If you believe that you deserve to feel confident and beautiful, but you feel lost when it comes to what to wear in business and life, then sit down, let's chat a while.

I love to help women get "on brand" wardrobe-ready for their next big shoot, conference, or book tour. 

It's time to up-level your business and life.  

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The Secret to a Stunning and Stress-Free Brand Photoshoot

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Create Your Visual Identity

Tell Your Story

Be Healthy In Your Body

Find Your True Style

Wear clothes that align with your Brand


 (Let me be the first to tell you - it's not just fashion.)

Style is a form of communication. 

Style is about habits and choices.

 Style is your way of showing up.

Style is an accent.

Style is your heart and soul taking front seat.

Style is the clothing that adorns you.

Style is what makes you feel good and shine.

  • You just landed your next speaking gig and CLOSET FRENZY strikes.

  • You have a full roster of clients and want your style to reflect your success. But you have NO TIME to plan and execute. (Tick tock...)

  • You suffer from STYLE AMNESIA: when you look in your closet you are lost.

  • You value your image, but you feel OUT OF THE LOOP. Honestly, keeping up with Vogue? Who has the time?

  • Your last shopping trip was a bust when nothing looked good in the MONSTROUS MIRROR.

Here’s the skinny on me.  

I'm a creative - the big-picture vision thinker.  Don’t get me wrong: I will get my hands dirty to create what I am looking for.  

Where my talent lies is in helping you curate your image and how the world perceives you. 

I’m kinda the Unicorn. 

I can see, feel, source and do. Magic happens. Check it out here.

My power influences were my father’s mother and my mother.  They were both interior designers. My grandmother was a fashion icon in her own right, and everyone who knew her tells me I am cut from the same cloth.  

The world I was raised in was influenced by design from all aspects.

My conscious curating began at a young age. I grew up traveling the world with my family. I spent my spare time in the back rooms of auction houses, the front rooms of design houses, and right in the middle of the design universe in London and New York. 

Now I get to mix my skills as a stylist, a brander, a creative, a sales strategist and a coach to create that look you are so dying to jump into.

It takes a ton of know-how to get there and many hands along the way. 

Building your visual identity takes time. 

It can make or break how you're perceived in the fast pace of today’s online world. I will use marketing and branding principles, a holistic health philosophy of self-care, and creative processing to find the right image for your brand.

Move over and bring on the fancy because the change is happening.

  • I ran the film union office for the State of New Mexico, where I gained on-set experience with multi-million-dollar productions and A-list celebrities.
  • I used my PR, marketing and sales skills to reposition small businesses and increase their bottom line in Maine.
  • I moved to Hawaii for my client Ritz-Carlton to sell their hotel, the Ritz-Carlton Kapalua.
  • I loved hard, worked hard and played hard in New York City, where I taught supplementation and lifestyle medicine to doctors and patients.
  • My creative light turned on when I moved to Maine in 2013. Friends asked for styling help, and those favors turned into a thriving business and a regular editorial column with Old Port Magazine.

The Secret to a Stunning and Stress-Free Brand Photoshoot

Get your FREE Photoshoot Prep Checklist and Timeline

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