me to feel different in their bodies.  Naturally I answered with a system.

A system that brings more value, more money to your bottom line.

If you’re looking to feel:

  • More embodied confidence

  • More comfortable in your skin

  • More powerful in your voice

  • More present in your body

  • More in your presence

...well, then I have the thing for you!

I’ve seen my clients skyrocket their businesses, find their true calling, activate their voice, and step on stage with true confidence.

“You are so going to love this class, and the ah-ha moments are just going to keep rolling - I mean, like CRAZY rolling in! It's more than transformative because you don't lose your true self, you transmute everything that isn't you into power you can use to support and grow what IS you. It's an incredible foundation to build whatever you desire from.” - Gayla Drake, Sound Healer

I am about to offer a 6-week Somatic Dressing Method™ Group Intensive. If you’re interested or would like more info, email with any questions.

I can’t wait to connect with you!



Big Loss = Big Wins

Carrie Montgomery Big Loss = Big Wins Blog

Have you ever experienced great loss?

“Yes, I have.” you say.

It feels like a hole in your heart. Tears in your eyes. You feel lost and want to crawl back in bed, unsure how you’ll carry on.  

I’m sure it was overwhelming.  All the emotions coming up in your face. You want to shut the world out for awhile.

Regardless of what happened. Loss of a child, a parent, a partner, a job. Whatever brought you to your knees, I know the feeling.

For me, it was the moment I lost my ability to bear my own children. I had to completely readjust my vision for the future. I had to inspect my values to bring life to new ones.

One thing we aren’t taught in America is how to deal with grief. I can’t tell you how many doctors wanted to pump me full of antidepressants to suppress how I felt.

Guess what? Stuffing emotions down never works. Buried feelings never die. The emotions will always rise to the surface. They will make themselves present any way they want. Potentially destroying a relationship, sabotaging your business, or a health crisis.

The best way to move through grief is to fully FEEL these emotions. It’s OK to be sad. It’s OK to be mad. It’s OK to take time for yourself.

Not being able to conceive lead me to the birth of my signature work, The Somatic Dressing Method™.  I wanted to create a service that supported women stepping into their power. I desired to help women find their true voice and make massive impact while doing it.

Fashion is a tricky system. From vanity sizing, to stereotyping beauty, to trend hopping, to mass media fixation on the tall and skinny (often called alien like women) females often feel like they aren’t good enough, skinny enough, rich enough, sexy enough.  YOU CAN’T WIN. Yes, the cards are stacked against you.

But, what if you could shift the lens?  What if you could look at your body through the purest form… ENERGY?  What if you could connect with your body through compassion, not objectification? What if your devastating moment was actually there to activate your true power?

Sometimes your greatest loss can be your biggest win. Finding ways to work through the feelings and get curious with the reality is where the magic happens.

Curiosity was one of my number one tools in recovering from the heartbreak. It’s also the number one tool I use with my clients. We explore how you want to feel in the driver’s seat of your life and what that looks like to embody it.  A true creative sensation in your body.

Activating energy inside yourself through the way you dress allows you to become a powerhouse in your world.  You can take ownership of your own space. Leave the how it looks part to me.

If you’re ready to step into your true power, find your voice, and stop hiding behind your laptop, let’s chat.

I only have two spots for Discovery Calls in September. Click here to reserve yours.

Can’t wait to connect!


A New Chapter

A New Chapter Blog Carrie Montgomery

The past 5 years, I’ve spent my time in Maine honing my niche, sharpening my skills, building my business, creating a global network, and getting healthier. The biggest thing that has guided me in this process is my body.

Yup, that thing we wake up to every day and have to negotiate with on how the day runs. Sometimes we knock it out of the park, sometimes we take a nap, sometimes we worry and cry, but we always come back to our bodies limits.

I created a service called The Body Brand just for this reason. The entrepreneurial journey is hard. I help women show up with embodied confidence and true comfort. We use clothes to support the process, style to express, and key tenants of branding and marketing to bring out the best in each and every woman. This is how I’ve been able to show up big consistently for my tribe and clients.

While I love Maine and I have no real reason to leave, I’m leaving. It’s time for me to step into a more non traditional journey. I know, a little crazy.

Tomorrow I will be moving out of my amazing home that I created over the past year. I was able to heal major life heart aches here and get stronger and more independent. Yes, independence is a luxury in the land of chronic illness.

If you have been keeping up with my journey over on Instagram the past few months, you’ll know I went to Spain for my birthday. It was transformative and soul fulfilling. You can see my pre-departure post, I’m Going to Listen.

I feel called to step into the journey of the unknown and MOVE THERE! Yes, my body and soul spoke so loudly to me on my journey that I must follow the calling. If you missed my Lessons of Bohemian Adventure from my trip, have a look.

The past few months have been filled with deep self-reflection and taking massive action. I am still in the Visa process, but my plan is to stay for one year.

My intention for women is to live full, bold, powerful lives. This means I must be a leader and pave the way. I welcome you to stay tuned to follow my journey on what’s to come. This is the unfolding of a soul’s journey.

Since I was raised in the UK, I have always felt like a foreigner in America. There are great benefits to living in the United States, but I’m ready to trade in the benefits for an unknown, bright future.

As I support myself on this journey it is clear that there are 3 tenants I am living by:

  1. Self Directed Leadership

  2. Acceptance of Reality

  3. Trusting Myself

I wish these for every woman, too. Insecurity, fear, doubt, fogginess, resentment, and many other draining emotions can stop you in your tracks. But, I promise you there is a bright, colorful world out there to explore. There are people to support to creative effective lasting change in the world.

What it means to be a SELF DIRECTED LEADER.

This is following your wisdom. Knowing that the steps you are taking are right. And yes trusting yourself. Leaders are embodied, they are powerful and effective. They influence others in a positive way.

What it means to be in ACCEPTANCE OF REALITY.

When you accept what is, you have the opportunity to settle, find peace with how your current situation is. This is alignment. We must align with our ourselves BEFORE we reach to the stars. This means accepting our bodies as they are, accepting our family as they are, accepting our friends as they are. Find peace, but don’t lose hope of your dreams. Just don’t make yourself wrong for not being there yet. And take a risk here and there!

What it means to be in full TRUST OF MYSELF.

I have a habit of reaching out to others for help. I’ll forgo my own instinct to hear someone else’s opinion. There is value in experts, but to be a truly SELF DIRECTED LEADER you MUST TRUST YOURSELF. Find your own process to create your own dialogue and evidence system, so you can build that trust.

We have one life to live (and maybe many lifetimes) but you got this one body in this time. Live it to the fullest. I know that I am by taking this BIG LEAP by starting a new chapter in SPAIN.

I’ll still be writing you, I’ll still be creating, but I know things will change. If you’d like to receive little love notes on my journey, click the link to be added to “LOVE NOTES.” These notes will come out over my journey to share the findings and adventures.

Let’s stay connected throughout this next chapter. Cheers to you and your epic life!



I'm Woman Shaped, Thank You!

I'm Woman Shaped, Thank You! Blog Carrie Montgomery

I'm Woman Shaped, Thank You!

Are you tired of being compared to a piece of fruit when the fashion industry talks about your body? Yes? Well, so am I!

Let’s talk about a better way of defining your shape, accepting and loving yourself, and finding your true style.

Imagine walking down the street feeling beautiful. In this moment, you have three desires: to feel beautiful, comfortable, and confident. All of a sudden, you catch a glimpse of yourself in the reflection of a grocery store window full of fruit:

Apple and Pear Body Shape Carry Montgomery

You - Fruit - You - Fruit.

You thought you were this powerful woman, but instead, you think you’re an apple. Bloated belly and stick legs.

This is one way of the many ways the style industry has brainwashed women and done us wrong.

The Apple and the Pear

Most fashion leaves us feeling fruity and a little cray-cray. I mean, how many systems have taught us to look at our bodies like, “Am I an apple body? Am I a pear body?”

How the hell are you supposed to relate to your body when it’s likened to a piece of fruit?

And I don’t know if you know, but it’s really hard to style a piece of fruit.

How can you be happy with your body if you’re looking at it like a round apple or a voluptuous pear?

Your body is filled with ENERGY & EMOTIONS. You have lived through some shit. Your body is trying to tell a story, and sometimes it gets confusing. It’s not about fruit, it’s about how you feel…

My Own Story

When I was at my sickest, I always thought, “What am I? I’m like a big round belly with stick legs.” I was looking at my body that way, rather than relating to my body as organic material, made up of cells that are compiled together so I can create something in life.

To create something in my life, I need to be dressed in something that makes me feel super functional and powerful, not worried about which fruit my body shape resembles.

What to do Instead

1. When you stand in front in a mirror, do you like what you see? Do you really see an apple? Do you really see a pear? No, you see a human being that has lines, structure, ripples, elegance, and a vivacious life force.

Instead of asking yourself, “How do I fit this body into an article of clothing?” it’s more about, “How do I adorn my body to enhance what I have going on?”

2. Connect to your body, and find where your energy and your emotions are stored and what you need to support and enhance yourself.

You can consider whether you need to protect something or release something, so you can understand the elements of style that you need on that given day. It’s a very on-point, intuitive process. It doesn’t have to be a lengthy analysis, it’s acknowledging how you’re feeling.

You can ask yourself, “What am I feeling? Did I feel anxious this morning? Do I need to feel more supported?”

After considering your emotions and energy, you might choose to wear some tight high-waisted pants to help you stand taller or a flowing shirt to help you feel relaxed. If you need to feel more confident, you can wrap a belt around yourself or wear a fun, cool, flowing dress.

The architecture of your body is less about what it looks like and more about how it feels.

Questions to ask Instead of “What Shape am I?”

  • What am I feeling right now?
  • Where in my body am I feeling it?
  • What do I need?
  • Do I need to feel more relaxed?
  • Do I need to feel more supported?
  • Do I need to feel more energized?

Consider what you need to be effective and powerful for that day. You might decide on some kick-ass pants and a silk shirt that make you feel like the goddess you are, so you can rock your day!

When you wake up tomorrow and get dressed for the day, try looking at your body in another way. Ditch what the fashion industry tells you and get into the energy and emotions of your body and what is best for you on this level.

If you are ready to stop putting yourself last and you want to get crystal clear on your style, join the waitlist for Create Your Soul Style. (Opening late October 2018)

Is This You?

The Body Brand with Carrie Montgomery

There’s something that no one tells you about when you’re growing a successful brand and business.

The businesses that get noticed and stand the test of time have this one thing in common… they all have a solid brand (message, personality, mission, image) at their core.

After 2010, you may have noticed a few public brands making a shift to PERSONAL BRANDS like, which turned into, or, which became  

Both of these woman saw the value of who they were and their ability to produce a more diverse body of work when they claimed personal ownership of their business and stepped into the spotlight.

Both women chose to OWN THEIR NAME.  

This step towards personal ownership has given them the ability to expand their offerings as they grow and evolve in the seasons of their own lives.

Hey, styles change. Sometimes orange is the new black, and sometimes pink is the new gold!

You gotta learn to roll with it.

But, this shift in identity takes time and money.  

Building a business is the real-deal facts of life. The hard work pays off in spades only after you’ve laid a solid foundation.  

A business that looks like a fast rise isn’t. The owner laid a firm foundation brick by brick for years prior to the visible success you see. Marie Forleo didn’t become Marie Forleo overnight. The behind-the-scenes work is often overlooked because, well, the idea of a fast rise feels good.

Creating success that’s personally and professionally fulfilling is no small feat.

Needless to say, the identity of who you are and how the world perceives you is incredibly important. It requires consciously creating a connection between who you are in your private life and who you are in public. (You don't have to share everything about your personal life to have a successful brand. I'm talking about getting into alignment of what you stand for and having integrity here.)

A client came to me, she had her first $100K year.  That’s a big deal to grow your business to that volume, but she had bigger dreams.  She wanted to achieve high 6-figures, and soon after hit the 7-figure mark.

Growing your biz takes focus, dedication, and A VISION.  She knew she could not hold the whole container herself without SUPPORT. There are so many buckets of responsibility. And no one wants BLOCKS to get in the way or our success.  These are body, mind and soul blocks that hold you back from actualizing your dream.

So, we committed to her success from the inside out and the outside in. We did multiple shoots to express her image and the power of her brand. And, yes, she had doubts, fears, and challenges looking at herself. We used The Body Brand process and The Somatic Dressing Method™️ to create her million dollar shoot. (We didn’t spend a mill, but the energy of 7-figures was there).

Tears streamed down her face when dresses were too big (realizing her body image was off). We laughed as we curated the look for her timeless brand. There were moments of realizing her true power to go out there and call in a tribe of loving, amazing clients.

I love to help women look good and feel good. But more importantly, I love to teach women to honor themselves exactly where they are, meet their own needs, and rise to meet their next great success with ease and grace.

It doesn’t mean floating through life like a flower. It means getting real with where you’re at, what is happening, and what you need to do to rise up.

Did you know that you can do all that and more with clothes?

It’s true. Dressing yourself based on how you want to feel is one of the easiest ways to rise to your success, find your true voice, and embody your confidence by just being yourself.

I often find clients stuck in conflict, confusion, or indecision, burning their brains with why they don't know what the next step in business or life is. It becomes debilitating.

I typically find them alone at home behind the computer, looking at social media and comparing themselves to other successful women out there rocking their brands. They’re wondering why the hell they aren’t getting more clients and are desperately waiting for their next big idea to come.

They're looking for their true voice and have no idea how to find it.

Sound like you?

  • If you’re ready to make more money

  • If you’re ready to step into your true power

  • If you’re ready to align your voice, your body, and your business

  • If you’re ready to confidently step out onstage to magnetize your dream clients

I have the solution for you. It involves a deep dive into your body, your soul, and your business.  

THE BODY BRAND is truly about aligning your brand with your body and embodying your true style.

THE BODY BRAND is a customized system that will help you discover your true style and create an image that magnetizes your dream clients.

You’ll uplevel your income, find your edge, and find your confident aligned voice while still building a dreamy business or lifestyle that your clients aspire to mirror.

Lastly, you’ll learn how to dress yourself with UNSTOPPABLE CONFIDENCE so that you can show up for yourself and your audience in the most authentic and powerful way.

If I told you that in 6 months, you could completely transform how you feel about your body, create more income, and confidently step into a business that honors and serves you and the world, would you believe me?? It’s doable. I’ve seen it happen over and over again with my clients in with my signature BODY BRAND process.

If you’re interested, I would love for you to book a discovery call so we can talk through THE BODY BRAND to see if it’s the right fit for you.  

There are only 4 spots available right now for this work. And since these will be the last opportunities to work with me 1:1 this year, they’ll go fast.




P.S. Here’s what some of the ladies have to say:

“Working with Carrie is one of the best decisions I've made, both for my business and my personal life.”  - Kate Bathras

“Felt so confident, pretty and powerful at my event last night!” - Michele Cady

Evolution of Style

Blog Header (1) (1).png

You might have guessed this already, but everyone has a different style. No two styles are alike.

And you might be like… ”Carrie, I have no idea what my style is!” (hair raising scream) It’s OK. Seriously, we’ve all been there. I know with all my global moves from cities, to countryside, to islands, to the desert, I have had my fair share of identity (aka STYLE) shifts.

You make choices that resonate with you in your environment. It’s called Bio Individuality or your own Sass! BUT when you start to step out of your arena and are growing into a new space, be it work, a new business venture, or maybe even just taking time off, a new identity arises.

You think,” WTF does that look like?”

How about asking yourself what does that FEEL like?

Do I need soft and cozy? (more athleisure)

Do I need structure and routine? (more form fitted clothes)

Do I need ease and flow? (maxi dress or flowy top)

Do I need support? (high waisted pants, please)

You might think, I need to know what shape that is and how does it fit my size? (remember everyone is different) If I told you that you were a pear shape and needed to wear Aline dresses and we should counter your hip width with broader shoulders, well, there are gonna be some hard feeling convos in there.

But if I asked you how you felt and what your body needed to be as EFFECTIVE and POWERFUL as possible… instinctually you will start to recognize how you feel in your body as a tool… an informant to choosing clothing that makes you feel more CONFIDENT.

We can have avatars of people we think we like or look like and build our style off that. But that’s an outside in perspective. It’s helpful to know what you are attracted to, but it’s more important to know how your body feels and what it needs.

When I first do a discovery with a client, I look at three areas to get perspective of their style and where they want to go.

  1. Lifestyle
  2. Body Image
  3. Body Shape

When you have an understanding of these 3 things, well, you can never go wrong!

Your style will always evolve based on where you are, the weather, your environment, how you feel and what you are doing. But it doesn’t have to be complex.

Try doing a brainstorm exercise and play with your dream style. Grab my Pinterest Worksheet and have fun building out your desired look and feel. I use this with all my students and clients.

Feel free to respond and share me your Pinterest board with me!



Value of Darkness

Value of Darkness

Have you ever felt that dark gloom hangover you? It looms over you like a storm cloud, threatening your relaxing day at the beach.

All you want to do is SHAKE IT OFF.  Run from it to the next sunny spot. But you can’t, it’s following you.

I spent the day with Elena Brower last weekend.  It was another soul filled yogi day. So blessed to have her come to Maine.  (Thanks to my friend Sarah for creating Leverage Events here in Maine, we have people coming from all over).

We journeyed through our bodies during the day.  From downward dog, to awkward twists, to finding your breathe in savasana (laying down and resting), to sitting in Lotus position practicing alternate nostril breathing (Nadi Shodhana). It was a fun exploration through the depths of our bodies.

I got a hit about my work, about life, about what gets people caught up in growth.  

It’s all about the darkness.

Often you want to run form it or think that you are less than when you feel bad. It even happens when you are standing in the mirror. Your eyes slips down onto your belly pouch or sag. Your mind starts racing with those oh so harsh thoughts.

Our society is obsessed with positivity.  And, hey, I like good thoughts, too, but the obsession makes the bad thoughts really hard to handle sometimes.  Yes, that warped spiral that lands you sitting on the kitchen floor with broken pieces of tortilla chips surround you as the bag is freshly empty.

The bad thoughts can take over, they can rule your brain.  Only 20% of our thoughts are actually positive. That means it’s HARDER to create positive thoughts.  Like you must work out. Oh my geezy all these things I need to work on.

But what if you flipped it and looked at all those negative thoughts as signals for you to heal, inspect, accept, and rebirth? CURIOSITY has been my biggest healing tool.  Instead of bashing myself when I feel blue, I actually get curious to see WHO or WHAT needs attention inside myself. I serve my body with a microscope or a hug.

That darkness you feel has wisdom.  Underneath it is information for you to discover. Once you step on that journey, life starts taking a very organic aligned shift.  As I teach my clients to inspect, so we can learn who’s actually there (the voice in your head). They learn to see and accept. Not lay dormant or deny the existence to a part of them.  But to embrace the dark and the light. I have witnessed in my clients have awe inspiring shifts in their lives and businesses.

From taking their businesses to 7 figures… to having babies… to getting dates… to attracting their dream clients & jobs… to moving across the country… you name it, these women have really stepped into their true callings. They have transformed their style from the inside out.

Style is SO MUCH MORE than just clothes.  It’s your whole persona… each one that is!  We all have a long list of characters that make us up! Your chic business look, your bohemian beach babe, your domineering dame, your nurturing mama… you name her and claim her.

Style is all about bringing forward ALL THE PARTS OF YOU AND LETTING THEM OUT! It’s called your unique look, your signature style, your way of being, your way of playing. It’s about showing your light and your darkness.  When you reveal the contrast, it can be seen and moved through you.

Who knows who will be there on the other side?

Want to get started with your soul style?  This is more than just getting dressed. Grab my Top 10 Style Tips to get started.



P.S. I have room for 3 new clients right now. Set up a free Discovery Call to see if The Body Brand is your next step in business and life.

Lessons of a Bohemian Adventure

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When was the last time you threw caution to the wind and said, “YES!” to an epic and wild adventure?

For me, I can’t even remember.  I know I have felt trapped inside the confines of my body’s obstacles for the past 5 years. So, when my friend called and asked me to come visit him in his home in Ibiza, I answered with a resounding, “YES!”

My biggest lesson on my adventure was to TRUST MYSELF.

I took every step with instinct and one-by-one with hope that the next would work out.  I had no grand expectations of my trip. Just to relax, see a new land, connect with a friend, and find a yoga class.

What I did embark on was beyond my wildest imagination.  It restored my faith in the Universe as a driving force of beauty, freedom, and adventure.  It brought to life my inner nomad again. The one who had no problem jumping on a plane to foreign lands, but who got lost on the commitment to a stale form of success.

My arrival flowed with divine meals, hugs, long soaking sessions in the Mediterranean Sea, bottles of wine, and some miscommunication! What normally would have thrown me off course -  conflict and a little heartache... actually became empowering moments of expression, letting go, and moving forward.

Due to delays and recuperating from delays, I thought I had missed the first 2 days of my yoga retreat, but turns out I had the wrong schedule.  So, the day that I did show up was the day it started. Now, I have done yoga for 20 years, but never at a retreat. I had done no research; just sent a few emails around Ibiza Town looking for classes.  The only response I got was from Lena Tancredi. She said:

“I only do retreats.  We are full, but you can do a day pass.  It’s 200 EU.” (That’s $235 US. For 5 days of theory and yoga. Each meal was an additional; $20… worth it in gold.)

I asked her, “are you sure it’s not 2000 EU?”

Nope!!  I did no further research except found a video to share with one friend on the island.  I had low expectations. And did not believe the price and the beauty on the video were actually possible.  You can only believe to my surprise that it was PARADISE. Nothing but PARADISE.

Check out this video of The Ibiza Yoga Retreat by Lena Tancredi. (Unlike me, (I’m a research junkie) I never looked at anything else on the site, I was just more excited.)

I walked into this Mediterranean estate in total wonderment as the stone walls glowed in the warm sunlight.  The vista looking out over Sant Antoni de Portmany Ibiza ran my eyes all the way to sea then the sky. It was spectacular. Tears came to my eyes as I met everyone during the first theory class. And then as I walked out to the yoga deck my eyes welled and tears streamed down my face. I could not believe this was real.


Tears came to my eyes as I met everyone during the first theory class. And then as I walked out to the yoga deck my eyes welled and tears streamed down my face. I could not believe this was real.

I was in AWE.  Life had fulfilled a long lost dream of a land I had seen in my minds eye many moons ago.  


2018-06-30 13.33.21-1 (1).jpg

The next 5 days became an adventure between an Italian, a Dutch, and an American woman.  We found guttural laughter in our misunderstandings of broken English. We found joy in our common values.  We found hope in our dreams. We found strength in our independence.

Synchronicity is a state of being and relaxing into the flow. My work creates flow in other people’s lives, but sometimes I behave as a pusher to get to market. It's time to welcome in a new state of being.


Taking in "THE WORK" through a new lens has allowed a new rhythm to enter, new faith to be born, and a new dream to follow.

My top 21 lessons from my Bohemian Adventure:

  1. Gratitude breads good vibes.  It becomes a natural state of receiving which opens up doors for more good vibes to come your way. Everyday I expressed my gratitude to my friend for welcoming me to his life. Because of the immense joy I felt, I become more open to a new and different rhythm. It also felt really good to express it!
  2. Sometimes healing hurts. But stay focused on the process and listen to your body. You will get there. I had a scooter accident that stopped me in my tracks and forced me to slow down.  I as lucky it was just superficial wounds! But daily wound cleaning and using the right tools during yoga to cushion the bruising was paramount.
  3. Look for your true essence. During my Quantum Healing session on my birthday, I welcomed in my goddess. She is alive and in full form.  She’s elegant and powerful. I had left her behind a long long time ago and have been struggling without her essence present. My Boho style came more alive and my warrior found some rest.
  4. Living through your persona’s allows you to incarnate your visions and desires. It takes time and the pursuit of a dream. Instant gratification is an illusion and we can only meet ourselves where we are and welcome in the next step. More on this one later! Remember when you were a kid sitting in the back of the car on a long road journey. It was probably hot and not much AC, asking your parents “are we there yet?” That’s what happens when we want to be somewhere we’re not.
  5. Love comes in all forms, but it must feel good. My friend and I went to visit an Ex and we have been on a long 12 year journey together. We are truly family now, but we know partnership is not part of the journey.
  6. Trust yourself above all and things will “eventually” work out. During each yoga session, I got extremely clear messages that I have taken missteps (like having my back surgery 20+ years ago and other missteps you will hear in my book next year) that have caused me to stop trusting myself. Building self-trust has been at the forefront of my work.  This experience sealed the deal, I have a trustworthy nugget inside me.
  7. Be true to your emotions. Express them. Let them be heard. And find a common ground. I got present each day with how I felt, what emotion need attention, and what needed to be communicated.  This style of communication allowed my Ex and I to be friends and family.
  8. Acceptance allows you to be free of conflict. Building my business, accepting what is, has been a core principle. When I told my yoga instructor, I had metal rods in my back and my back hurt after class, she said, (in her adorable Brazilian accent) “Carrie, don’t twist so much.  You have to respect the metal.” Seriously, sometimes it just takes the way someone says it to hit home.
  9. Believe in Magic. It will happen. I kept a little pocket of belief that life would restore a sense of faith in purpose and vision post infertility. It has been a rough road and my business has been paramount in creating a new vision.  When you walk into an experience that feels magical, aligned, and powerful, faith is restored.
  10. Keep your vision close to your heart. Keep visiting it. Welcome it to your presence. As I move forward, my life will be evolving, I can’t say exactly how yet, but all the signs are there and it’s about one foot in front of the other.
  11. Relax. Just breath. It will all be OK. You are beautiful inside and out. I did it. You can too! I never considered myself a yogi, but now I do!
  12. Choose life and it will choose you. Do what makes you feel alive. It may go against everything you have been taught or know. But deep down, you know it’s your way. Take ownership and embody it. You will love it and everyone around you will love you too, because you are present and taking ownership of your life.
  13. Every moment has value and is preparing you for the next step. My meandering, studies, changes in career, health challenges all have impact on what I do now.  Keep moving forward.
  14. You have a choice. Even when you think you don’t. You have a choice on how you react, breath, think, and move. I learned the power of breath and the only thing I can control is my breath and my thoughts. (And what I eat and how I move.)
  15. Divine intervention is about understanding the happenings around you, the good and bad and the lessons from it. The scooter accident on my third day, it slowed me down, and helped me connect with the women around me.  I could have run off on a romantic fantasy with a man I had met, but the accident stopped me dead in my tracks, it intervened, I chose sisterhood instead. I made a conscious choice not to repeat depleting patterns.
  16. Strong, confident, and elegant women are beautiful. Aware and embodied women are attractive. No matter what they wear. Every woman on the retreat came with her own story, her own journey, and each one was looking for an answer or an experience.  They got it, because they were looking and it was beautiful to witness.
  17. Finding freedom is the adventure. Letting go of my preconceived notions of travel and asking for help when my body failed gave me the freedom to have this adventure and be safe and still have fun.
  18. Laughter is a great remedy. I did it everyday and loved every minute of it!  Find it, live it, and breathe it.
  19. Trust yourself, above all. I am going back to this.  NO ONE can tell you what to do or how to be. Do what you can to find trust in yourself.
  20. It’s never about your size. It’s about your comfort. Make sure you are comfortable and do what you need to do and fall into ease.  I am heavier and have more cellulite than ever, but I feel more confident and comfortable in my skin and that speaks volumes!
  21. Travel light! There's always room to find what you need. I brought some new items that I wanted to use for a shoot, but one I was in Ibiza, my style shifted towards my bohemian essence more and more. It was undeniable.

I love you! Keep rocking your bad self!  Let the adventure begin. Come over to the blog and leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you.




Sacred Dressing

Sacred Dressing Blog Carrie Montgomery

Curious to learn how to make each and every day more sacred in your mind, body, and soul?

You can do it with the “everyday task” of getting dressed and stepping into your true style!

It’s the eve of my birthday and I am fulfilling my desired with a yin yoga retreat on an island in Ibiza, Spain. This past year has been an adventure in growth and retraction, recalibration, and stepping into my true power.

Every step of the way, I let my Style Archetype guide me.  Yes, my wild Boho Warrior has been with me the whole way this year on my mad entrepreneurial journey.  I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Even those moments in tears on the floor when I woke up to the place of “I hate launch life.”  It truly is not aligned with my energy and depletes me in the most debilitating way. Not to say I won’t ever do one again, but the process will be SO MUCH DIFFERENT.

One massive reminder in all the roller coaster twist and turns, ups and downs is that my body knows all and dictates my path.  So even when I’m unwilling to listen, it will show me the correct way with a siren effect.

So, tell me… what would it be like to have an integrated daily practice? (Something you are already doing, unless you walk around naked all day and hey cheers to you if you do!)

I am sure you have a full morning routine, so adding this thought process may not sound appetizing.

How about recalibrating and shifting your morning to connect to your body on how you dress?

I’m sure getting dressed is the last thing on your mind.  Yet, it’s the first thing everyone sees.

Getting dressed so you are aligned with your own energy and your true style feels empowering.

"In the midst of my company's launch, I've been drawn to my yoga pants often. I took it as a sign that something needed to change, so I moved my "office" to my couch. I'm so much more comfortable and productive than I had been at my desk. Working with Carrie has helped me listen to my body's signals sooner than I used to, thank you!" - Emily Shaules, Chief Shift Officer at Shift Bars

After working together, Emily was able to manifest a celebrity investor in her new business. Jason Mraz stepped forward to support her new adventure. It has proved to be a fruitful partnership.

Proprioception is the sense of the relative position of one's own parts of the body and strength of effort being employed in movement.  I learned this when I taught Pilates in my late teens and early 20’s. But the amazing thing, with this awareness I was able to take to the stage while I acted, on shoots, while I modeled, and building a style awareness.

(Notice how all life’s adventures are valuable?)  Who would have thought that random acts in my career from working behind the camera on film (producer) to being in front of the camera (actor/model), to teaching reiki (energy healer), to teaching pilates (physical awareness), to running restaurants (service, service, service) would all contribute to the everyday running of my biz?

But I digress.

You, my sacred one.  The woman who is rising through the daily grind to her desired ideal lifestyle.  The lifestyle of excellence, one that is aligned with your core principles and values with its outward appearance and experience.

This is where that inner and outer awareness is so powerful, tangible, and real. It’s the ultimate micro manifestation on steroids in the most loving and integrated way.

Yes, this is that magic wand moment where I guide you to engage with your body on a completely new level.  

One that attracts your ideal customers.  

One that magnifies your supertraits.  

One that enhances your core essence.

Everyday you can meet your bodies needs as you dress into your true essence. No more squishing your bum in those tight jeans or pulling your hair out with frivolous decisions.

Seems impossible, right?  Just listen to my gal pals that have already walked through the transformative process.

"I've been having such a blast rocking my #badass Sporty Empath self and feel a sense of freedom I only dreamed about. I am writing again, I am birthing a new program and having so much fun with the creative part of it all." Heidi Symonds, The Healthy Godmother, C.N.O. Chief Nourishment Officer
Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 12.30.25 PM.png
"My work with Carrie has been profound and has lead to palpable shifts in my energy. I get compliments everywhere I go.  I am really working my receiving muscle and taking all the positivity in. I feel stronger and more present in my body, which has led to greater ease and confidence. I have never felt so good in my body." - Kate Bathras, Transformation Coach

You seek growth, you seek transformation, you seek actualization.

I know... so often it feels like work, struggle, and just squeaking by to create your desire. But it can be easy.

Interested to know how?

YAY!  Sweet… Join me for a Virtual Styling Intensive. I’m giving $500 off for my Birthday!

You get me to focus on you and how to pull together this fine details of how you FEEL and LOOK! It’s sizzling hot!

Here are the details of what you get!

  • 3-Hour Intensive 1-1 Breakthrough Call using The Somatic Dressing Method™
  • 1-Hour Shopping Confirmation Call
  • 2-Hour Virtual Fitting
  • Defined Style Archetype
  • Consciously Curated Style Board curated by Me
  • Shopable Pinterest Board curated by Me
  • Personal Style and Branding Brainstorm Worksheets

You will walk away with at least 5 outfits, sometimes the finds are more! You will know exactly what colors to wear and your outfits will be interchangeable.  You can also use these looks for your next photoshoot!

Can we say, it’ll be easier to get dressed.  You’ll have more curb appeal (you know, that certain confidence that pops through any outfit.)  With a newly defined container (your Style Archetype) you will shop with more ease, and have more clarity around what you really want. Clothes will naturally appear and feel right.  My tribe calls it “manifesting a look.”

Most importantly you can use the time you get dressed as a way to connect to what your body needs so you can be as effective and powerful as possible every day!

Sounds like fun, right?! Ready to align your soul and your style? Nothing is more empowering than synergizing the inner and outer you.

Grab your spot here.  These will go fast. Use promo code: 500VSBday to get $500 off!

You can purchase this offer over the next 5 days.  Act fast as I only have room for 10 of these packages!  So grab your spot here quickly! Use promo code: 500VSBday

I hope this year is celebrated with the most kick ass style in the most joyous of hearts! Run with it, sister! (I know that’s where I am going!)

If you’re ready to kick it in style.  Grab your spot HERE!



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I'm Going to Listen

I'm Going to Listen Blog Carrie Montgomery

Hey, Beauty,

Have you ever just paused for quiet like for an extended period of time and listened?

No one asking for anything. No major decisions. No deadlines… Just a time to sit and listen.

Sounds dreamy. Right?

That’s my next 3 weeks.

Nothing is terribly wrong, it’s just that my soul is calling for something deeper, greater, more expressed! It could be a book, or just a new system, or maybe a new offering.

There is a point in your personal development where a new sense of self clicks in. It’s like bits and pieces over time are now the new normal and your search for another step on the road to clarity, success, and freedom is being activated.

Over the next 3 weeks, I am going to follow what this bod has to say.  I am going to let it’s wisdom. It’s power. It’s curiosity lead the way.

I’ll be wearing my long, flowing summer dresses to releases any pent up energy.  I’ll let my hair blow in the wind as I scooter to my yoga retreat each day. I’ll find comfort, ease, and support in my white white one piece bathing suit as I swim in the warm Balearic Sea of Ibiza.

Can you see it?  Can you feel it?

Part of the journey to a greater life is producing what you dream of, and sometimes it’s important to pause, take deep breaths, soak up the salty island sea air and just lay in the warm sun.

Over the past 2 years, I have put my head down and focused on re-formatting and creating the next phase of my business.

I’ve created:

  • My signature system: The Somatic Dressing Method™️
  • My signature course: Create Your Soul Style
  • My signature personal branding process: The Body Brand™️
  • My signature Creative Direction process for personal brand photoshoots

Over the next few weeks, it’s time to stop, listen, and integrate. I’ll be looking at your customer experience. Things like the flow, integration, and expansion between products and experiences. You know, all the things that I’m here for you for.

I love the level up evaluation game. And of course there is no place better to do it than on an European Island in the Mediterranean Sea.

I was just listening to Gay Hendricks and The Big Leap. Yup, it’s a handy go to message when you feel like there’s an opportunity for a consciousness shift. I love looking at where I might be blocking myself. Then I use the way I get dressed to support my body.

Aligning yourself with your Zone Of Genius (ZOG) is so important.  Gay Hendricks really found the jumping off point for many entrepreneurs in The Big Leap.  Think part idealism, part skill, and part inherent talent. It’s a highly efficient and effective way to operate.

From the introspection I have been doing, RELEASE is the number one need.  So, I will adorn my body with flow and support.  You can imagine packing for 3 weeks is a little bit of a challenge! I got my dresses in though… don’t you worry!

I may have also put in a 4 lb bag of Hot Tamales for my girlfriend in London. (Yes, that’s all she requested.)  And then I had to pack around 3 All Clad Pans (my bathing suits are stuffed inside where we will be cooking in later on).  The things we do for those we love!

While I deepen my resolve, my mission, and enhancing my zone of genius, I am always looking for better ways to serve you and enhance my own life experience. This means I need to roam, explore, experience, and reflect to actualize. Living in my true Boho style to stop and LISTEN to my soul’s calling.

The one thing I know about business is that I’m not just in it for the money. I’m all in, heart, soul, and mission. Sometimes in the grind this can seem like a disheartening experience because well there are bumps in the road and problems to be solved.  And taking a break is just the right move right now.

So tell me, what’s blocking you from your next great creation?

Do you feel fundamentally flawed? How?

Do you fear being abandoned for your success? Who would leave?

Do you fear your success will create more burden? How can it help too?

Are you afraid to outshine someone in your life? Who?

These are 4 foundational blocks that cause Upper Limiting.  If you haven’t heard of Gay Hendricks work, I strongly suggest you dive in!

I leave you with these thoughts as I sit and connect with clients and friends in The Cotswolds.  I love being able to make a stop on my adventure and live the dream I’ve been calling in. It’s here that we get to listen.  When will you?

Keep shining and rising, beauty!  Leave a comment over on the blog. I’d love to hear from you.



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The Body Knows

Your Body Knows Blog Carrie Montgomery

Hey, Beauty,

This time next week I’ll be in transit over the pond for a quick soul sister hug and a photo shoot where I grew up in the Cotswolds. I’ll be hillside on horseback adventuring the land I grew up on. 

But by next weekend you will find me shoes off, sunscreen lathered, in my Norma Kamali suit and sun hat flying as I bound through the soft Spanish sand into the Mediterranean.

A little 2-week getaway for my Bday!

Last year I spent 2 days at Hidden Pond Resort in Kennebunkport, ME, and it was the best staycation birthday celebration.

BUT ... the importance of this journey is I am a BOHO WARRIOR. And the BOHO part has been less in the forefront of my life the past 5, maybe even 15 years ... I left her (a massive part of my persona) on a stoop in Israel, I think.

Don’t get me wrong, I have traveled over the past 15 years. But it has been with a gripping disbelief that life just did not feel right. And I mean “not right” in every biblical sense. I was OFF course.  

My body was the beacon to bring me closer, more aligned with my true style. To my true self. That freely expressed self.

My body dictates the pace of my every day. It tells me when it's inspired to create and when it MUST rest. Like legs buckling, lie down rest. I often push, though. I try to get through, do more, but...

See, my WARRIOR (the oh-so-valuable, justice-seeking, disciplined pursuit to mastery) was driving my life hard and fast for too many years. I think (as many clients have told me and my sisters in Origin™ know) that the world lives at too fast a pace.

I’ll never forget at 18, 4 months post-op for my spinal fusion, I was standing in my attic with my girlfriend, sweating, saying “I just need the world to stop. It’s all too fast. I just want it to pause. I can’t keep up.” I was deciding if I was going to be able to attend orientation week at my new college, Skidmore. But my surgery was a fail, and the metal had a hairline fracture that was wreaking havoc on my bod. I was in constant pain.

College was the last thing on my mind. But I pursued the course for a semester, then had to bow out. I just could not keep up with the class load (standing all day because sitting was impossible for more than 20 minutes). I felt like I had failed, but I was really looking for my boho free spirit to come out.

We (my boho gal and I) adventured around the world for a few years. More to come on those details one day!

I had a sense of adventure that I have missed for years. When I created the Style Archetyping process with The Somatic Dressing Method™, it was inspired by the depth of my journey, the aching of my soul, the desire to walk into my future self. To manifest her in a natural process of life, not to push her out and squish her into a new mold or to get another thing to pile on top of other things. Not at all.  

I very clearly saw who I was, who I have been, and who I can be - my Boho Warrior style was born. I haven’t looked back. I’ve aligned, fallen flat on my face, realigned, danced, fallen down, then realigned again.

But mark my words: last summer I sat with my Create Your Soul Style students telling this very story that I desire to be able to travel again. To have the freedom that I once felt. Guess what? Real (good) stuff happens, and then we get to do what we desire. I saw myself stepping on that plane for a European adventure.

I let my BOHO guide me as the WARRIOR inside learned her value with less of a grip.

Desire is a beautiful guide, but it needs boundaries and parameters sometimes to help move it along. Not these fruitless hopes that your desires will be filled, but the embodied knowing that your desires will happen.

We must consciously guide ourselves to the place we see in our mind’s eye. It takes cultivating, balancing, stepping back, reviewing, re-approaching, recalibrating, and stepping forward. We don’t ever do this completely alone. There are sounding boards around us every day to activate our desires needs and desires we have.

My BOHO gal is back and we are going to let my WARRIOR take a seat for the next few weeks.  I’ll still be popping into your inbox and maybe with even more inspiration than before!

I will let her rise and guide the program for a while. I can only imagine the integration of healing that will happen as she comes even more to life again. The balance of the inner nomad is coming out to taste the sweet, salty Mediterranean air.

If you are ready to learn who your style archetype is and how she can influence your wellbeing and the rest of the world, I am offering a special for my Bday ... $100 off The Somatic Dressing Method™ 2-hour Intensive. We will identify your body blocks and breakthroughs to create your Style Archetype.  

What you’ll get:

  1. Personal Style Intake and Brainstorm Worksheets

  2. 2-Hour Body Image Breakthrough Call

  3. Define Your Style Archetype

Normally I charge $497, but you can grab this over the next 48 hours for only $397.

Ready to meet your Style Archetype and move forward with confidenceWant in? Click here! Use code: 100Bday

Even though I am traveling, I’ll be back in two weeks to get you all aligned and embodied!

Much love,


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Norma Kamali's Marissa One Piece - Get it here!


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Throwing Your Weight Around

Throwing Your Weight Around Blog Carrie Montgomery

Hi, Beauty,

Have you YOYO’d before?  Like, gone up 10, lost 5, gone up 15, lost 10, then 25 more went on?

Familiar with the cycle?

I am no stranger either. 5 years ago I weighed 30 lbs. less than I do now. In the mind of my former self, that would feel debilitatingly devastating. But today, as I slide into my XL panties, I celebrate how I feel in my body.

Yes, I still have chronic pain.

Yes, I still have overwhelming bouts of fatigue.

Yes, I still lose my ability to walk.

And no, this does not make me any less of a person.

What I do feel, when I look in the mirror, is that there is a vibrant, soul-infused woman who has gained strength and learned to integrate into the obstacles life can throw at you.

So I celebrate my body. I love on it. I rest it when it needs to be rested.

An additional 30 lbs. is a lot of weight - just grab your 25-pound bag of Epsom salts to see (if you don’t have soaking salts you must grab one here). But the me that was tinier was frailer, was beaten down and broken. And that persona, projection or person was not serving me.

Some of the greatest feedback that I’ve gotten from my clients is that they’re loving how their bodies feel, even when they don’t fit society’s standards.

This is the goal, my friend - to love on ourselves even when we look different. Why? Because you are a beautiful human, equal to all. Your looks don’t matter. Your care for self does. 

I celebrate going from an unhealthy size S (one that I thought validated me) to a healthy size L/XL. You can, too.

Now, I do want you to be in a healthy weight range, one that keeps your organs from suffocating in fat, one that keeps your heart healthy, and one that allows you to move through the world with a sense of freedom, one that provides an extra pep in your step, and one that puts an extra glide in your vibe.

But moving beyond health, your feelings about your weight are paramount. The lens that you look at your body through (the “I am beautiful no matter what anyone says” lens) is the key component here.

It actually builds resonance in the world. It aligns your energy. It protects your body.

So I ask you, are you ready to throw your weight around?

If that feels too risky, let’s try a loving silhouette exercise. I teach this to my clients who struggle with looking in the mirror.

5 Steps to Love Your Silhouette:

  1. Make sure you have a quiet space to reflect (like after the kids are in bed and maybe your hubby or partner is out). Create some mood lighting around your full-length mirror (soft, dim light - candles work great or salt lamps are fab).
  2. Take off all your clothes and stand in front of the mirror.
  3. While looking at yourself, notice how you feel, commit that to memory, then say, “I love you, you beautiful, amazing Goddess!”
  4. Grab your comfy cozies (I love my soft cotton robe) and grab your journal. Write down #allthefeels.
  5. Then lie there and just breathe in the space of your body. Notice your sense of presence.

This is all you need to do, love. Start integrating the love of your body just the way it is!

You are loved - every shape and size you are, all of you, inside and out!

Hugs and love,


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The Feel Good, Look Good Approach to Life

Header (4).png

Hi, Beauty,

Remember that time you walked into the room with your chest held high, your shoulders relaxed down your back, your lips extending from ear to ear, your eyes bright with sparks?

No? Has this moment not happened yet?

I know, showing up in a room full of people you may or may not know can be nerve-racking.  Hey, (wo)man, getting outta bed on the daily can be nerve-racking (aka exciting or debilitating) when you’re up to big things! 

There is a way to make all these nerve-racking actions easier to integrate.

Interested? Keep reading.

Over the past 3 years, I have been teaching women how to get dressed, look good, and align their personal style with image, brand, and body. It’s a culmination of over 20 years of my work all neatly put together into one experiential, transformative container.

Style is a trifecta expression of your lifestyle, body image, and body architecture. These 3 areas are paramount to diving in to create a clear image of self that can be easily and quickly understood by fellow onlookers. I call this “image projection communication.” 

Are you projecting an image that quickly communicates your energy?

Honestly, that’s all they need to know to know if you vibe-- yes, your energy.

I bet you’re like, “Carrie, seriously how do I do that? I mean, energy is an inside thing.”

Guess what? Energy is an inside-out thing. And alignment brings you to a higher level vibration in your own experience in your body and of others, too.

The biggest obstacle I see every day with my clients is BODY IMAGE. Yes, how we see ourselves. It can be dysmorphic (an altered, negative perception of what is really there). Looking in the mirror can trigger negative thoughts and, well, get your day off to a rough start.
It doesn’t have to be that way.

What if I told you that your body knows all? It knows your needs, your style, your desires-- all the things.

I can show you how to get there. 

I created a process-- The Somatic Dressing Method™ -- for exactly this reason. We need to know where we stand with ourselves and how to support ourselves before we help anyone else.  Can we say, our own oxygen mask first?

To get dressed (for success) there is a little bit of fact-finding and data collection. By this I mean learning how to tap into your body as a tool and informant.

Your energy.
Your emotions.
Your story.
Your identity.

They all play a role in how you see your body. Your vibe is the result of these 3 things.

In The Somatic Dressing Method™ we map out this journey and experience, we identify the stories that are circling around you, then we create your magical, mystical, powerful identity with a customized Style Archetype.

This transformative style journey (on steroids) is my absolute pleasure and joy. Like I could talk all day every day about it (oh wait, I do!). I would like to invite you to the conversation.

You, me, and a cup of tea? Grab your breakthrough call and join the style revolution right here.

I can’t wait to connect.

Much love,


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The Healing Power of Clothing

Header (3) (1).png

Hi, Beauty,

Have you ever felt like you cannot figure out what to wear?

Like, painfully standing in your closet, pulling your hair out, so frustrated? I know you are not alone.

Over the past 3 years, I have taken a deep dive into how our everyday choices in what we wear can actually create a supportive healing effect. There is nothing more disempowering than feeling like you don't fit into your clothes, your style is out of date, or your body is just plain uncomfortable in what you wear.

I feel you. This has happened to me so often. It has stalled me from leaving the house in a timely manner or kept me from wanting to go out at all!

But, I found a solution. It feels like a miracle. I would love to share it with you.

My goal has always been to create transformative experiences for women. What I never knew is how much learning I still had to do to develop work that can create an empowered woman who moves with ease and grace, who stands confidently in her decisions, who knows that what she wears authentically reflects her true self.

I used to see myself through the “lack” lens.

“I have not gotten there yet...”
“I haven’t made it yet….”
“One day, I will have….”
“They will love me when….”
“Someday it will all work out…”

I am sure one of these thoughts has crossed your mind once or twice?

The funniest part about this type of thinking is that I was actually defensive and justified all my actions, thereby solidifying why nothing worked out.

Wow...what a downward spiral! Seriously, have you ever felt this way?

5 years ago I started experiencing episodic paralysis. My central nervous system was going haywire after 10 years in NYC and not listening to my body! I evacuated The City and headed straight to my place of restoration: Kennebunk Beach, Maine. Over the past 5 years I have spent my time learning to see life through a new lens.

Daily as I woke and recreated the dialogue with my body, I asked it what it needed to be as effective and powerful as possible. I found my salvation in fashion; more important, I found my expression in how I choose to dress daily.

Not knowing if I would be able to walk home or even make it out of the house, I began to use clothing as an expression of support, a release of fear, a protection of energy, or a way to enhance my energy. But it wasn't just about the clothes - it was about creating hope, confidence, freedom, and comfort.

It was no longer about what people thought about me but specifically about what worked for me - and how I could help other women dress to feel the same sense of confidence and security.

That is how The Somatic Dressing Method™ was born. A four-part system to:

  • Communicate who you are to others in an instant and make an incredible first impression.
  • Have more confidence when being seen and showing up in your own life.
  • Save time and money by gaining complete clarity on what to shop for based on your body and personal style.
  • Increase your revenue and attract your dream clients or business situations.

One of my goals when desiring to start a business was to speak on stage about my work (work that I had no idea I was going to create). I had a deep urge to share my story, but also to challenge the way we see, feel and experience life. I was honored to speak at Maine Live. I was able to express the new lens through which I view life now. I was able to share the new work I’ve created over the past 3 years. I was able to touch the hearts and minds of the 400 people in the room, and I’d love to share it with you!

Sharing my journey to creating a business to support thriving entrepreneurs and professionals had a profound impact on me. It was a total dream come true!

I will never forget how a lovely gentleman came up to me after I spoke and shared how he so related to everything I said because he too worried about what to wear just that morning. Should he wear a coat and tie, a suit, a tie and sweater? It's a real conundrum for many people, and I deeply want it to be a pleasurable experience.

Click here to check out the video of my speech!

I was honored to share the stage with 13 other incredible Maine visionaries!

Thank you so much for checking it out! I would love to hear from you and how your image and style can influence your world. Just hit reply to this email!


P.S. Want to take a deep dive and heal with style? Join me for a breakthrough call and let’s identify what’s best for you! Grab a spot on my calendar right here. If you are like, “Hell, I just want to jump in, let’s do this!” get the half-day intensive right here.

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Are you ready for visibility?

Header (2).png

Hey beauty!

Are you pulling your hoodie over your head right now? Is your inner child kicking and screaming, “I don’t want anyone to see me!”?

If you’re hiding from yourself and the world (I know, shhh, it’s a secret), the success you have been dreaming of will be delayed. You may even be waiting for a train that will never arrive. We call that “derailed dreams” over here.

Picture your coming-out party. You and your peeps (tribe) all gathered at your perfectly designed party to celebrate your latest book. You had envisioned your body feeling lit up with excitement. Your heart pounding with joy. Your soul filled with bliss.

But all you can feel is fear. The fraud squad is beating at your door.

The hardest part about being visible is to love yourself through every step.

You will feel…








But you will have to do it anyway.

Finding the balance between transparency, authenticity, vulnerability and self-protection is the true dance of your life and work.

It’s true you must… vulnerable to win hearts. authentic to earn trust. transparent to open doors. self-protective to survive.

Even though this sounds like a list of contradictions, it actually reveals the complex dynamics of success.

As we say over here at Carrie Montgomery HQ, “Go high, go low, but don't forget to glow!”

You might be thinking, “When will the floodgates of creativity open so I can succeed?”


“When will the support I truly need arrive?”

Are you thinking that you’re working hard, but it isn’t all coming together as you had dreamed?

So what brings you closer, stronger, more connected so that you can produce your best work ever?

Your body.

Your body is the most intelligent informant alive. It's your unique guidance system. It's your way to safely open up and identify what needs to be seen and heard.

Have you ever walked off stage after sharing your heartfelt secrets to success and felt the wave of utter fear flooding through you? That’s vulnerability shame.

The worst kind of hangover from being honest, motivated, and transformative.

What if I told you it didn't have to be this way?

What if I told you the story starts with your body? Your body is the container for your soul. Once we know your story and set your soul free, we know how to embrace your style.

What if I told you that you can embrace your body and dress to protect yourself? You can dress to enhance your story. You can dress to release your fears.

Clothing creates a kinetic experience of wearing your soul. That’s why I created The Somatic Dressing Method™. This is how we use style to heal our bodies, our stories, and our souls.

If you are ready to take the leap, get visible, and make massive impact, then let’s chat. I have opened up a handful of half-day intensives! Jump on a call with me and see how we can play together!

I can’t wait to see you thrive. Let’s do this together and get you to rise. Grab your breakthrough call here.




Have you ever wanted to raid the closets of Portland’s most fashionable women? 

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Curating an Authentic Brand Vision

Header (1).png

Hey beauty!

Yup, it’s that word again...AUTHENTIC...are you tired of it?

Frustrated with how to show the world who you are?

But seriously, can the world see the real you? Or are you filtering and hiding behind your Instagram feed? (Keep scrolling.)

Stepping out into the vision of your brand may be as hard as zipping up those high school jeans you’ve been dying to squeeze back into one day. You might be keeping them in the back of your closet, hoping one day you’ll lose that 15 lbs. and feel good about your body again.

The wild thing is… you don’t actually have to wait. You don’t need those jeans. You don’t need to look back and wish it were different.

You can trip into the future… Yes, future-tripping is a thing. I recommend stepping into your future self vision every once in a while. Take time to relax, restore, and use your imagination to take you places you dream of. I do this in meditation and in writing. It helps build a clear vision.  Attaching why you desire to have the vision you create is paramount to activation.

But honestly, the most important moment is right now here inside your body.

All the signs and signals are inside you.
All the wisdom is inside you. 
All the genius is inside you.

The product is you. The rest is packaging.

Let “the work” flow through you as you guide your clients to sanity. And yes, you are so allowed to do this in the latest Lululemon stretchy bum-huggers.

But does that really feel like you? 
Do you know what the real you looks like?
Do you want to be seen and heard for who you are?

You say, “Yeah, sure, Carrie, that sounds great. BUT what does that look like?”

Well, let me tell you, curating your authentic brand vision (sounds like a mouthful) is all about tapping into your inner edge and that soft, gushy heart you have inside. 

Let me get mushy for a second.

You started your biz to be a positive influence in the world. You saw opportunity and growth in a new marketplace. You tapped into a deep, heartfelt, connected space (in you). You had a dream to take center stage and speak from your soul. (Cue opera music.) You wanted to change the pace of life, and you knew it started with your actions. You wanted to be living proof you could tap dance, twirl, and push your thoughts to the world (the next Instagram sensation).

But the dream is very different than the reality. It takes dedication, focus, and belief in yourself to step into that big vision.

So let’s find that authentic brand vision.  Oh boy, it’s that word again...AUTHENTIC.

With this alignment you can build a brand where you get to be you, and your clients get to relish in the wisdom that you offer. It can be a brand that is approachable and honest. One that is knowledgeable and grounded. That is truly built around your values. You get to navigate and express it. You have a voice.

Let’s find the sartorial expression of your big why?

You might envision leather and lace.
You might gravitate towards buckles and bows.
You might see jeans and jewels.

I just opened up my calendar to chat with you. I’m taking discovery calls for the wise women who is ready to step into their lives, their brands, and their dreams more fully. Book your call here.

I won’t just get you dressed. I will get you embodied. So you can exude more confidence and clarity. So you can find your true value and raise your prices. So you can have stronger boundaries and more energy and enthusiasm to ask for the sale. You will have more openness to trust the process of “life and biz” and receive the results.

And that, my beauty, is your true style that the world needs to see.

You can grab a spot here. I have only 5 Body Brand Coaching spots open right now so don’t miss out.


Much love and style,


Have you ever wanted to raid the closets of Portland’s most fashionable women? 

If you want to look good without feeling the pinch on your pocketbook, come to coworkHER’s ultra stylish, eco-chic event, The Art of Style, presented by Carrie Montgomery. 

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How to Make an Impact

Header (2).png

Hey beauty!

Is your business transactional or transformational?

Say what?

Do you charge for X, and your customer purchases it once and walks away?

Or  (and this is where you need to be if not!)

Do you create an experience that impacts the way they see, feel, and experience themselves, while building a tribe of raving fans?

When I first started out in the online world, I listened to everyone. I consumed knowledge like binging on “Game of Thrones” (yes, you gotta stay alert and study that one). I wanted to get a clear picture of the landscape. I wanted to know the key players. I was curious who was successful, and who was slow to the game but still had a good message.

I learned that playing big takes consistent hard work. It’s part idealism to set the tone, but then you must stick to the vision and DO what it takes to get the job done. I saw that language is paramount in connecting with your customers. I noticed that many old school online marketers were focused on pushing data...the ones I fell in love with were creating a LIFESTYLE.

Hence, finding my zone. When I switched from the health coaching world, I went straight for Lifestyle Design….but it was missing the deeper context of the body.

The one thing I have said over the past 20 years in my own healing journey is, “This is not for nothing.” I believe that you can pull ALL of your experience together. So what looked like an aimless, disconnected path to others was MY EPIC JOURNEY. Once I started owning it, well, woman...things really started to shift. I say all of this in reflection on my work with my clients, students, and tribe.

I have to be honest, the deep research was so tiring, but I don’t regret it for a minute. Because now I get paid to be me! Yes, me... to provide my inherent value. (It’s been a life goal since my early 20s.)

The one thing I have learned about after being in business for 4 years is the type of experience I want my customers to have. I wanted it to be a transformative, impactful, gravity-shifting, heart-opening, full-body, YES EXPERIENCE - this is exactly what I have been looking for. Since I am an experiential learner, this made sense. I know how to do this. I know how to feel it in my bones, so let’s teach it!

I did not want to compromise my vision - to my own detriment at times (i.e., giving way more value than I was charging for...The Over Deliver Method). Here’s the thing: I had a vision and I did not want to let go of it. So I made a commitment to it.

I often get asked, “How did you do it?” My answer, really, is that I kept feeling my way and kept my vision alive. I stayed in the conversation and kept improving my services based on my customers’ response.

I mean, I took a hands-on service and made it virtual. It serves women all over the world and creates massive transformation around the experience women have about who they are and how they express themselves in the world. So while I have a heart-centered business that changes people's lives, it is also a tangible business product that is useful for women everywhere, so I am able to create an impact with my business and achieve practical benefits at the same time.

So here’s the deal: figuring out the type and quality of service you desire to provide is paramount in the expression of your style and how the world receives you.

Here are 5 questions to define the type of service you want to provide:

1. What type of impact do you want to make?

2. What do you want your day to look like? (big one here) Do you want to create and push content? OR do you want to engage with others in their transformation?

3. Do you want to host groups or one-to-one or virtual coaching or in-person services?

4. Who else do you need to think about in your big picture? How does their life impact your life?

5. What results are you looking for?

Before you even start looking at style, YOU GOTTA be able to answer these Qs - kind of like how a confused mind never buys. Visionless style is never manifested. Embodiment comes from a deep, wise expression.

Drop a comment below and let me know what you are struggling with when it comes to your business and your style. You matter to me, and I’d love to hear from you!



Have you ever wanted to raid the closets of Portland’s most fashionable women? 

If you want to look good without feeling the pinch on your pocketbook, come to coworkHER’s ultra stylish, eco-chic event, The Art of Style, presented by Carrie Montgomery. 

Get the details here!

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First Sign of Burnout

Header (1).png

Hey beauty!

Are you standing in front of your closet dreading getting dressed? Are you feeling overwhelmed by your overflowing drawers?

Are your sweatpants calling you to slide back into them and curl up with a cup of tea and a good book? You might be saying, “Not realistic today, Carrie!”

Yes…. you are burning out….on the train to unsustainable productivity.

Well, good. This is right where you’re supposed to be - noticing that you are pushing yourself. As a recovering burnout-aholic, I take cues from my body’s cravings.

The days my body says, “Hey, I really need those sweats,” I listen and make notes. Because any sign that goes unnoticed has the potential to turn into a disaster.

Have you hit exhausted yet? Frantically distracted - you can't remember where you put your keys, how you booked an overflow of appointments today, and the ongoing to-do list that won't ever get smaller. You'd do anything to have CALGON take you away!

If that’s where you are right now, I know you’d do anything and everything to protect your energy. Sometimes that means wearing sweats to your conference call… I guarantee you can still look stylish, if you feel comfortable in your skin!

I’m always down for some soft thin cotton sweats with my wedge sneakers and my best graphic tee with my leather jacket over top. I might throw on some dark eyeliner to enhance the mood.

Taking space for yourself is a very under-practiced art in our modern day world. Every month I meet with a group of women (my soul sisters) to connect about business and life. We support each other through the thick and dirty, highs and lows, good and bad. We made a commitment to be there for each other.

The one thing I keep hearing from all of them is, “I must be there for me.”

So if you are stuck in the yoga pants, it’s okay. Your body is craving the relaxation, the ease, the comfort, but here’s the thing - you gotta actually give that to yourself. Putting on yoga pants and then running around like your pants are on fire probably wasn’t the intention you had in mind!

What I would love for you to be able to do is when you're getting dressed, really be intentional about what your day needs, what type of work you're doing, what you're expected to show up for. I teach this to all my clients. It’s a matching-and-mirroring presence process.  

That means that you look into the mirror and commune with your body. You don’t objectify your body or tell yourself what’s wrong with it, you dote on it. Love on it. Embrace it.

Did you know the signals all come from your body?

The tightness of your aching heart.
The fear butterflies taking flight in your belly.

The ache of deep seeded anger.

The ease of joy.

So stop and listen...does your body really crave those sweats? If yes, take a personal an internal spa day to refill the tank. Have someone look after the kids. Carve out some soul time, so you can really hear what’s going on with you.

Hey, you might even find a new outfit and step into some badass faux leather leggings…. (Okay, maybe I went a little too far.)

You, my love, are a gift. You are a wonder to the world. Listen to the sweet sounds of your body, adorn yourself with the softness of self-care, and receive the beauty waiting deep within you.


I love you! Sweatpants and all.


To my East Coast babes: Soul Clarity + Abundance LIVE is happening April 27-29! Join my dear friend Alionka Polanco for spirituality, business growth, networking + more! 

Visit to book your ticket!

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