Cultivating a Creative Outline


There’s something about summer. Time slows, people have more space in their day to fit in the things they enjoy doing. Like going to the beach or having a family BBQ. That’s what makes this season perfect for exploring and cultivating a creative outlet.

It might be time for you to pick up that paintbrush, throw some clay, or do whatever your hands are longing to do to creatively express themselves.

Do you have no idea what your creative outlet is? Take the time to experiment with as many different ones as you can. (There’s a helpful list of ideas below to get you started!)

That’s what my own creative journey looked like - and it wasn’t until I’d gone through pretty much every creative outlet you can think of that I discovered mine had been there all along, hiding in plain sight.

How I discovered my creative outlet

I’ve been obsessed with style for as long as I can remember. I still intensely long for a pair of sneakers I wore as kid. Besides their vibrant red and blue, almost Wonder Woman-esque color  (which I can never forget), those shoes represent the earliest part of my childhood - the friendships while growing up in New York, escaping to the country and climbing trees.

I remember living in London at six years old, walking confidently out of my front door wearing my mom’s long gray wool skirt, her black high heels, a blue silk shirt, pearls and an Ascot hat - and strutting around the block all by myself. Style has been in my blood for as long as I can remember, but for so long I denied it and refused to see it as a worthy creative endeavor.

Believing it was superficial and shallow, I threw myself into every other creative activity you can think of - painting, photography, sculpting, jewelry making, you name it. And yet, when I was at home all I'd do is try on clothes and host dress-up parties for one.

And it wasn’t until a client, who probably doesn’t even realize how significant that moment was for me, showed me my gift from her perspective and gave me the permission to create beauty as I saw it with clothing and personal style.

This isn’t to say that I don’t still enjoy other creative outlets because I do. I’ve just seen the power in recognizing my true creative calling. And you can too.

A recipe for discovering your own creative outlet

Your creative outlet is either already a major part of your life (whether you recognize it or not), or you’re about to embark on one of the most exciting journeys.

Use these questions to help you uncover your creative outlet:

  1. When you were a kid, what did you enjoy doing the most?

  2. When you’re alone, what do you like to do?

  3. Can you remember any moments where you got completely lost in what you were doing?

  4. If you could get paid to be creative, what would you do?

  5. Have you had any “I want to try that” thoughts?

Through these questions, some seeds should have been planted that point you in the right direction of your creative outlet.

Give yourself the freedom and permission to pursue it by scheduling regular time to practice and educate yourself in it.

If you’re still without any ideas, make a list (or see the list below for a reference) of any and all creative activities that come to mind. Choose 5-7 and then commit to trying one a week for the rest of the summer.

Here’s a list of 25 creative activities to get your creative juices flowing:

  1. Writing

  2. Crafting

  3. Scrapbooking

  4. Photography

  5. Gardening

  6. Sewing

  7. Sculpting

  8. Painting

  9. Drawing

  10. Jewelry-making

  11. Woodwork

  12. Knitting/Crocheting

  13. Creative Writing

  14. Mosaics

  15. Quilting

  16. Cooking

  17. Printmaking

  18. Macrame

  19. Dancing

  20. Filmmaking

  21. Digital design

  22. Music and Singing

  23. Weaving

  24. Interior design

  25. Styling

So let me know in the comments, how do you plan on making time for your creative outlet?


Lots of love,


To Muffin Top or Not...the High Waisted Pant Is Back

Do you remember the days of low-rise jeans? You know the moment: you checked yourself in the mirror and saw this little pop of flesh on the back of your hip rise up and out over the top of those awesome new LOW-RISE jeans and you thought, “UGH!”  

They fit everywhere else but not my hips….seriously, all I hoped for was an elasticated waistline or an extended zipper to raise the waistline! When I lived in Maui, I remember my stunningly gorgeous friend giggling about the low-rise muffin top. I have always kept a high-rise option around because, well, it’s just more comfortable.

To muffin top or not….I vote not!

Recently I did yet another closet cleanse (you can grab my Closet Cleanse Course right here) to let go of the last pairs of too-low, not-so-flattering low-rise pants. I mean, there is nothing more uncomfortable than a pair of denims cutting off your ability to bend over, not to mention the unsightly butt crack!

Here are a few great tastemakers who are fabulous at curating the current high-rise trends. Check them out! I know you will love what they have to show you!

Check out @the_salty_blonde! She nails the high-waisted bikini.  

I love how @baileyschwartz creates this

monochrome white fresh summer style.

Now we can embrace our curves thanks to @theashleygraham.

If you feel like a an unsightly “mushroom top” is hanging out, then it’s time to adopt the high-waisted pant! Over the past 2 years, I have been introducing my clients to this new sensation (which is really a throwback to the 60s Mod, 70s Disco, and 80s and 90s Acid Wash).  Now we have a more modern look with the high-rise bikini or high-rise jean short.

Try it out!  See how it feels.  You might find some new feminine flair!  Leave a comment down below and let me know!

Lots of love,


The Style Revolution

We just celebrated our Independence and Freedom here in the US. It’s my favorite time of year. Over the past 10 years I have learned to take an extended birthday and have some fun!

My Hidden Pond staycation was a fantastic way to kick off the holiday weekend in true chillax mode!

On Friday night we went to see a band called Rustic Overtones - it’s been about 20 years since I have seen them! The best part was that they played with my friend and a few teenagers from the Maine Youth Rock Orchestra. I loved feeling the flow of movement of my dress swinging back and forth as my hips swayed to the music.

It got me thinking, the way we are taught to dress is all wrong. It’s so disconnected from how we feel and how we want to feel. Trends take over and we often try to just fit into the latest threads that are being sold all over the marketplace. Or we give up and claim our style from a time in history and stay there, grasping at how it used to be.

The way we break down style in our world is so confusing. When I search for clothes for my clients, I sometimes think how the hell do people know what to buy? There is sooooo much out there to choose from.  

What is style really?

Style is about communicating who you are to the world.  It’s where the inner world meets the outer world.

  • I believe personal style is about curating your life's preferences, needs and desires.

  • It is a feeling that speaks for itself.

  • Words cannot describe it.  

  • Personal style comes from knowing yourself and what feels beautiful to you.  

  • It is a form of communication.  

  • It is a visual representation of who you are.  

I am committed to creating a STYLE REVOLUTION. I want you to look good, that’s for sure, but as a woman who cares deeply about the experience of humans here on earth, I want you to feel good, too.

Look good vs. feel good, that is the question here.

So let’s try something. When you get dressed, check in with your needs for the day.

Do you want to feel more flow?

  • Then put on a flowy dress.

Do you want to feel strong and confident?

  • Then throw on a great structured shirt, your favorite jeans and a great pair of pumps.  GO rock it!

Do you want to just relax and let go?

  • Then grab those sweats and some sneakers, go for a walk, shake it off and give your body some space.

The biggest secret to THE STYLE REVOLUTION is in your body. Yes, your body knows all the secrets that desire to be expressed. Find them, feel them, set them free.

Don’t get trapped in a style rut by wearing the same thing every day. Find your spot of freedom of expression.

Let’s get back to the basics here. I am creating a STYLE REVOLUTION. I want you to join me.  

As I write this, I am poolside at my parents’ house near the beach. My body is ready to go relax and chill with my friends. My body wants to dip her toes into the cold water and listen to the children play on the beach I grew up on.

All I have to wear is a soft, cotton, flowy beach cover-up and my bikini to step into my style today!

How is your style going to make you feel today? Come on over to the blog and leave a comment. I can’t wait to learn more about your style!

How is your style going to make you feel today? Leave a comment down below.  I can’t wait to learn more about your style!

 Lots of love,



Roberta Roller Rabbit: Priya Anu Kurta

Top 10 Style Tips for Everyday

One of the first questions you ask yourself each morning (or evening if you’re a planner!) is, “What the heck am I doing to wear?”

It’s a fact of life that we get dressed each day, so it’s a question we all have - and people ask me ALL the time what they should wear on a daily basis.

It’s a regular part of life, adorning your body so that it looks good and feels good every day. Just because you deserve it.  

That’s why I made this list of 10 Style Tips for Everyday. Whenever you have trouble picking something out, come back to this list and pick a tip to work with. You can even print it out and hang it in your closet! Even just one of these will help you transform getting dressed into a more pleasurable experience.

  1. KISS - Keep It Simple Sexy - nothing more or nothing less. If whatever you put on feels complicated, remove a layer or take out a color or pattern.

  2. Know Your Audience - Start by visualizing your day.  As you stand in your closet, think through what your day has in store for you, who do you need to meet, where do you need to be, what activities do you need to do.

  3. Inner Radar - Check in with how you feel - acknowledging and witnessing how you feel allows you to be present with yourself. It brings you one breath closer to you.

  4. Power Play - Ask your body what it needs to be as effective and powerful as possible in that day.  Your body wants to speak to you. If you listen, it’ll tell you what you need to know.

  5. Color Theory - Pull the color out that you're most drawn to. Our mood can be lifted or sustained by color. It can light you up or shut you down. Choose the sensation you desire to express.

  6. Body Architecture - Follow your lines. So often my clients come to me saying they feel fat or frumpy and 9 times out of 10, they are wearing clothes that are too big. Follow the architecture of your body. Let the fabric fall onto your body in the shape that you are… it’s as easy as holding a shirt up to your frame and seeing if it is too square, too round or too trim.

  7. Express Yourself - Choose 1-2 accents. (Go back to #1….. K.I.S.S.) So often we try to mix and match too much. Look for one accent, meaning a contrast fabric like leather, lace, twill, or piping. Or you can add a little jewelry to dress up or dress down your look.

  8. Stay Fresh - Box up and donate what doesn’t fit.  Easy to say. Hard to do. Just let it go. Make room for the new to come to you.

  9. Asset Awareness - Dress for your assets. I used to be told that I should enhance or expose my boobs and legs because they were big and long, respectively. But honestly, it never felt good to me. I have reframed “assets” to be those parts of the body that I desire to enhance or release emotionally. I consciously dress for relaxing shoulders and an open heart. What do you need to enhance or release? You can define your own assets.

  10. Value Game - It can be so easy to buy on trend.  It will even seem cheaper because the discount stores carry on brand and change their goods all the time. That’s an easy way to spend a lot and still feel empty and “not you.” Once you know your true style, then you can play the value game. Looking for good quality clothing for a great price can be fun and adventurous. I call it modern day hunting!


I know getting dressed can be frustrating, but when you shift the perspective to an inner lens it can be so freeing.

Leave a comment down below!





What I am crushing on

Free People Sweet Talkin’ Jumpsuit

Integrating Into Your Style

Have you ever thought of relaxing as an activity, something you need to do? I do, all too often.

It was the Tuesday morning after Memorial Day weekend. After spending the weekend with my family at dinner parties and brunches and then a cold and wet Memorial Day in our apartment painting the bathroom and entryway, I woke up Tuesday feeling depleted. That kind of feeling where you go, “How do I do this day? Do I have to? What ‘must’ be done?”

After reviewing my top priorities, I sat on the edge of the bed in my robe, hair wet from my shower, thinking about my clients. The ones that tell me oh so often that they stand in front of their closets and think, “What would Carrie do?”

So I sat there, looked out at the clouded-over sky, and asked my body what it needed to be the most comfortable and effective today. That allowed me the strength, connectivity and desire to approach my closet.

Don’t you want to feel connected to your body when you are adorning it?

Fatigue can often cloud the synapses firing for you to feel yourself.  

What if it didn’t have to be that way? What if you could receive small bit parts from yourself throughout the day that when totaled would help you release the fatigue and revive you?  

It’s possible. It’s called integrating your style with your desires.

Here’s the approach I have found works every time.

Standing in my closet, I found a long, flowing silver skirt. I instantly felt my body release the fatigue and step into a bit of excitement. I then found a long, black chambray button-down that gives me a little structure but still has a chill feeling to it. My cowl ankle black leather boots were ready to meet my feet. I made the gold accent buckles on the boots appear seamless against the silver by adding small brass studs, a brass ring and a great gold and black bracelet. I wish I had captured it for you!

By finding the flow my body needed, I released and received the relaxation I needed to move into my day.  

When you get dressed do you find ease in the experience? Or does the To Do list take over so your body becomes a forgotten creature waiting to be covered and moved along?

When that happens, take a step back. Give yourself one breath and one question: what does my body need? It will tell you if you give it the space.

I would love to hear how your body is feeling today. Did you allow it to inform how to dress yourself? What did you choose? Leave a comment down below. 



Magdalena Skirt

I love the mix of gold and silver!

I love the mix of gold and silver!

Working hard to relax? How to ease in and receive it

Hey Beauty,

Do you ever get tense and find it hard to relax?

I’ll be the first to tell you, relaxing feels like a job to me. I am not good at it. I love excitement. I love connecting. I love to make things happen. I love to create. I love hustle and bustle, but my body tends to disagree. So do I really love all of that if my body tires so easily?

The past few weeks have been active. Filled with commitments to clients, to my tribe, to my partner, to my puppy, to my family, to my business. I consciously knew that I was overfull and was excited and worried.

Have you had that feeling of potential and fear in the same place? It sits in my belly and can get a little confusing sometimes unless I curate a more conscious experience.

So I carved out some me time. I made sure I hit yoga class as least once a week. I went to physical therapy like a religion 2 times a week. I took longer walks with my pup 3 times a week. I chose limited social engagements. I finally made that Valentine’s spa day gift appointment.

But I still couldn’t relax. I couldn’t lie back and let go. I had to keep talking and doing. I mean, I love to create.

Over the past 4 years, I have been working on relaxing interpersonally and personally. I thought it was about balance, but it really is about integrating my life and my needs and creating my ability to receive relaxation.

I was at yoga class the other night, and we were doing a very gentle shoulder expansion. (I gave up aggressive flow classes a few years ago to have a slower, more expansive and restorative experience with my body).

Yes, this receiving relaxation thing has been a process for quite a while.

I lay there in my galaxy yoga pants, face into the floor. Breathing deeply as my arm extended 90 degrees out from my body and 90 degrees up from my elbow. I gently rolled into my extended arm to expand the frontal space of my shoulder.

I knew with every breath that I was receiving relaxation. I was receiving a desire that my body had been craving. Yes, I was doing yoga, but I really felt like I was just being with my body.

Learning to receive is like working a muscle when you have been blocking it all your life.

Next time someone says, “I like your dress.” All you have to do is receive it and say, “Thank you.”

No excuses. No explanations. No pardons for your appearance. Just plain thank you! Breathe it in and allow your body to feel it.

How does that feel?

Lots of love,


Nourish Your Soul Style

Wouldn’t you love to know special tricks to get the best nourishment for your style? Style is not only about what you wear but how you take care of yourself, and I can’t wait to share one of my secrets with you… I have my very own Healthy Godmother who helps me stay on track. She’s always there to wave her wand and bring me a green juice or a protein shake, but more important, she’s just there with me to hold space and keep me accountable. She’ll shoot me a text: “Have you had enough water today?” Or my new fave: “Have you used your dry brush or hot towel scrub yet today?” (My skin feels so amazing when I do these things.)

It may be a surprise to you, but I was once a health coach. I worked daily inside doctors’ offices teaching them about lifestyle medicine and implementing nutrition and supplement programs to reverse chronic illness. Sounds fancy, right?

While I ran myself ragged around the east coast, I decidedly let go of many principles I had learned at integrative nutrition school. My goal was to help change the medical system (no matter what the cost to me). 

Have you ever done that? Lived for your mission and totally left your body behind? It’s troublesome. That’s why connecting is so important.

Like most of the population, I had some health challenges, but nothing too terrible. They tripped me up occasionally. When my clients (doctors) met me and we talked about my story and my mission, they loved to give unsolicited advice. What I heard consistently was that it was my blood sugar and some excess weight that caused hormone problems.

So I went rouge. I lost 30 lbs. I was skinny and more sick than I have ever been in my entire life. But on the flip side, I looked fabulous, skinny legs and all. I got the attention I deeply desired from others (not really healthy attention, though). I finally got to wear clothes that I had dreamed of - well, because there was no fat to stop me from revealing my tummy, my hips, my arms, or any of it.  

Do you feel like there are parts of your body you do not want to reveal? Not to worry, we learn how to support you in Create Your Soul Style. Now, I have a little nourishing magic for you.

When I I came back to Maine to heal and recover, the food part of my life was really hard. As I built my wellness tribe here (my soul sisters,) I was able to talk about the challenges I was having. I finally had a positive sounding board. I worked to gain weight; I was unable to gain muscle, though. Needless to say, I have learned to embrace my new curves as part of my new style. (I have also found some tricks to transform clothes that just might be a little too snug.)

Over 2 years ago, I met my dear friend and soul sister Heidi Symonds at a healthy mixer. Yup, we bring salads instead of wine to hang out. Heidi and I have a saying we were “separated at life.” Our journeys and life obstacles are eerily and beautifully similar. 

There was a moment in my healing journey over the past 4 years when I abandoned my aggressively healthy eating for whatever I wanted. I still left out the gluten, limited dairy, soy and corn. Sugar, on the other hand, became more of a staple than I had had in over 8 years. 

I needed some help to embrace the new body I was in with the 30 lbs back on and change in my fitness. Like more fat and less muscle.

Create Your Soul Style came out of my process to heal my body and my relationship with my body. It then evolved into a coaching and styling platform. First I told women what to wear, but then I connected it to what they felt and what they desired. It really came from a deep desire to have a creative outlet, and fashion, well really style, was just that.

Your soul style is the sweet spot where what you wear enhances your desires, needs and feelings.

 During this whole creation process, I had a Healthy Godmother who retrained me how to care for my body on the practical level. The beauty of my relationship with Heidi is she created really simple ways to shift my behavior.

I am so excited to offer you a massive addition and bonus to Create Your Soul Style.

Nourish Your Soul Style: Using Sacred Acts of Self Care to Embody a Charmed Brand

  • A bonus 60-minute group call with The Healthy Godmother, Heidi Symonds, to learn how to incorporate alchemy in creating your style
  • The 3 magical acts of self care that will transform your body, mind, and soul - they’re not what you think!
  • How to show up for your big event feeling sparkly and powerful

Who doesn’t need that?

I now incorporate the right nourishment for my body on a daily basis and, well, I hire Heidi for any event or gig to keep me going. 

For today only, the Nourish Your Soul Style bonus is available. You have 12 hours to take action. The bonus offer comes down at 7:30 pm EST tonight. Just click right here to sign up for Create Your Soul Style.   

What If Clothing Could Heal?

Hi Beauty,

Have you ever felt like you cannot figure out what to wear? Like, painfully standing in your closet, pulling your hair out, so frustrated? I know you are not alone. 

Over the past 2 years, I have taken a deep dive into how our everyday choices in what we wear can actually create a supportive healing effect. There is nothing more disempowering than feeling like you don't fit into your clothes, your style is out of date, or your body is just plain uncomfortable in what you wear.

I feel you. This has happened to me so often. It has stalled me from leaving the house in a timely manner or kept me from wanting to go out at all!

But, I found a solution. It feels like a miracle. I would love to share it with you.

My goal has always been to create transformative experiences for women. What I never knew is how much learning I still had to do to develop work that can create an empowered woman who moves with ease and grace, who stands confidently in her decisions, who knows that what she wears authentically reflects her true self.

I used to see myself through the “lack” lens.

“I have not gotten there yet...”

“I haven’t made it yet….”

“One day, I will have….”

“They will love me when….”

“Someday it will all work out…”

I am sure one of these thoughts has crossed your mind once or twice?

The funniest part about this type of thinking is that I was actually defensive and justified all my actions, thereby solidifying why nothing worked out.

Wow...what a downward spiral! Seriously, have you ever felt this way?

4 years ago I started experiencing episodic paralysis. My central nervous system was calling it quits after 10 years in NYC and not listening to my body! I evacuated The City and headed straight to my place of restoration: Kennebunk Beach, Maine. Over the past 4 years I have spent my time learning to see life through a new lens.

Daily as I woke and recreated the dialogue with my body, I asked it what it needed to be as effective and powerful as possible. I found my salvation in fashion; more important, I found my expression in how I chose to dress daily.

Not knowing if I would be able to walk home or even make it out of the house, the clothing I wore became a microcosm of expression for support, a release of fear, a protection of energy, or a way to enhance my energy. But it wasn't just about the clothes - it was about creating hope, confidence, freedom and comfort.

It was no longer about what people thought about me. But specifically about what worked for me and how I could help other women dress to feel the same sense of confidence and security.

That is how Create Your Soul Style was born. A four-part system to:

  • Communicate who you are to others in an instant and make an incredible first impression
  • Have more confidence when being seen and showing up in your own life
  • Save time and money by gaining complete clarity on what to shop for based on your body and personal style
  • Increase your revenue and attract your dream clients or business situations

One of my goals when desiring to start a business was to speak on stage about my work (work that I had no idea I was going to create). I had a deep urge to share my story, but also to challenge the way we see, feel and experience life.

In March I was honored to speak at Maine Live. I was able to express the new lens through which I view life now. I was able to share the new work I’ve created over the past 2 years. I was able to touch the hearts and minds of the 400 people in the room, and now I can share it with you!

Sharing my journey to creating a business to support thriving entrepreneurs and professionals had a profound impact on me. It was a total dream come true!

I will never forget how a lovely gentleman came up to me after I spoke and shared how he so related to everything I said because he too worried about what to wear just that morning. Should he wear a coat and tie, a suit, a tie and sweater? It's a real conundrum for many people, and I deeply want it to be a pleasurable experience.

Click here to check out the video of my speech

I was honored to share the stage with 13 other incredible Maine visionaries!

Thank you so much for checking it out! I would love to hear from you and how your image and style can influence your world. Just hit reply to this email!



P.S.You can have this, too. Create Your Soul Style is an 8-week group journey to find your signature style. (And never again feel lost when you look inside your closet!) Inside you will learn to shift the lens on how you look at your body, which will forever change how you see your style. You will feel more confident and comfortable in your skin. Plus it’s tons of fun to play!

Stop Objectification

Photo credit: Portland Press Herald Staff photo by Gregory Rec


Have you ever felt ashamed of your body and how you look?

I know what a bummer but it happens all the time.   We judge ourselves for the beliefs we hold about our bodies. Part of it is programming from Mass Media, maybe it consumerism, it could even be from neglect, abuse or trauma.

A few weeks ago my client Heidi was traveling, she texted me and made a negative comment about the size of her body in relation to how it fit in the bus seat.  My answer was, “You are objectifying yourself.  Stop looking at yourself from the outside in.  See what we all see from the inside out.”  Yes we had an earth shaking conversation via text about how we feel about our bodies and self.  We released the judgement and created a new frame of mind.  She was able to take off on her trip with a light hearted feeling of joy, gratitude and excitement for the adventure ahead.

I honestly get so riled up about this. We think that sexual objectification is all. But honestly any time you look at your body and make yourself smaller, less than or not good enough because of how you look you are objectifying yourself.

This took me years of therapy and many traumatic experiences to stop.

I remember being on a date in NYC. The man (who knows his name) commented on my breasts. And I placated him.  Immediately, I was disappointed in myself and said to myself,  “Again this is the direction I am going with yet another man.”   Heartbreaking to see myself as just an object of their pleasure.  I actually got up and left the date.

So I brought it to the table to talk about with my therapist.

While I thought all I was was tits and ass at that time and most of my life, I have learned from years of therapy and from my clients there are many forms of objectification.

How often do you look in the mirror and say “You look Marvelous DARLING!”   

Most of the time we say to ourselves

  • Look at that bulge...

  • Ohhh I look tired.  What do I do about these bags...

  • I need a lift.  Man how did that sag so much….

  • If I just lost 10 lbs I would be better….


Are you participating in the game against yourself?   

Today my best friends daughter was on the front page of the Portland Press Herald for classroom clothing restrictions and being publicly shamed by her teacher for wearing a tank top.  I am so thrilled that her daughter Molly, who is in 6th grade, is able to stand up for herself, her beliefs about her body and her right to wear the clothing she desires.   Being made to stand in front of a classroom and have your clothing measured is shaming and no one should be objectified that way.

Yes there is a little fire in my belly about this!

My friend Christina Neuner, Molly’s mother, stated “she wants the dress code changed because the policy unnecessarily sexualizes children and sends a message that their bodies are shameful. It also presumes boys are incapable of controlling themselves based on how someone else is dressed.”   I am so proud of these two women taking a stand for their beliefs.

Check out the article it is a powerful movement towards awareness of shame and objectification in our culture.  It helps us learn where the inception of an idea can breed into our culture and create a subconscious standard on how we see ourselves and how others can shame and objectify us. (It might bring a tear to your eye.)

Molly has the opportunity to see herself through a powerful lense and as a young woman with an ability to make an impact on how others are treated and how they feel about themselves.  I know someone has a different pep in her step today.  If we all raised children to focus on similar values our world would be a very different place.

Take a moment and think of where you might allow yourself or someone else (a boss, a partner, a passerby) to objectify you.  While you may not be able to change them awareness is the first step in creating change.  

Feel free to respond to this email if you have questions or concerns.

Much love,




The Art of Style


Join Us for an evening of Style.  I am co-hosting an event The Art of Style with Brass Clothing.  The Art of Style is all about how to find your unique flair and create a refreshed look that’s all your own. Bring a friend and sip and shop beautiful basics from Brass and learn how to build your style around a foundational wardrobe.


RSVP here.


The Soul Fueled CEO

I wanted to share this with you last week, but I forgot to put my oxygen mask on first.  I let the excitement of new adventures and focus on clients take over my regular routine of writing to you.  But something so amazing happened.   My podcast with Amber Lilyestrom came out last week.  My amazing soul sister interviewed me for her podcast The Soul Fueled CEO on inauguration day.

While I was talking away with Amber, telling her my life story and how we got to now I realized how surreal it was.  For the first time I felt completely confident, comfortable with my past and happy with exactly where I am today.

For years I have lived with my past haunting me and saddened by the chronic health challenges my body has gone through for 20 years.  I always felt like I was just not close enough to being satisfied with my life.  My life never matched my expectations or hopes and dreams.  But today is a new day and the work that I have put in to clear my conscience and step into my body in its full power allows me to be present for other women.

I am so thrilled to share this incredible conversation with you. We took a deep dive into my work in the world and how it has transformed lives of other women.

You can find all the details right here on her site.

As you know I am a personal brand stylist for thriving female entrepreneurs. I consult women on their image and brand projection to embody their soul and business with authentic style. I have an incredibly eclectic background from selling dreams in marketing, stepping into holistic health, years in film, and have made my mark in PR and design. I bring ALL of this to my business in supporting thriving entrepreneurs like Amber. We discuss the spiritual experience that awakened me to my calling, the health challenges that changed my perspective, and acknowledging when your life is not in alignment.


  • How I own my sensitivity to let flow happen
  • How I work toward justice and safety in my career
  • Why there must be a dialogue between body, mind, and spirit inside your business
  • What it’s like when the healing process comes slowly
  • Why we walk around with clothes that don’t fit
  • How to meet your needs in order to accommodate your body
  • Why style is one of the most central aspects of telling your brand story


  • Breaking my back at 18 years old and recognizing a call to greater purpose
  • Losing all movement in my body and struggling to heal
  • Leaving my job in NYC after 10 years of hustling and losing her creativity
  • Reaching out to soul fueled entrepreneurs I barely knew to create a community

Listen to the interview here.

Carrie dressing woman.jpg


  • How do you approach being connected with your body when going through health challenges and low self-esteem?
  • What do you do when your spiritual beliefs and practices fail you?
  • Wh at would you say to someone who feels too intimidated to have a stylist?



“You don’t just step into leadership. You have to rise to it and cultivate yourself to become a leader.”
“I am on a journey with this body. This is just my vehicle to get through this lifetime. My soul is pushing me forward.”
“I needed to check in with what my soul needed, not what my ego wanted.”

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